Monday, July 6, 2015

Police Officer Strikes Drug Dealer With Baton Who Assaulted Him, Resisted Arrest -- Internet Cries Police Brutality, Obviously

It's the new law, apparently: Cops aren't allowed to arrest criminals who resist arrest anymore because someone will be filming and once that video hits the airwaves (which it will), the Internet and the media will cry police brutality. The latest video making rounds around the Internet shows Atlanta police officer Jamie Young striking a suspect with his baton twice to the legs and once to his lower back outside Atlanta’s Metro Mall last week. (Note: This mall became Internet famous in 2013 when its security guard went on a one-man mission to rid it of unsavory characters.) BUT there's so much more to the story. The video on social media didn't show what transpired prior to the officer's use of his baton. The folks over at WGCL got a hold of the full video. It shows Officer Young busting 29-year-old Bobby Cannon for dealing drugs, but when he tried to arrest him, the drug dealer pushed the officer into his police cruiser. The two men then struggle and officer Young pulls out his baton to fight back. The Atlanta Police Department is standing by its officer, saying Young's actions were justified and he wasn't and won't be investigated. Bobby -- whose rap sheet is as long as a phone book -- was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence. He also had a slew of outstanding warrants. It's against the law to resist arrest!

source: WGCL
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