Saturday, October 18, 2008


How You Doin' - This is the granddaddy of all Wendyisms. It's used to imply someone (or something) is gay. (You'll find an entire category about it on this blog.)

Bail! - Get out of a relationship, friendship.

Bagnista - Someone who's got to have the latest handbag. (Same applies to TVnista, which is someone who watches a lot of television.)

Cat Trap - A vagina.

Cheateristic/cheateration - Pertaining to cheating.

The Chief - Weed, marijuana, ganja.

Death File - A stash of items you collect (memorabilia) in the hopes of selling and turning a profit when the person dies.

Dirty Backpack Clique - This is a term to describe the earthy, neo-soul genre of music and its singers. For example: Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, etc...

Donkey - A person who does something stupid.

Friend in my head - Usually a famous person Wendy has never met, but perceives to be a friend.

Ehaow! - Recorded by legendary queen Harmonica Sunbeam, this too is used to imply someone is gay.

Fan out - Go out, gather details about something then report back

Hard and Black - This is a state of being; usually refers to a person who's cold-hearted or emotionally strong. See also "Soft and Pink"

Hey! - Recorded by wrestler Chyna, it's used to insinuate someone is high or gets high, intoxicated, or something that will make you high or drunk.

It is what it is - Used to describe a situation or event that just is and can't be changed.

Jumpoff - A sexual partner who is always available and always ready.

Lie on that sword - To accept your situation. Usually a situation you created. See, It is what it is.

Luxuriate - To bask in all things fabulous/pleasurable.

Miss Honey - A gay man.

Negrodian - An African-American person who does something that further perpetuates racial, cultural stereotypes.

Negrodian Expenditure - A purchase made by an African-American that is outrageous for their current situation. Or, even if the person has the money to afford it, the item is usually flashy and excessive.

Poach on a relationship - You went in a stole someone's man/woman.

Professional - Oral sex.

Soft and Pink - Used to describe the delicate female emotions. See also "Hard and Black".

Splaboo - Michael Jackson is said to have created this word to describe African-Americans.

Swoop Down - An act of getting to the truth.

A toe is a toe - An anything-goes sexual encounter.

Turtleneck - An uncircumcised penis.

You Can Put That Where?...Back There? - Recorded by actress Vivica Fox, this is used when you want to forget a situation, event or person.

We'll continue to update this glossary, but if you want to suggest your favorite Wendyism, drop us a line.
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Anonymous said...

"Hey!" (Chyna Doll) (signifies someone being drunk)

★ "How you doin'?" (insinuating that the topic at hand involves homosexuality; also, the show's greeting)

★ "Alright!" (implies "queen"-like behavior; usually follows "How you doin'?")

★ "Put that where? Back there!" (Vivica A. Fox) (a dismissive expression)

★ "A toe is a toe" (in reference to someone who accepts sexual gratification from either sex)

★ "Momma!" (Williams's son, Kevin, yelling)

★ "I'm gay, I'm a homo. I like guys." (from the movie, ''In & Out'')

★ Drill sound (when someone has crooked teeth)

★ Jackhammer sound (when someone has REALLY bad teeth)

★ Luxuriate (to fully immerse yourself in something fabulous)

★ Friend in my head (someone that you don't know personally, but imagine you'd be good friends with if you did)

★ Cow moo (when referring to an overweight person, or discussing food longingly)

★ "I love you for listening" (usually said at the end of her show)

★ Explosion (when there is a "bomb" or dramatic event)

★ African bells and percussion (when reference is made to black people)

★ "Negroidian" (usually in the context of story where a black man who spends more than he makes)

★ "Splaboo" (Michael Jackson's substitute for the "N" word)

★ Horns (extreme discovery or when Wendy seriously shuts somebody down)

★ "Wow!" (co-host World's exclamation of surprise; one Wow for mild surprise, four Wows for amazement)

★ "Donkey" (in reference to someone who makes unintelligent/stupid decisions or lives a lifestyle beyond which he is able)

★ Sad Trumpet Sound/Funeral Music (when Wendy has said something sad)

★ Sucking Sound (refers to someone giving a "professional," that is, performing oral sex)

★ "Of Course" (Gillie Da Kid)

★ A car engine starting and driving off is played when the show is ending and Wendy is still talking/cue for Williams's exit (Only heard in the New York metropolitan area)

Anonymous said...

didn't "how u doin" originate from Deelee of Power 99 when he and Wendy were morning hosts?