Monday, March 9, 2009

Book: President Abraham Lincoln Was Gay!

Gay icon and author Larry Kramer is gonna turn the world upside down when his new book, "The American People: A History" is published this year.

This book makes some explosive claims, chiefly: President Abraham Lincoln was gay! (Another book - The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln - was written by sex researcher C.A. Tripp and published in 2006 and made the same claim.)

Before y'all try to blame us for creating drama, here's the proof, according to Kramer, who has been researching the book for more than 30 years!

Lincoln's gay lover was a store owner Joshua Speed. He and Lincoln "shared a bed for four years in their apartment above Speed's store."

Apparently Speed kept love letters from Lincoln and a diary "detailing their relationship".

We are g-a-g-g-i-n-g.


"It's a monster book," Kramer says, noting the late Dr. C.A. Tripp compellingly argued Lincoln was gay in his own 2005 book The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln.

"My book will be crucified too," Kramer says. "People have vested interests in keeping their heroes straight."

Of The American People, Kramer adds, "It's an attempt to put us [gay people] back in history from the beginning. No history book ever recorded anything about us, and researching this book I found out that both Lincoln and George Washington were gay."

Kramer points out Washington was in love with Alexander Hamilton, whom Washington appointed the first United States Secretary of the Treasury.

"I got that from Gore Vidal," Kramer explains, "and because of [Washington and Hamilton's gay relationship] the country became Hamiltonian instead of Jeffersonian."

About Lincoln, Kramer continues, "Tripp and I shared information with each other, and I was the first person he showed his book to. But I have stuff that will go beyond anything that has ever been written or said."

In other words, Abraham Lincoln was a fabulous cocksucker. I'm so excited I want to scream it loudly from the rooftops.

"Straight people have trouble with everything to do with us and we have learnt not to let that bother us," Kramer tells me. "People [also] laugh at me when I say Lincoln was gay. But I say, 'How dare you laugh? Why is it impossible and why is it funny?'"

We can't - can not - take it.

We're going home!

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