Thursday, June 18, 2015

Let's Be Real, Disobeying Police Officers Then Claiming to Be Victims is Absurd

This is rant. It's now becoming apparent that some people are getting into physical confrontations with police officers in search an easy payday and Internet notoriety; they know "community activists" (who want to elevate their own national standing) and news organizations (who want the bump in ratings) will make excuses for their actions and tell them they did nothing wrong. Once video of this confrontation is made public, protesters, many of whom don't know the facts of the case (and in some instances, don't really care what the facts are), will then take over the street screaming "no justice, no peace" and "black lives matter." Why aren't we protesting outside of gang members' homes, picketing on the corners where drug deals go down or protesting gun violence in our communities with the same fervor? Instead, we vilify police officers who are putting their lives at risk to protect us and our communities every day from these bad actors. Are there bad police officers? Absolutely! There are bad politicians, doctors, teachers and fast food workers, too. The short of it is: Citizens must respect police officers and police officers must respect citizens. We need to stop being so quick to pull the race card, take responsibility for our actions and be a proper role model for our children! Which brings us to this: Last week, a boy showed up at the Fairfield Aquatic Center in Fairfield, Ohio wearing athletic shorts. He was asked to leave because it's clearly posted that in order to use the pool, everyone must be wear swimwear. He was asked to leave. The boy told the pool employees he wasn't leaving because his mother said so. Then things got mad! According to police, Krystal Dixon, who's the boy's mother and is currently pregnant, “aggressively confronted pool staff" then pushed a police officer. She was warned again and told to leave, but still wouldn't leave, so police arrested her. Surveillance video from inside the aquatic center shows the melee. Krystal, her sister, Maya, and several children can been seen hitting the police officer and being a menace. A pool employee called 911 and told the dispatcher, "There's two officers here and they are fighting with them. They are beating up the officers and breaking out of the handcuffs. We need you guys immediately....Everything’s going crazy and they're videotaping, trying to make it look like a racist thing and it's not at all. They were breaking our policy and we told them they couldn't be here anymore and it's really scary and I don't feel safe." Sometime during the fight, Krystal instructed one of the children to go get her Taser from her purse so she could Tase the officer. Eventually more officers arrived and used pepper spray to get the situation under control. Krystal Dixon, 33, Maya Dixon, 34, and a 15-year-old boy were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. A 12-year-old girl was charged with assault and resisting arrest. On Tuesday, the family held a press conference to show their video from that day and claimed an officer broke a 12-year-old girl's jaw and ribs. But paramedics who showed up that day didn't note any injuries sustained by juveniles other than side effects from pepper spray. Furthermore, the Dixons' cell phone video (they omitted the part where they assaulted the oficers inside the pool area) clearly shows the family resisting arrest and disobeying officers' orders. You don't have a legal right to resist arrest. Furthermore, if you don't resist, you won't get injured. One more: If you resist a police officer and disobey his order, it will be a bad day for you. Always. Is this not common sense?

Here's the video:

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