Friday, March 29, 2013

Here's Video of a Lady Ramming Her Car into Her Baby Daddy and His New Girlfriend's Car

B*tches be like...why you ran me over? A day after a crazy pregnant lady ran over and maimed her baby daddy's pregnant girlfriend, comes this story out of Milwaukee of a crazy lady trying to run her baby daddy and his new girlfriend off the highway. Get into this mess. Shortly after 3am this morning, 38-year-old Glenda Jackson says she was leaving party when her baby daddy's new girlfriend mowed her down. So, Glenda dust herself off, jumped in her Chevy Blazer and followed the car which the man and woman were traveling in. Once she got close, she repeatedly rammed her truck into their car -- right in front of a police cruiser, mind you. The cop car captured the madness on dashcam. When the officer asked Glenda why she was ramming the car, she told him she wanted to let them "know she was wounded." When the cop asked her why didn't she just call 911, she replied: "because they hurt me so bad." Bwhahahahaha! She was arrested and charged with DUI and reckless driving. If convicted, she faces almost 13 years in prison. Don't be a donkey.

source: WDJT

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