Friday, June 21, 2013

Speaking of Racists, Here's Video of a Donkey Calling 911 on 'Very Muslim' Taxicab Driver

Ohmigod! Move over Paula Deen, Jennifer Crabbe is an even bigger idiot and racist than you are. In this recently released video (it was recorded April 23), Jennifer Crabbe, who lives in Ashburn, Va. is heard making a profanity-laced call to 911 to report her cab driver, Abdikar Aden, was "very Muslim." She told the dispatcher: "I have some Muslim guy, which I am very scared, who is our taxi driver, who's pulled over, and I'm afraid." As the other passenger told her to calm the eff down because the cabbie is "a good guy," Jennifer Crabbe of Ashburn, Va. told him: "This guy's Muslim. Are you kidding me? Muslim. He's not a good guy." She then told the cab driver, all Muslims come to the United States to work as taxi drivers in order to save money to blow themselves up. Say what? The cabbie says Jennifer became was upset because the meter had hit $17 before she entered the cab because he waited 50 minutes for Jennifer and one other passenger to leave a local steakhouse. Police arrived and wrote a report but filed no charges. (The police report states that Abdikar was paid his $50 fare after he pulled over, and another cab was called to take Jennifer and her companion the rest of the way.) The Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling for Jennifer to be charged with a hate crime. We sort of agree.

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Unknown said...

Hate crime? No. In order to qualify as such an actual crime would have to be committed. The only real 'crime' being committed is her abuse of the 911 system for a stupid, frivolous complaint.

Obviously this woman is a stupid, spoiled moron. But elevating her stupefying ignorance and small-minded pettiness to the level of 'hate crime' risks trivializing the term and rendering it meaningless.

She most certainly SHOULD be charged with mischief for her actions. That and the public shaming that will come with being a total asshat should be punishment enough.

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