Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Man Pawns 10-Karat Wedding Ring For $20 to Pay Pr0stitute

A man from Greenwood, South Carolina who says he's having problems in his marriage, now has the long arm of arm to answer to. Last Friday, Marvin Holmes III picked up a known pr0stitute and crackhead from a grocery store and then he pawned his wedding ring for $20 to pay her. Really.
Greenwood police said they were patrolling an area of town officers said is known for prostitution and drug activity along Butler Street at Brannon Street where an officer stopped a car with 33-year-old Marvin Holmes III and 41-year-old Rhonda Kelley inside. The officer told the two he stopped them because of the area they were in and because he recognized Kelley, according to the police report. After a few questions, police said Holmes admitted to picking up Kelley at the Pavan Food Store on South Main Street, saying was having problems with his wife and he knew what Kelley did. Holmes asked her what she was up to and Kelley replied, "Just looking for some fun," police said. Holmes didn't have any money on him so he took Kelley to the Apache Pawn store where Kelley went inside and pawned his 10 karat wedding ring for $20, according to the report. The report stated Holmes told police he took Kelley to a crack house where she reportedly bought some drugs and smoked it in the car. Then they parked along Butler Street where they "messed around" before leaving because Holmes said Kelley seemed nervous and "wasn't acting right," according to police. After stopping and searching the car, police said they found some marijuana near Kelley's seat, though she and Holmes denied it was theirs. The report said Kelley also denied accepting money for sex from Holmes. Police said they also found a crack pipe in the rear seat of the car. Kelley was arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution and simple possession of marijuana, according to the report. Holmes was also arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution and driving under suspension.

source: KCTV
Here's what: The average man's gold wedding band weighs about 1.0 to 1.0 grams and as of this morning, the price of gold is is $1575.10 per ounce. We'd love to hear what Marvin's soon-to-be-ex-wife has to say.
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Sarah Rose said...

I don't really care what the ex-wife or anyone else thinks of this. It's needless and stupid to harass nonviolent people and put them in jail. They weren't hurting anyone. Australia has legalized prostitution, and some US states have legalized marijuana. Drugs and prostitution should be legalized for consenting adults.

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