Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Black People Live in Poverty Because They Eat Fried Chicken, So Says Republican Senator

And the Donkey of the Day is this ↑↑↑ donkey. The Republican Party -- which does a stellar job at alienating most of the country because of its stance on minorities, gays, women and immigrants -- just found it's newest 2016 presidential candidate in Colorado state senator Vicki Marble. During a meeting of the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force in Denver today, Vicki, who's apparently an expert on how black people live their lives, delivered a long soliloquy explaining that more blacks and Hispanics live in poverty, in part, because of fried chicken. She wasn't even kidding. “When you look at life expectancy, there are problems in the black race: sickle-cell anemia is something that comes up, diabetes is something that’s prevalent in the genetic makeup and you just can’t help it,” she said. “Although I’ve got to say, I’ve never had better BBQ and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down south and you — I love it." She went in on Mexicans, too. She said Mexicans eat vegetables in Mexico but stop eating healthily when they immigrate to the United States. Suffice it to say, her racist comments didn't go over well and Rep. Rhonda Fields, a Democrat and is black, let Vicki have it. "One of the things I will not tolerate is racist and insensitive comments about African Americans, the color of their skin. You mentioned what we eat — I was highly offended by your remarks,” Fields said. “I will not engage in a dialogue where I’m in the company where you are using the stereotype references about African Americans and chicken and food and all kinds of things. I will just not tolerate that. This is not what this committee is all about. So I will ask that you suspend your perceptions and judgments about African Americans, about poverty — what we’re trying to do is come up with solutions and it’s not about chicken. It’s not about eating chicken.” Realizing this wasn't going to end well, the chairman called for a recess.

Here's the audio.

source: KDVR
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