Thursday, March 14, 2013

Idiot Attacks His Sister Over Facebook Privacy Settings

Here's the story of another idiot who shouldn't be allowed on Facebook.
The Charleston Police Department has arrested a 21-year-old man accused of attacking his sister after encountering problems with his privacy settings on Facebook. Investigators charged 21-year-old Terrance Lamont Gadson with third-degree assault and battery. On Wednesday afternoon, police responded to a home on Grove Street in reference to an assault in progress. When officers arrived they found the mother crying and telling police officers to get Gadson, who is her son, off her daughter. Officers say when they went into the home, they heard screaming from an upstairs bedroom. A police report states the victim was on the bed crying and Gadson was standing near the doorway yelling at her. The police officer then took out his taser, pointed it at Gadson and told him to place his hands behind his back and walk towards him. The mother said it all started when she was downstairs and heard her daughter screaming. When she ran upstairs, she reported seeing Gadson on top of her daughter, striking her several times with a closed fist. According to police, the mother attempted to stop the assault but was unable to get Gadson off her daughter. The victim told police that Gadson began yelling at her about something involving the computer, then began to hit her multiple times. An incident report states when officers asked Gadson what happened, Gadson made "several unintelligible comments" about privacy comments on his Facebook page and said he then "snapped." EMS responded and treated the victim.

source: WBTV
Beating people over Facebook is just asinine. Stop!
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