Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Worst Pick-Up Line Ever: "I am Not a Pedophile. I am a Rapist!'

The Donkey of the Day is this ↑↑↑ idiot. Terrance Roach of Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested and charged with charged with harassment and disorderly conduct last night after police say he harassed a woman. According to the police, the 27-year-old approached a woman at a grocery store and began speaking to her in a "crude, sexual manner" telling her "I am not a pedophile -- I am a rapist!" He then followed her next door, where he "licked her neck." Craziness. He ran away, but police apprehended him a short time later and brought him to the woman for a positive ID. The then continued the verbal assault on the woman and started yelling at her "I'm a rapist!" Did someone forget to take their meds or this idiot just a donkey? Gladly, he's safe in jail.

source: WDRB
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