Thursday, February 5, 2015

Man Steals Police Cruiser, Taunts Officers Over the Radio

Police in Springfield, Massachusetts say a 27-year-old donkey named Michael Kopeski stole a cruiser on Thursday morning and used the police radio to taunt the officers and disrupt radio transmissions. Officers first responded to the home 4am for a domestic disturbance. When they arrived at the scene, a woman asked the officers to take her boyfriend out of the home. Michael initially cooperated, then told police he wanted to go back inside to “get his stuff.” When the police told him that he could not do so, he became enraged; calling the officers “pigs” before spitting on their cruiser and threatening to take it. He then yanked open the door handle, hopped into the drivers side and began to drive away. The officers say they ran after the cruiser and one was able to open the passenger door and spray pepper stray at Michael, "but it had no effect on the possessed driver." For the next 20 minutes Michael taunted police and disrupted radio transmissions as he drove on city streets. Cops eventually boxed him in and were forced to break the passenger window to get inside. Even then, he refused to cooperate and threw punches at the officers. Finally, police managed to subdue the suspect. He was arrested on charges of larceny, assault and battery, failure to stop for police, and resisting arrest.

source: WWLP
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