Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is round-up of some posts you might have missed -- or need to see again.

Serial Woman Beater Terrence Howard Accused of Beating Ex-Wife, Again

Michael Strahan Dons Blond Wig, Queens Out to Beyoncé

Lady Panhandles For Bigger Boobs, Because This Is Florida

'The Police Killed My Sister's Only Child...It's Not Fair!'

Singer Sues Fan Who's Been Stalking Him For 24 Years

Meanwhile, in Florida, Two Men Jailed For Boning Their Dogs

DMX Owes $1.2 Million in Child Support, Files For Bankruptcy

Cynthia Bailey Suffering From Uterine Fibroid Tumors: report

Wedding Planner Sues NeNe Leakes For $2.5 Million

Lady Stands Her Ground, Shoots Would-Be Attacker Then Takes Photos of His Dead Body

Siohvaughn Funches Explains Why She's On a Sidewalk Ranting About Dwyane Wade

Man Kidnapped Four Elderly Men For 10 Years So He Could Steal Their Social Security Checks

Crazy Siohvaughn Funches is Acting Crazy, Again

Introducing Beyoncé's Long Distant Cousin Melendria Knowles

Female Jogger Repeatedly Poops on Man's Home

Pastor, Mistress Accused of Trying to Kill His Wife

Sunglass Hut Manager Told to Fire Black, Hispanic Workers Because They 'Were Not a Good Look'

Man Followed, Choked Boy Who Gave Him the Finger

Man Beats Store Clerk With Baseball Bat Because They Don't Sell Size XXXL T-Shirts

Rachel Jeantel Launches Media Tour

Mother Leaves Kids in Parking Lot While She Attends Lil Wayne Concert

Fan Sues Former NBA Baller Scottie Pippen For Assault

Cafe Owner Puts Up Sign Alerting Customers She's Black

Fred 'Rerun' Berry's Widow Insists He Was Murdered, Wants His Body Exhumed For Second Autopsy

Lady Caught on Tape Attempting to Hire Hit Man to Kill Her Husband

Man Caught Injecting Heroin Into His Penis at Movie Theatre

Child Molester Lawrence Taylor's Son Arrested on Child Molestation Charges

Man Seeking Suicide By Cop Snatches Baby From Mother's Shopping Cart

Rachel Jeantel, The 'Ear' Witness With the Crabby Disposition

Was That a Read? Tennis Players Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova Are Shady

Here's Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Do Drugs

Pastor Jailed For Impregnating 15-year-old Girl

Man Pays Hooker For Sex, Demands Refund Afterward

Lady Calls 911 on 'Very Muslim' Taxicab Driver

Paula Deen, You've Been Chopped!

Man Slaps Bally's Gym With Lawsuit After He Slipped on 'Foreign White Substance' in Steam Room

This Lady Doesn't Know Who Any of Her Babies' Daddies Are

Neighbors Call Cops on Man Eating Thai in His Backyard

Allen Iverson's Ex-Wife Claims He Kidnapped Their Children, Went Into Hiding

Lady Jailed For Injecting 5-year-old Daughter With Meth

Man Raped Unconscious Woman to 'Save Her Life'

Man Slaps Male Detroit Politician With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Stripper Redickulous Under Fire For Dancing With 16-year-old Boy

The Fight Over James Brown's $100 Million Estate Heats Up, Again

Bank Sues Jermaine Dupri for $1.9 Million

The National Conference of Black Mayors is Perhaps the Shadiest of All Political Organizations

Man Gets Punk'd, Shoots Pranksters to Death

Teacher Sent Home, Told Never to Return After Hearing Voices Outside Classroom

Former MLBer Milton Bradley Convicted of Abusing Wife

Bobbi Kristina Gets Evicted, Leaves Nasty Note For Couple Who Called Police on Her For Being a Noisy Neighbor

This Man Has 22 Kids With 14 Different Women and He Can't Take Care of Any of Them

Weeks After Winning 'Parent of the Year' Award, Mom Ran Over Her Son

What's That Smell? Lady Defecates on Cops After Stabbing Husband Over Remote

Man Jailed For Ripping Off His Baby's Scalp While Fighting with His Wife

Lady Sues NFLer LeSean McCoy For Assault

Man Tricked Pregnant Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill

Kai, The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, Charged With Murder

Lady Jailed For Beating Up Daughter's 11-year-old Bully

Lady Kidnaps, Rapes 5-year-old Girl

Tranny Keeps Getting Arrested Because She Wants a Reality Show

Four Morehouse College Student-Athletes Jailed For Rape

Kris Kross' Chris 'Mac Daddy' Kelly Dies of an Apparent Drug Overdose

'In the Name of Jesus, Get Off This Bus, Satan!'

Mister Cee Denies He's Gay, Claims Hip-Hop Cops Are Trying to Frame Him

Man Escapes From Prison, Gets Sex-Change Surgery to Evade Capture

Gay Man Jailed For Trying to Extort Married Man After Sleeping With Him

Meanwhile, in Florida, Mayoral Candidate Claims Jesus Endorsed Her

NBA Baller Jason Collins Comes Out of the Closet

Lady Jailed For Pulling Ex-Boyfriend's Penis

Here's Video of NYPD Officers Struggling to Arrest a Teenager

NFLer Kerry Rhodes is Gay; His Ex-Boyfriend Spills Tea

Female Teacher Accused of Fondling Female Black Student Says That's Impossible Because She's Racist

Florida Bans EBT Cards at Liquor Stores, Strip Clubs

NeNe Leakes: 'I Don't Know Why Kim is Going Around Telling Everyone We Are Friends Again'

I See Your Donkey Booty/Stallion Booty and Raise You an Orca Booty

Lady Who Claimed She Had One-Night Stand With Apollo Nida Tried to Extort Phaedra Parks

And the Mother of the Year Award Goes to...

Man Flips Off, Curses Out Judge During Bond Hearing

Elderly Man Thought He Gave His Wife AIDS So He Stabbed Her and Their Son to Death

Hello, 911? Come Quick, I Tried to Steal a Wig and the Store Owner Assaulted Me!

Teen Stabs Mother-in-Law to Death, Throws Baby at Police

Four Current NFL Players May Come Out of the Closet Together

Here's Conrad Murray's First Jailhouse Interview

Here's Video of a Lady Ramming Her Car into Her Baby Daddy and His New Girlfriend's Car

Judge Admits to Banging Lady in Chambers

Woman Slaps Boy She Mistook For Her Son

Man's 4-months-Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Mows Down His 5-months-Pregnant Current Girlfriend

Student Forms White Student Union to Combat 'Black Crime Wave'

Man Sues TMZ For Planting Microphones in Courtroom During His Hearing

I'm an Attorney. He Didn't Do Anything. The Defense Rests.

Man Pawns 10-Karat Wedding Ring For $20 to Pay Pr0stitute

Man Gets Tasered Four Times But Is Still Able to Fight Off Police

Dionne Warwick Files For Bankruptcy, Again

Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce From Porsha Stewart

Gentleman Punches Ex-Girlfriend in the Stomach After She Refused to Get an Abortion

Atlanta Mall Cop Darien Long Gets Fired (Update: He Just Got Arrested!)

Janet Hubert Puts on Her Reading Glasses, Reads Wendy Williams For Filth

Granny Jailed For Threatening to 'F--k Up' Son's Bully

Man Attacks Roommate With Tree Branch Over Facebook Post, But He May Have Deserved It

Eddie Murphy Declines Arsenio Hall's Request to Appear on His New Talk Show: report

Lady Goes to Beauty Supply Store to Buy Hair, Gets Attacked By Store Owner

Katherine Jackson is Suing AEG For More Than $40 Billion For Michael Jackson's Death

Principal Jailed For Having Sex With Student at Prom

Lady Jailed For Making False 911 Calls About Cats in Her Backyard

Doctor Arrested For Botched Cosmetic Surgeries

Homeless Man Bites Off Waiter's Lip

Man Jailed For Beating His Wife to Death With Vacuum Cleaner

Lady Kills Entire Family, Then Herself

Prisoners Use Smuggled Cell Phones to Record Life Behind Bars, Post Videos Online

Lady Jumps From 8th-Floor Apartment Window With 10-Month-Old Son in Her Arms, Dies

Kandi Burruss Sues Whats-Her-Face Over 'Tardy for the Party'

Lady Videotapes 2-year-old Son Smoking Weed From Bong

Lady Tries to Sell Her Two Children For Money to Bond Her Boyfriend Out of Jail

So Drug Traffickers Are Using Megabus to Transport Drugs Across State Lines?

Homophobe (And Rumored Lesbian) Blasts Drag Show as 'Immoral'

'Moorish National' Squatting in $3 Million Mansion Refuses to Leave (UPDATE: She Got Arrested)

82-year-old Woman Thrown Off Train For Singing Hymns

Cops Found Loaded Gun Inside This Lady's Cat Trap

Mother Stabs Sons' Bullies

Lady Attacks, Bites Man Over Facebook Post

FBI Releases Files on Whitney Houston

Mom Drowns Son Because She Was Ashamed of the Size of His Genitals

Sheree Whitfield Accuses Blogger of Stalking, Files Order of Protection

Kelly Rowland Sobbed After Beyoncé Nixed Destiny's Child Reunion Album, Tour: report

Michael Winans Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison For Ponzi Scheme

Queen Latifah: 'My Closet is Pretty Fun'

Goat Screaming Like a Human Adds Levity to Your Favorite Songs

Lady Jailed For Having Sex With Pit Bull

Lady Criticizes Employer on Facebook, is SHOCKED She Was Fired

Firefighters Rescue 4-year-old Girl From Burning Apartment

Homeless Man Sues Parents For Not Loving Him Enough

Impatient Woman Causes Ruckus at DMV Office

Columbia University Professor Strips, Attacks Teddy Bears During Lecture

Gardening Shears-Wielding Woman Chases After Burglar

Reporter Runs Away When Two Guys Jumped into His Live Shot

High-Speed Police Chase Ends Spectacularly

Lawyer Convicted of Lying About Her Age -- And Just About Everything Else

Bobbi Kristina is Pregnant, Suicidal, Vows Never to Speak to Her Grandmother Again: reports

Man Gets Stabbed After He Refused to Change Positions During Threesome

Cop-Killer Christopher Jordan Dorner's Manifesto

Woman Says Singer Tried to Have Sex With Her at Nightclub

Lady Goes on 11-Hour Shoplifting Spree at Walmart

Lady Takes Her 6 Kids on a Shoplifting Spree; It's All Caught on Camera

Lady Gaga Goes in on Ex-Assistant: She's a 'F**king Hood Rat Suing Me for Money She Didn’t Earn'

Former 'American Idol' Contestant Corey Clark Sues Fox For Libel; He Claims Show is Scripted, He Attempted Suicide While on Food Stamps

Man Tasered By Atlanta Mall Cop Darrien Long to Sue For Emotional Distress

Lawyer Convicted of Lying About Her Age -- And Just About Everything Else

Lady Strips Naked During Elementary School Assembly

WATCH: The Beyoncé Bowl

Man Takes Lady Out on a Date to McDonald's, She Sets Him Up For Robbery

TV Station's Emergency Alert System Hacked to Warn of Zombie Apocalypse

'Don't Ever Show Up at Anybody's House After They Tell You They’re Trying to Fight You'

Woman Sues Disneyland Because Donald Duck is Racist

It's Raining Spiders in Brazil

Katt Williams Finally Shows Up to Court, Confronts Reporter

Weeks After Being Released From Jail, Tranny Arrested Again For Performing Illegal Butt Shots

Nanny Caught on Camera Abusing Child

Lady Flips Judge the Bird, Pays Dearly

McDonald's Worker Throws Hot Grease at Manager

Homeless Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Stops Racist Man From Killing Woman

Pastor Apologizes For Getting Applebee's Waitress Fired

Man Inhaling Balloons Taken Down By LAPD

Former NFLer Turned Serial Armed Robber Arrested

Whatever You Do, Don't You Ever, Ever, EVER Walk into This Reporter's Live Shot

Gentleman Attacks Ex-Girlfriend Inside Courtroom As She Sought Order of Protection Against Him

Whitney Houston's Brother Admits He -- NOT Bobby Brown -- First Introduced Whitney to Crack Cocaine in the '80s

Former NFLer Attacked Ex-Boyfriend Over Soy Sauce, Underwear

Janet Jackson is Planning to Have Baby via a Surrogate: report

Gregg Leakes 'Can't Stand' NeNe Leakes, Is Only After Her Money: report

NFLer Kills Girlfriend, Self After Argument Over Trey Songz Concert

Katt Williams Done Lost His Damn Mind!

CNN Confirms Beyoncé Lip-Synced National Anthem

The 600-Pound Woman Who Ate Herself to Death

Wendy Williams' Failure to Pay $419,000 Shoe Bill Results in Kidnapping

Another Man Tickled By Ex-Elmo Puppeteer as a Teenager Files Lawsuit

Man Who Was Beaten Up By Usher's Bodyguard Killed By a Hit Man in NYC

Hello, 911? Why Are Cops Chasing Me? Speeding You Say? OK, Pay Me $300,000 and I'll Pull Over. That is My Fee!

Shemar Moore Makes Sweet Brown Swoon, Gives Her a Lap Dance

Strippers Brawl Over $1 Tip (Updated With Video)

Social Worker Suspects Food Stamp Clients Stole $100, So She Sent Them a Stern Letter

Convicted Felon Chris Brown Punched Frank Ocean Over Parking Space

"R" Is For Ratchet

Stunt Queen Who Accused Elmo Puppeteer of Sexual Assault Then Recanted After He was Paid Off, Pulls Another Stunt (UPDATE: Second Accuser Files $5M Lawsuit)

Sherman Hemsley's Body Can Finally Be Buried, Judge Throws Out Lawsuit By Man Claiming to Be Actor's Long-Lost Brother

Actor Clifton Powell Demanded He Be Called 'Monique' While Raping a Woman: lawsuit

Tranny Housed in Women's Prison For Pulling Stunts Sues For $20 Million Claiming His Civil Rights Were Violated

Man Pretends to Have Rare Genetic Disorder to Coerce Girlfriend Into Have an Abortion

Man Jailed For Having Sex With Donkey Says He Prefers Sex With Donkeys Because Women Are Liars and Spread Diseases

Man Jailed For Having Sex With Abandoned Sofa

Oprah's Ex-Mother-in-Law Calls Oprah a Bully

Male Nurses Pleasure Each Other as 98-year-old Stroke Victim is Forced to Watch

Pastor Assaulted Men During Ex-Gay Therapy

White Church to Black Couple a Day Before Their Wedding: We Don't Allow Black Weddings

'Sorry. I Forgot...Sorry!'

Teacher Slaps Student Who Wouldn't Pull Up Sagging Pants; He Slaps Her Back

Mom Leaves Three Kids Home Alone For Four Hours to Go Have Sex with Neighbor

Rapper on Welfare Busted For Filing 24 False Tax Returns + Pastor, Wife Convicted of Tax Fraud

Lady Sues After Cops 'Forcibly Removed' Her Tampon During Traffic Stop

Granny Chases Would-Be Burglar Away With Fork

Hello, 911? I Just Shot My Daughter's Baby Daddy in the Head and 'Made Sure He's Dead'

Judge Grants Usher Primary Custody of Two Sons With Whats-Her-Face

Here's Video of the MOST ANNOYING PERSON in the World Getting Tasered

Chris Lighty Shoots Himself Dead During Argument With Estranged Wife

Cissy Houston Files Petition Against Bobbi Kristina Seeking Modifications to Her Inheritance Payments

220-pound Gym Teacher Claims 6-year-old Boy Beat Him Up

Woman Claims She Was Duped into Having Gay Man's Babies

Lady Sues Doctor For Informing Her She Has HIV

Man Dies After Winning Cockroach-Eating Contest

WATCH: Secret Recording Exposes the NYPD's Discriminatory Stop-and-Frisk Policy

So, Flavor Flav Cheated on His Fiancée Then Assaulted Her and Threatened to Kill Her Son?

Teacher Uploads Topless Photos of Herself to Students' iPads, Students Get Suspended For Looking at the Photos

Lady Fakes Her Own Kidnapping to Get Day Off From Work

Janet, Jermaine, Randy Jackson Tried to Kidnap Michael Jackson's Children

Pastor Suspected of Cheating on Wife Sues Sprint for Invasion of Privacy

Man Sues NYC After Cops 'Strangled His Penis'

Gospel Singer Disfigured 4-year-old Son After Holding Him Under Scalding Hot Water: lawsuit

Kola Boff Goes in on Kimora Lee Simmons + She Alleges Kimora Eats Cat Trap, Slept With Her Boyfriend

Another Man Sues John Travolta For Sex Assault, Battery

Here's Video of a Woman Trying to Drive Her Motorized Scooter Up an Escalator

Siohvaughn Wade Probably Forgot to Take Her Meds -- Again

'Cause You Don't Want to be Eating No Bugs...'

Students Relentlessly Torment School Bus Aide

NBA Baller Tony Parker Injured in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Sues For $20 Million

Shock! Anderson Cooper is Gay

R&B Singer Frank Ocean Comes Out of the Closet

'Ashleigh! Ashleigh! Ashleigh! Ashleigh!....Hey, Ashleigh!'

Lady Beats Up Pregnant Cousin Over a Cell Phone

Rapper Gives Tour of His Dogfighting Operation

Evander Holyfield Gets Evicted After Losing 109-Room Mansion to Foreclosure

Madonna Sued For Illegally Sampling Music On Her Megahit 'Vogue'

Rapper Arrested For Buying Thousands of Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Woman Says She Was Raped at Gay Strip Club

Woman Fired After She Refused to Have Her Boss's Babies

Weeks After Judge Denied Woman's Request For Restraining Order Against Her Ex, He Sets Her on Fire

He Had a Wreck! Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested For Assaulting Teenage Daughter

RHoA's Phaedra Parks Sues Vibe For More Than $30 Million For Defamation

Dennis Rodman Cries Poor, Asks Judge to Lower Child Support Payments

White Lady Sues to Have Black Woman's Remains Exhumed, Removed From Jewish Cemetery

Two Men Sue John Travolta For Sexual Assault

Masseur: 'I Had Sex With John Travolta and He Loved It'

Hot Dog Lady Jailed For Selling Sex: 'I'll Be a Stripper Until the Day I Die'

Raven-Symoné is a Lesbian, Living With Girlfriend: report

Racist NYC Nightclub Caught on Camera Being 'Racisty'

Usher's Ex-Wife Is Spitting Mad


Baby Daddy Drama Plays Out in Florida Courtroom

Naked Man High on Drugs Eats Man's Face

Meanwhile, in Maryland, Man Kills Roommate; Eats His Heart, Brain

Lauryn Hill Charged With Tax Evasion

Man Reports His Vibrating Panties Stolen

Man Says Flesh-Eating Bacteria Ate His Penis

Inmates File Class-Action Lawsuit Over 'Squalid, Unhygienic and Hazardous Living Conditions' at NY Jails

Reporting Live From 'Chateau Shereé'

Raffles Van Exel: I DID NOT Clean Up Cocaine From Whitney Houston's Death Scene

READ: Whitney Houston Final Autopsy Report

Is This the Tool Who Took, Sold Whitney Houston's Casket Photo?

Dennis Rodman is a Mess, Suffers 'Drug Overdose': report

Flight Attendant: This Plane Is Gonna Crash... (Splat, Boom, Pow!)... Get Off Me!!!

WATCH: Oprah Interviews Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston's Family; OWN Scores Highest Ratings Ever

This Lady is One Sick Puppy

Pastor Demanded Young Boys Feed Him Grapes Before/After He Whipped Their Butts, Sexually Assaulted Them

HIV-Positive Maid Mixes Menstrual Blood Into Child's Cereal

Paula Abdul Furious That Janet Jackson Wants 'X Factor' Job: report

Convicted Felon Chris Brown Asked Michael Jackson's Daughter to Be in His Next Music Video: report

Armed Guards Stand Watch Over Whitney Houston's Grave to Ward Off Grave Robbers: report

Bobby Brown Walks Out of Whitney Houston's Funeral

Whitney Houston Funeral Recap

Whitney Houston is Dead

Lesbian, Pretending to be Man, Makes Woman's Life a Living Hell When She Rebuffed Advances

This Pistol-Packin' Granny Is Giving Us Life

Tracy Morgan's Mom is Facing Foreclosure, He Offers Her $2000; She Puts Him on Blast

Did Morgan Freeman Dump His Step-Granddaughter For 'New Hot, Young' Woman?

Eddie Long's Wife Calls Off Divorce...Again

Rev Jesse Jackson Owes $12K in Back Child Suport: report

Aretha Franklin Calls Off Engagement

Man Smuggles 10-Inch Handgun into Jail in His Butt!

Year in Review: Extra Greasy

Did Kobe Bryant Cheat on Wife With 105 Other Women?

NFLer Sam Hurd Arrested on Federal Drug Charges

Woman Sues After Run-In With TSA Agents Over Breast Milk

Racist Who Posted 'Whites Only' Pool Sign is Clueless

Bishop Eddie Long's Wife Files For Divorce, Changes Her Mind After Sleeping On It (Update: Divorce is Back On)

Judge Goes HAM on Conrad Murray, Sentences Him to 4 Years in Jail

Tranny Jailed For Injecting Cement, Fix-a-Flat into Woman's Butt Speaks Out: I'm the Victim, My Life is Ruined

White Man Driving Through Black Neighborhood Says He's Victim of Racial Profiling, Sues for $12 Million

Lady to Boy She Struck With Her Car: You Need Jesus!

Woman, 22, Jailed For Skipping School -- Five Years Ago!

Tranny Jailed For Injecting Cement Into Woman's Butt

Lady Hires 32-year-old Man Off Craigslist to Babysit Her Kids. Gee, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Lady Steals Man's Sperm, Gives Birth to Twins

Bishop Eddie Long's Ex-Boyfriend's Media Tour Continues, His Friends Don't Believe A Word He Says

Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before: Bishop Eddie Long Gets Sued Again (Update: The Feds Launched Investigation)

Man Commits Suicide Hours After Getting Married

Man With 100-Pound Scrotum is Not Having a Ball

TV One Sues BET For Stealing Show

Here's 4 Minutes of a Doped Up Michael Jackson Sleep Talking + Drugs Found In Michael's Home; Audio, Transcript of Dr Murray's Interview With Police

Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial Begins With Death Photo, Drugged-Out Audio Recording, Defense Drawing at Straws

Lady Gives Man Professional in Back Seat of Police Cruiser...While On Their Way to Jail

Fed Up Postal Worker Loses His Cool, Goes Berserk

Pastor to Parishioners: Sure, I Can Cure You of Anxiety or Any Ailment, But You'll Need to Pleasure Me First

Man Pokes Holes in Condoms, Gets Convicted of Sexual Assault

Cop Hires Hit Man to Kill Boyfriend of His 17-year-old Jumpoff + Man OD's at Pastor's PNP Party

Bishop Eddie Long Demands Return of $900K in Hush Money From Each of the Three Accusers Who Violated Confidentiality Agreement

Do NOT Watch This Video

Doctors, Nuns Stole Babies Then Sold Them Into Adoption

Racism Running Rampant at Michigan State University

WATCH: Conrad Murray's Bevy of Jumpoffs Take Stand

Elderly Man Attempts DIY Divorce

Evelyn Lozada Sues MediaTakeOut For Defamation

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Crazy Person Scorned

Bullied 70-year-old Granny Snaps

Bishop Eddie Long Hopes to Stick It to Blabbermouth Accusers, Again

Man Jailed For Gettin' It In With Dog

Actress Slaps Amazon With $1 Million Lawsuit For Publishing Her Real Age

Woman Jailed For Two Months Because Her Name is 'Teresa'

Man Gets Arrested For Calling Telemarketer Who Called Him Every Day For Eight Months

Man Sues Bone Thugs-N-Harmony For Assault

Man Kidnaps Ex-Girlfriend While She's On a Date With Another Man

The One About a Father's Undying Love, Determination

Beyoncé Bumpgate: Mathew Knowles Wanted Beyoncé, Jay-Z to Raise His Illegitimate Son As Their Own

WATCH: Mariah Carey Reveals Twins' Faces on '20/20'

'Wendy Williams Show' Renewed Through 2014

At One Memphis High School, Teaching is the Last Thing on Teachers' Minds

Lady Suspects Man is Sleeping With Her Girlfriend, She Shoots Up His House + Others Losing Control

Lady Cited For Arranging Conjugal Visit With Inmate on City Bus

LISTEN: Best Song Made Up of the Craziest Mike Tyson Quotes of All Time. Of All Time.

If You Must Burglarize Your Next-Door Neighbor's Apartment, Don't Furnish Your Home With the Stolen Loot

Black Nurses Barred From Taking Care of White Patients Say Their Civil Rights Were Violated

Shaquille O'Neal Countersues Rogue Ex-Employee For Selling Private Emails

Woman Claims Female 'Pastor' Raped Her

Lady Sets Fire to Woman's Home Because She Defriended Her on Facebook

So, Doc, You're Gonna Take That Person's Feces and Put it Where?

WATCH: Ladies Faint, Hyperventilate When They're Sentenced For Killing Toddler

Man Found Living With 26 Female Corpses He Dressed Up as Dolls, Teddy Bears

Here's Video of a Donkey on a Sugar High Scaling Rooftops, Running Into Ride to Jail

Conrad Murray Found Guilty of Killing Michael Jackson, Sent Directly to Jail

Anorexic Mom Who Weighs Less Than Her 7-year-old Daughter: 'I’d Love to Eat, But I Can’t'

...Hide Ya Granddads, Cuz They Rapin' Errybody Out Here

Baby Born With No Hands or Feet, Mom is Baffled

Patti LaBelle Terrorized, Threw Water at My Baby, Mom Says

Man Gives Panhandler $2, Gets a Concussion in Return

Gay Man Sues Rev Jesse Jackson For Sexual Harassment

Queen Latifah Steps Out With New Girlfriend

Rihanna's Family Wants Her to Get Back Together With Chris Brown

91-Year-Old Man Throws Bucket of Urine at Bebe's Kids; 'Deaf' Man Shoots at 'Rowdy' Kids

So the Catholic Church is Kidnapping Babies Now?

Alabama to Criminals: Serve Time in Jail or Go Church For a Year

This 80-year-old Woman Was Jailed For Selling Crack -- Again

Citing Budget Cuts, Cops Refused to Help Woman Find Her Kidnapped Baby

Why Are There No Black or White Construction Workers in Texas? Three Words: Mexican Labor Gangs

This Male Prostitute is Shocked - SHOCKED! - That He Was Arrested For Selling Himself at a Shady Church

Lady Injects Hot Beef Fat Into Her Face, With Predictable Results

NFLer Terrell Owens Could Be Jailed For Unpaid Child Support

Cabbie Locks Woman in Trunk After Fare Dispute, Goes Home; She's Discovered Five Hours Later

Lady Shoots Man Attempting to Repossess Her Car

Is Omer Bhatti Janet Jackson's Son?

Are Will Smith and Trey Songz Secret Gay Lovers?

Mag: Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith are 'Living Separate Lives'; Will & Jada: 'Our Marriage is Intact'

Woman Sues Cash Money Records After An Employee Sexually Assaulted Her

Ex-Con Joins Cast of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'; Other Housewives 'Nervous'

Confidentiality Agreement Be Damned! Bishop Eddie Long Accusers Threaten to 'Burn' Settlement Money, Write Tell-All Book

Will Someone Taser This Bitch Already?

A Bed Bug Infestation Is No Laughing Matter, But...

Bishop Eddie Long's Ex-Boyfriend: Bishop Long Raped Me, I Fell in Love With Him, Then He Drove Me Mad

Pastor Fires Choir Director, All Hell Breaks Loose

NeNe Leakes Wants Y'all to Know She's the Most Relevant, Popular 'Celebrity Apprentice' Contestant

Perv Tries to Abduct, Marry 13-year-old Girl; Gets Some Sense Beaten into Him

Kobe Bryant Assaults Man in Church

Julie Chen is a Betch: report

Kobe Bryant Accuser Suffers Drug Overdose

Man Wearing Dress, Underwear on Head, Robs Store

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Winner Tyra Sanchez Arrested For Weed Possession

Steve Harvey to Host Daytime Talk Show

Cee Lo Green's Ex-Jumpoff Puts His Business in the Streets

Mo'Nique's Talk Show a Casualty of Her Diva Attitude: report

Just When You Thought the Bishop Eddie Long Story Couldn't Get Worse, A Fifth Accuser Surfaces

Police Officer Forced to Attend MLK Parade Because He's Black Sues Police Department, City

Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana Are Engaged: report

Patti LaBelle's Bodyguard, Hairdresser Charged With Assault of Military Cadet

R Kelly Facing Foreclosure

Do NOT Attempt to Divorce This Lady. Ever!

If There Ever Was a Reason For a Cop to Taser Someone, This, Boys and Girls, Is It!

Priest: I'm Not Gay, 'Measure My Anus'

Shaquille O'Neal Ordered Multiple Murders: lawsuit

Wendy Williams on 'The View': Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Divorce a PR Stunt

Bishop Eddie Long's Daughter Probed

NBA Baller Dwayne Wade Sues Computer Hackers

Amy Winehouse is Dead

School Refused to Let Black Student Be Valedictorian

Man Redefines Meaning of 'Church'

WATCH: Woman Performs Exorcism on Man She Believes is Satan

Bat-Wieldin' Granny Chases Off Naked Burglar

Lady Attacks Baby, Tries to Break Off His Arm So She Could Eat It

Lady Sues Jumpoff For Giving Her Herpes

Fisherman Finds Brick of Cocaine Floating in Water, Dies After Eating It

Is Shaquille O'Neal a Criminal Genius?

Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor's Car

Disabled Man Chokes on Food at Restaurant, His Mother Screams 'Let Him Die!'

In Florida, Tattoo Shop Owner Threatens to Kill Competitor; Man Assaults Blind Lady, Steals Her Parrot

Hundreds of Black Teens Attack Whites at Wisconsin State Fair

Gangster Mom Arrested For Trespassing in Her Own Home

Lady Suffers Allergic Reaction and Dies After She Has Sex With Dog

NeNe Leakes' Son Arrested for Shoplifting at Walmart

NFLer Roy Williams Sues Ex For Return of $80K Engagement Ring

Angry Fans Storm Out of Katt Williams' Crack-ish Performance, Demand Refund

TSA Agent Searches Black Woman's Afro and There's Going to Be Hell to Pay

Man Sues After Clinic Told Him He Was HIV-Positive

Damon Dash is a Deadbeat Dad

Banana Attacks Gorilla, Splits

Bishop Eddie Long Accuser, Jamal Parris, Arrested on Drug, Gun Charges

Woman Drowns in Public Pool, No One Notices For Days

'To Catch a Predator' Host Chris Hansen Caught Cheating on His Wife: report

Columbia Records is Bracing For Beyoncé's Worst-Selling Album Ever

Lady Steals DVDs, Tries to Outrun Police -- With Her Baby in Her Arms!....(Oh, Florida!)

Man Files Discrimination Lawsuit After Nail Salon Charged Him $1 More Than Women For Manicure

Mother Kills Baby, Takes Body on Hours-Long Shopping Spree

College Footballer Jailed For Refusing to Pull Up Saggy Pants [Updated With Video From Aboard Aircraft]

'Excuse Me? Do You Know How Well-Educated I Am? I AM a Well-Educated Person!'

David Tyree is a Donkey

Scientist Creates Meat From Human Feces

Late-Night Booty Call Turns into Ninja-Style Beatdown

Jaleel White: 'There Was a Division Between Myself' and the 'Family Matters' Cast

Man Robs Bank of $1 For 'Medical Reasons'

Identity Thief Sends Victim Rose, Thank-You Note

WATCH: Two Men. One Pole

Serena Williams on Crying After Wimbledon Win: 'I've Been Through A Lot of Things That's Not Normal, Things You Guys Don't Even Know About'

There Are 'Killer' Bugs in Your Dishwasher: study

Another Monster Kills Her Baby in Microwave

Drug-Laced Cocaine Rotting Users' Skin

Jimmy Henchman Arrested!

WATCH: How to React to an Ugly Baby

Grandmother Admits to Drowning 6-year-old Granddaughter in Pond

Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend For $11 Million For Taking Dog

Buju Banton Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison For Cocaine Trafficking

Missy Elliott Suffering From Graves' Disease

OJ Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman: report

Woman Dies at Her Own Funeral

Queen Latifah and Girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins on the Verge of Breakup?

Ron Artest Changing Name To ‘Metta World Peace’

Lady Gaga Sued For Scamming Charity

WATCH: Woman Thinks She's a Car

Lady to Waffle House Worker: 'I Want My Meal With No Roaches!'

New York Legalizes Gay Marriage

New York Legalizes Gay Marriage

Lady Sprays Cops With Breast Milk

Drunk Driver Mows Down Pedestrian, Drives Three Miles With Victim's Body in Front Seat

Patti LaBelle Pulls the Race Card

Lady Holds Boyfriend Hostage, Tortures Him For Cheating

Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Off Bus: 'All I Was Doing Was Feeding My Baby!'

Man Sexually Assaults Unconscious Woman on Sidewalk, Whom He Believed Was Dead

Convict: Jimmy Henchman Paid Me $2500 to Shoot Tupac

Tracy Morgan Hates Gay People

Did Shaquille O'Neal Order the Kidnapping of a Man Who Claims to Have His Sex Tape?

Meet Reema Bajaj. Lawyer By Day, Prostitute By Night

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Baby Mama Speaks Out: 'It Wasn’t Arnie’s Fault, It Takes Two'

Man Sues Chronically Tardy Doctor For 'Stealing' His Time

Allen Iverson's Wife Files For Divorce -- Again

9-Year-Old Girl to Attacker: Get Off My Mommy!...Stab.Stab.Stab.

Flavor Flav Spent $5.7 Million on Crack

Creflo Dollar: Bishop Eddie Long Had a 'Wreck', He's Still Going to Heaven

Lady Sues After Hospital Workers Played With Body of Her Dead Baby Then Mailed Her 154 Photos of Child in Various Poses

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maid Conceived Love Child, Joseph, During Their First Night of Drunken Sex: report

Whitney Houston Suffering From Emphysema: report

Bishop Eddie Long Sexual Coercion Case Has Been Settled; He Paid Off Accusers

NFLer Terrell Owens' Ex-Employee Steals $30K to Pay Rent

Women Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

WATCH: Preacher Heals Pain in Man's Buttocks

Mister Cee Pleads Guilty to Lewd Act With Tranny

Whitney to Wendy: Watch What You Say

Man Sues Patti LaBelle Over Airport Beatdown

Lady on Raping 12-year-old Boy: I Had to Have Sex With Him to Avoid a Scene

After 10 Failed Suicide Attempts, Man Finally Succeeds

Man Jailed After Cops Find Him Naked, High, Slathered in Olive Oil

Supreme Court Rejects Wesley Snipes' Appeal

After Failed Attempts at Self-Castration, Inmate Sues For Sex-Change Surgery

WATCH: Divas Getting Money

Weiner's Wiener Hits the Web; His Wife is Pregnant

Lupe Fiasco: President Obama is a 'Terrorist'

Chris Bosh's Baby Mama Refuses to Let Him See Their Daughter

Teacher is Pregnant With Student's Babies

Man Tries to Fake Own Death to Get Sex-Change Surgery

No! You Can't Use Your Cell Phone in This Theater in the 'Magnited States of America'!

Judge Mathis is an Extreme Couponer: report

R Kelly Feared He Got Aaliyah Pregnant: book

Lady Buys 7-year-old Daughter Boob Job For Her Birthday

Edie Falco: 'Who the Hell is Kim Kardashian?'

WATCH: Vagina Ain't Handicapped; Dwayne, LeBron Mock Dirk; Vogue + Jennifer Lopez' Private Home Video

NBA Baller Nate Robinson Jailed For Urinating in Public

NFLer Brandon Marshall's Wife Arrested -- Again

5-year-old Girl Drowns Crying Toddler

Lady Robs Bank By Threatening to Give Teller AIDS

Rapper Young Buck's Legal Troubles Mount

Man Forces Man to Perform Oral Sex, Shoots Him When He's Done

Bishop Eddie Long's Wife Hasn't Moved Out

Man Suffers Heart Attack, Dies While Raping Elderly Woman

WATCH: Man Blows Up ATM After Learning He Has No Money

WATCH: After 25 Years, Oprah Bids Adieu to Talk Show

Dentist Assaults Elderly Patient Over Dentures

Woman Falsely Accused of Being Chad Ochocinco's Baby Mama Sues For Defamation

Man Inflates Like Balloon After Air Hose Gets Stuck In His Butt

Former Missionary Admits to Molesting Two Dozen Children -- But He Will Never Go to Jail

This Man Has Had Sex With 1,000 Cars

Feds Bust Major Cocaine Trafficking Ring Tied to Hip-Hop Industry, Arrest Warrant Issued For Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond

Woman Who Had Affair With Arnold Schwarzenegger When She Was 16 Speaks Out

Shock! CNN Anchor Don Lemon is Gay and Water is Wet

This Lady Has 164XXX Breasts

Whitney Houston Checks Into Drug Rehab -- Again!

Couple Finds Treasure Trove of Aretha Franklin Memorabilia in Abandoned Storage Lockers

Terrence Howard's Former Manager Sues For Unpaid Commission, Royalties

Jermaine Dupri Sued For Unpaid Child Support

Even Jerry Springer Passed on This Absurd Story of a Man in a Sexual Relationship With His Biological Daughter

Al Reynolds Slaps Star Jones With $50K Lawsuit For Bad-Mouthing Him on Wendy's Talk Show

Bishop Eddie Long's Sexual Misconduct Case Headed to Trial

Former College Baller, Musician Comes Out of the Closet

Man Who Posted Craigslist Ad Seeking Sex With Dog Pleads Guilty

Lady Gets Kicked Off Amtrak Train, Arrested For Talking Loudly on Cellphone For 16 Straight Hours

WATCH: Lady Wrestles Wig Away From Store Clerk

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered 14-year-old Son With Housekeeper [Updated With Photos of Maid, Boy]

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Caught in Gun 'Battle', Faces 6 Months in Jail: report

LISTEN: Tranny Toni Newman Speaks on Sexual Encounter With LL Cool J, Mister Cee; Outs Eddie Murphy

NBA Baller Chris Bosh Sues Baby Mama For Disclosing Private Facts, Trademark Infringement on 'Basketball Wives'

Serena Williams' Stalker Arrested

Wife Stabs NBA Baller Charlie Bell With Box Cutter

What. The. Hell?!!!

Faith Evans Files For Divorce

Rapper Cassidy Jailed on Murder, Attempted Murder Charges

FIGHT! NeNe Leakes Almost Pulled Star Jones' Head Off and Used It As a Doorstop

President Obama's Father Was a Womanizer, Polygamist; Officials Tried to Force Him Out of the United States

Bishop Eddie Long Sends Cryptic Messages at His Sex Assault Victims

Transgender Victim of McDonald's Beatdown Speaks Out; Perp Attacked Woman at Same Store Before

Rapper Lil B Receives Death Threats For 'I'm Gay' Album Title

NeNe Leakes, What's-Her-Face to Get Spin-off Shows on Bravo: report

WATCH: Osama bin Laden's Dead. This Kid Explains It All In Just 63 Seconds

Lady Finds Bloody, Naked Burglar Eating Raw Chicken

Judge Sentences Man to 203 YEARS IN PRISON For Robbing Gas Station of $100!

Jermaine Dupri Facing Foreclosure

Judge to Child Molester: 'I Think You Were Born Gayer Than a Sweet Smelling Jock Strap'

WATCH: The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Convicted Felon Wins Mayoral Election, But He Will Never Step Foot in City Hall

Social Worker Tries to Snap Photo of Mariah Carey's Twins For Tabloids

Lady Injects 8-Year-Old Daughter's Face With Botox to Prevent Wrinkles

'Teach Me How to Dougie' Singer M-Bone Killed in Drive-By Shooting

WATCH: Crackhead Steals Police Cruiser

Tyler Perry: 'Spike Lee Can Go Straight to Hell'

Intern Steals $10K From Steve Harvey

Is This the Ultimate Face of Meth?

Lawrence Taylor's Baby Mama Wants More in Child Support For Chronically Ill Daughter; LT Cries Poor

Mathew Knowles Goes to War With the IRS Over $12,115 Tax Lien

Bobbi Kristina's Friendship With Porn Star Montana Fishburne Has Mom Whitney Houston Seeing Red: report

Kanye West Foundation Closes Its Doors For Good

Man Shoots at Burglar, Turns Out It Was Just His Reflection in the Mirror!

The Funniest Thing You'll Hear In Your Life! Old People Fight Over Ceramic Easter Bunny

Transgender Victim of McDonald's Beatdown Speaks Out; Perp Attacked Woman at Same Store Before

Bishop Eddie Long Sends Cryptic Messages at His Sex Assault Victims

WATCH: Burglars Steal $90K Worth of Hair Weave

The Most Bipolar Mugshot Ever

Producers Can Sue Lil Wayne For Refusing to Promote Documentary

President Obama's Father Was a Womanizer, Polygamist; Officials Tried to Force Him Out of the United States

What's That Smell?! Cops Find Children in Feces-Filled Home

NeNe Leakes, What's-Her-Face to Get Spin-off Shows on Bravo: report

Prince William, Kate Middleton Are Married

Cop Defaces Suspect's Mugshot, Sends 'Racist' E-mail to Other Cops For Laughs

Tranny Brooke-Lynn Pinklady Speaks Out: Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee Paid Him $200 For Unprotected Sex + 2nd Man Says the DJ Offered Him Cash For Sex, Too

Ex-Employee: Rev Jesse Jackson Constantly Cheats on His Wife, Had Gay Sex, Fired Him Because He's Gay

Man Bursts Into Flames Inside Porn Shop

American Express Sues Jasmine Guy For Unpaid Credit Card Bills

What's That Smell?! Mailman Takes a Dump in Person's Yard

Catherine Zeta-Jones Checked into Mental Hospital to Treat Bipolar Disorder

Twin Sons Found Living With Mother's Severely Decomposed Body

Teyana Taylor Attacks Woman Over Convicted Felon Chris Brown

LeBron James' Mother Flies into Drunken Rage, Assaults Parking Attendant

WATCH: 911 Call, Booking Video of LeBron James' Mom's Arrest Released

Priest Admits to Affair With Cousin

Man Pours Jug of Semen Outside TV Station

This Lady Spent $100K on 52 Cosmetic Procedures, Surgeries

Hooker Shoots, Kills Man After She Contracts STD

Rapper Lil' Webbie Arrested on Drug Charges

Remains of First Gay Caveman Found

Allen Iverson to Cops Who Pulled Over His Lambo: 'Do You Know Who I Am?'

Mother Tries to Circumcise Baby at Home With a Box Cutter After Watching Videos on YouTube, Reading the Bible

Rapper Gucci Mane Arrested For Pushing Woman Out of Moving Vehicle

First Human Specimen Goes on Display at Penis Museum

Doctor to Fat Patients: Sex With Me Would Burn 200 Calories

Hot 97's DJ Mister Cee Arrested! Cops Caught Him Having Oral Sex With a Man

Wendy is Eliminated From 'Dancing With the Stars'

NBA Baller Jamal Crawford's Dogs Destroy Rental Home, He Sues Homeowner

Hooker Robs Man of $1600, Hides Loot in Her Weave

Atlanta Plans Cemetery For Gay People

Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken Workers Say Paychecks Are Bouncing

Malcolm X Had Sex With a Man: book

Whitney Houston Pulls Daughter Bobbi Kristina Out of Drug Rehab, Looks to Dionne Warwick For Help: report

Lady Blames 11-year-old Girl Gang-Raped By 19 Men For Attack

Rihanna: 'I Like to Be Spanked. Being Tied Up is Fun'

Biological Female Spends $8000 on Surgery to Look Like a Drag Queen

Obese Man Stuck in Chair for Two Years; Skin Was Fused to Chair, Infested With Maggots


Convicted Felon Chris Brown Flies Into a Rage, Shatters Window at 'GMA' Studios

Former NFLer Lawrence Taylor Must Register as a Sex Offender [Update: He Explains How He Picks Up Prostitutes ]

Black Publisher is 'Insulted' That President Obama Hasn't Invited Her to the White House

FIGHT! Burger King's Not Safe for Life

Ja Rule's Insightful Words on 50 Cent

WATCH: Lady Encouraged Son to 'F-ck Up' Another Boy

Oh, Here Go Hell Come! Marshals Shut Down Designer Calvin Tran's NYC Boutique

Lady Consents to Having Her Breasts, Buttocks Massaged; Files Charges When She Finds Out Masseur is Straight

'The Real Housewives of DC' Canceled, 'Miami' on the Brink: report

FIGHT! This Lady Refuses to Go to Jail 'Cause She's Got Kid, Responsibilities

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Wants Her Own Reality Show

Party Promoter Sues Wendy For $25K

Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before: Pastor Raped Four Female Parishioners

Going to Church is Bad For Your Health: study

WATCH: Wendy Performs the Quickstep on Week 2 of 'DWTS'

WATCH: Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation

Man Regrows Foreskin

WATCH: Wendy's DWTS Performance

Another Downlow Atlanta Megachurch Pastor with Ties to Bishop Eddie Long Raped 14-year-old Boys, Paid Them Hush Money: report

Fabulous Gay Couple Adopts Even More Fabulous Doll

Pastor Refuses to Give Communion to Members Who Don't Hand Over Their Tax Refund Checks

Jermaine Jackson Inks Book Deal; Will He Throw Michael, Family Under the Bus?

LISTEN: Hello, 911? I Wanna Know Why I'm Being Handcuffed in Jail?

'The Situation' is in The Closet, Says 'Jersey Shore' Castmate

Banana Spiders Straightens, Strengthens Your 'Banana' For Hours at a Time

Teller: Sure, You Can Rob This Bank, But I Need to See Two Forms of ID First

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina is Addicted to Cocaine: report

Venus and Serena's Dad, Richard, Quietly Marries Woman 37 Years His Junior

Bishop Eddie Long's Church is Going Broke + Boys He Coerced into Sex Curses Him Out During Mediation

Oprah is Mad at Wendy: report

Man Gets Artificial Anus

Gayle King: 'Oprah is Not Enough For Me'; Asks Matchmaker to Set Her Up With Women: report

Bishop Eddie Long's Penis-Only Late-Night 'Prayer Meetings' Sound Hot

Judge Rules That Because Woman Was Dressed Provocatively, The Man Who Raped Her Shouldn't Go to Prison

Shots Fired! Rush Limbaugh Calls Michelle Obama Fat

What's The 'Blackest' Name in All the Land?

96-year-old Woman is Still Turning Tricks

Man Burns Wife's Vagina, Rips Off Her Nipples

Star Jones Wants to Remarry Big Gay Al: report

Mariah Carey's HIV+ Sister is Turning Tricks (Again) Because Family Refuses to Help Financially: report

FIGHT! Jamie Foxx Comes to Blows With Ex-(what you want us to say?) + Aretha Franklin's First Photo Post-Surgery

David LaChapelle Sues Rihanna Over 'S&M' Video

RHoA's Peter Thomas Can't Stand the Housewives -- And He Isn't Afraid to Admit It

Crazy Lady Sues Diddy For $1 Trillion!

Man Rapes Hogs, Gives Them Vaginal Infections

Wife Beater Terrence Howard Slapped With Divorce Papers

Imbecile Sues Rite-Aid for $1.7 Million

Funkmaster Flex Arrested for Assaulting Wife

Judge Bans Man With Low IQ From Having Sex

Desperate to Become a Grandmother, Lady Hires Man to Rape Daughter

Wanna-Be Reality Star Slashes Bouncer's Face

Student Killed By 'Backroom' Butt Implant Surgery Had Big Dreams of Shaking Those Fake 'Assets' in Music Videos

Star Jones Hires Security to Keep NeNe Leakes Away: report

That'll Learn Him! Mother Makes Son With Bad Grades Work Street Corner

Mary Harvey: Ex-Husband Steve Harvey is a Low Down Dirty Dog!

Hooker: NBA Baller Lance Stephenson Owes $1000 For Threesome

Guy Sues Hooker For Refund Plus $1.8 Million!

RHoA's Peter Thomas Can't Stand the Other Housewives -- And He Isn't Afraid to Admit It

Wait, So Rihanna is a Lesbian After All?

A Face Not Even a Mother Could Love

Camille Grammer: Ex-Husband Kelsey Grammer is a Cross-Dresser

And So it Begins: Etta James' Family Fight Over Her Money as She Lies on Death Bed

Dem a Bleach! Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel Compares Skin Bleaching to Tanning

Abortionist Stabs 7 Newborn Babies to Death

Woman Snatched From Hospital 23 Years Ago Reunites With Family

WATCH: 41-year-old Man with 23 Kids, Parenting FAIL, Soccer Fans WIN

2010 Year in Review: There Were Scandals and Then There Was Mel Gibson

Aretha Franklin Has Pancreatic Cancer, Faces Grim Prognosis: Report

Bishop Eddie Long Slapped With $78 Million Lawsuit

Superhead Slaps Darius McCrary With a Restraining Order -- Again! For Beating Her -- Again!

NeNe Leakes is About to Become a Grandmother and She's None Too Happy

Do NOT (We Repeat, DO NOT) Watch This Video (You've Been Warned)

Wendy's Worker Attacks Customer Because She Felt Disrespected

Man Throws Baby into Pot of Boiling Water

WATCH: Couple Caught Having Sex on Subway + Scary Monsters and Killer Camels

Bus Driver Loses Job After Running Over Snowman

Moo! Shoplifters Hid Stolen Goods Under Their Belly Fat

Lady Talk Show Host Gives Turkey Caller a Professional

Northern Exposure

Man Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison For Killing 4,000 People

Fantasia Barrino Admits to Aborting Antwaun Cook's Baby, Knowingly Dating a Married Man

Two Things You May Not Know About John Travolta: 1: He's a Bottom; 2: He Dates Black Men. (Bonus: He's a Sucker For a Big Penis)

Bachelorette Party Prank Leaves Bride-to-Be Paralyzed

Woman: Hello, 911? There's a Plane Falling From the Sky!; Cops: You're a Liar and You're Under Arrest

TI Says He Shouldn't Be Sent Back to Prison For Something So 'Petty'

Superhead on Domestic Abuse: 'I Go Back Knowing That, One Day, He’ll Kill Me But He’s All I Have'

Naomi Campbell to Marry Russian Billionaire at Ancient Egyptian Temple Next Month: Report

Mob Attacks Man For Stealing Genitals

WATCH: Bigoted, Racist Woman Attacks Mail Carrier

Male Walmart Employee Offers to Pay Male Customer For Sex

Drunk Woman Tries Her Darndest to Explain Why She Crashed into a Packed School Bus + Other Drunks

Receipt: Thank You For Choosing Burger King! Now, F*ck You!

Heaven is For Real, Says 11-year-old Who Has Been There

Couple Asks Internet Users to Vote on Whether They Should Have an Abortion or Not

Lady Goes to Hospital For a Gyno Exam, Both Feet Are Amputated

This Photo Was NOT Altered

Curtis Got Slapped! Teacher Slaps Fourth-Grader, His Mother Sends 40 Pages of CRAZY Demands to President Obama, Others

WATCH: Colleen Thomas Has Information You Need to Know About

You Shouldn't Keep Your Feelings Bottled Up Inside, So It's Time to Air a Bitch Out

Office Manager Bends Female Employee Over His Knees and Spanks Her (While Others Fondle His Balls)

Mouse Found Inside Man's Ass! (Wait, What?!?)

WATCH: How to Beat Your Wife

Mob Attacks Man For Stealing Genitals

Man Forced to Eat Own Beard

Man Undergoes Sex-Change Surgery Then Decides to Reverse the Entire Procedure

We Get it Phaedra, You're a Lawyer, an Equestrian and a Clown

WATCH: Baby Catches the Holy Spirit

Raz-B: 'Chris Stokes is a Monster and I Feel Sorry For Marques Houston' + Why He Won't Take Them to Court For Raping Him or See a Shrink

WATCH: Everyone's a Hooker (NSFW)

Kanye's Hangin' Out with His Dick Out (NSFW)

Bishop Eddie Long Loves Sperm

Bishop Eddie Long Admits to Hugging Accusers, Giving Them Gifts, But Denies Long Strokin' 'Em

George W. Bush Blames Kanye West For the Worst Moment of His Presidency of All Time. Of All Time.

WATCH: Bird Whips Its 'Hair' Back and Forth

Drunk, Stank Lady Demands a Professional at Knifepoint

Man Rapes Man For Eight Hours

WATCH: The Best Dance Video of All Time! Of All Time!

Chinese Government Forced 8-months Pregnant Woman to Have an Abortion After Government Officials Dropkicked Her in the Stomach

Dad, Is That You?

WATCH: Surgeons Remove Dildo From Patient's Ass (Definitely NSFW!)

You Guys, Please Leave This Kid Alone. (Ditto For Justin Bieber)

Dear, Police Officers. What the F*ck is Going on in this Video?!? Signed, Concerned Citizen

Your Girlfriend Tries to Stab You to Death. Do You (a) Seek Medical Treatment; (b) Get a Restraining Order, or (c) Go on the Run Together?

Court Rules It's OK For Men to Beat Their Wives

Rapper Joe Budden is a Deadbeat Dad, Owes $13K in Child Support. Now There's a Warrant Out For His Arrest

Dwayne Wade: I'm a Victim of Domestic Violence, Siohvaughn Attacked Me!

TI Begs, Pleads But is Sent Back to Prison For 11 Months For Violating Parole

Bobby Brown is Planning Intervention to Help Ex-Wife Whitney Houston Finally Beat Drug Addiction: Report

Toni Braxton Files For Bankruptcy -- Again!

Girl Has Sex with a Dozen Duke University Athletes, Writes Very Detailed Thesis About It -- Including Photos and Diagrams!

Pope: French First Lady Carla Bruni Not Welcome at Vatican

IRS to Auction Off Young Buck's Belongings on Oct. 28

One in 22 African-Americans Will Get HIV

That is So Fetch! The Plastics of Morehouse Have Balls

Pastor Arrested For Coercing Young Boys into Having Sex (No, It Isn't Bishop Eddie Long)

The Tea Is... (NSFW)

Grandmother Calls 911 Because She's Tired of Babysitting Her Grandkids

The Worst People in The World

Please, Someone (Preferably a Shrink) Help This Woman Before It's Too Late

Gay Saudi Prince Beats Lover/Servant to Death

Woman Sets Husband on Fire to 'Purify' His Wayward Penis

Gary Goleman's Ex-Wife: 'Everyone Owes Me an Apology'

Morgan Freeman's Ex-Wife Hits Him Where it the Wallet!

Second Woman Sues Baseball Star For Exposing Her to HIV

Victim of Bishop Eddie Long Speaks Out: 'I Can't Get the Smell of That Man Off My Body'

Did George Lopez' Wife File for Divorce Because He Cheated on Her with Prostitutes? More Than Likely

Apparently, Whenever NFLer Shaun Smith Sees Another Man's Penis, He's Gotta Grab It

WATCH: Actress Deitra Hicks is Crazy as Hell on Divorce Court

R&B Singer Mario Arrested, Charged with Assaulting His Mother. Wait, What?

Bishop Eddie Long Might as Well Come on Out of the Closet Today! Not Sunday! They're New Accusations He Drugged Then Had Sex With a 17-year-old Boy

Ghostface Killah Reminisces About Ol’ Dirty Bastard's Penis

Man Drops Dead After Seeing Prostitute is a Tranny

Man Claims He Grew a Vagina, Gave Birth to Baby

Elin Nordegren: I Was Lied to, Betrayed, My Whole World Fell Apart, But I Survived

Kimora Lee Simmons Got Herself Fired From Baby Phat For Being, Well, Fat

NBA Player Brandon Jennings Goes Gaga for Gaga

This Little Asian Boy Betta Werk!!!

Is Calvin Klein Boning a 20-year-old Male Porn Star?

TI, Tiny Arrested on Drug Charges

John Travolta is Gay and Cheating on His Wife with A LOT of Men: Report

Jerry Lewis Wants to Slap the Shit Out of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton

Judge Sends Woman to Jail Because Her House is Messy

This Politician is Mad as Hell and He's Not Gonna Take it Anymore (we think)

Did Shaquille O'Neal Learn Hacking at Basketball School, Too?

Did a Snake Turn into a Human Being?

WATCH: Caregiver Abuses 91-year-old Patient

Hold on a Sec! What's Going on This Video? (Maybe NSFW)

WATCH: Baby Crawls into Traffic

WATCH: Man Restrains Bank Robber ... By Sitting on Him

WATCH: Hatin' on Toys R Us

Juice Boxes are Making You Gay

Wife: Fantasia Barrino Made Sex Tapes With My Husband, Cursed Me Out Over the Phone

Fantasia Hospitalized After Drug Overdose

Woman Sues Disney, Claims Donald Duck Sexually Assaulted Her

Oh, Chute! Flight Attendant Tells Passengers to Suck it, Then Quits Like a True Diva Would

What Are Queen Latifah and Longtime Girlfriend, Jeannete, Trying to Tell Us in These Photos?

Inmates Sue Jail Because It Doesn't Live Up to Their High Standards

Man to Pregnant Girlfriend: 'Let Me Kick Your Stomach or I Will Kick You in Your Face'

Drunk, Pregnant Crackhead Commits Armed Robbery

Model Puts the 'Banana' in Banana Republic

Man Mutilates His Grandmother, Eats Her Alive

Man Kills 17-Month-Old Boy for Acting Like a Girl

Jermaine Dupri Threatened to Have Blogger Killed

What?! The Kennedy Brothers, Sammy Davis Jr and Sinatra Were Slaying Marilyn Monroe at Sex Parties?

Queen Latifah on Coming Out of the Closet: 'I Don't Have to Confirm Anything'

Tiki Barber's Divorce is Getting Messy

Lauryn Hill Explains Why She Stopped Making Records (and what a new album might sound like)

WWE Flashback: Are Baby and Lil Wayne Gay? 'Of Course,' Says Gillie Da Kid

'Poo Poo' Pastor Pushes Propaganda

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson: 'Acting is Kind of Gay'

Paging Officer Carl Winslow!

Woman Dies While Pleasuring Herself


Priest Stole $1.3M From Church For Male Escorts

Is Mel Gibson Fuckin' Insane?

Warrant Issued For NBA Baller Eddy Curry's Arrest

Report: NeNe and Gregg Have Split

More Details Emerge About Tiger Woods' Whopping $750 Million Divorce

Woman Accuses Former VP Al Gore of Sexual Assault

Lesbians, Meet Your Queen

WATCH: Playing in Traffic is Hazardous to Your Health!

Wyclef Jean Announces Candidacy for President of Haiti

A Donkey Gonna Do What a Donkey Gonna Do

'They Rapin’ E’erybody Out Here'

Is This Crazy Person Michael Jackson's Illegitimate Daughter?

Lisa Wu Hartwell Leaves RHoA

Finger in Butt Leads to Beat Down

Report: Swizz Beatz is a Deadbeat Dad

Mother Kills Children Because They're Autistic and Not 'Normal'

Did Ne-Yo Have Sexe with an Underage Prostitute?

Lawrence Taylor's Wife on Rape Charges: 'This is the Most Silly, Ridiculous Thing in the World. How in the Heck Do You Rape a Prostitute'

The Next Samba King

Religious Nutcase Chokes Her Baby to Death With a Bible

Say Bye-Bye to Lil Boosie

41% of Americans Believe Jesus Will Return by 2050

Rude Awakening

Tiki Barber's Divorce is Getting Messy

What the Bloodclaat?!?

The Student 'Cousin It' Showed Pornography To Speaks

WATCH: Cop Punches Girl in the Face

Tiger Woods Probably Has Not One, But Two Other Kids

Joe Jackson Blames Wife Katherine For Michael's Death

Woman With No Health Insurance Shoots Herself So She Could Get Medical Care...WHAT!?!

Say What Now?

500 Pounds of Cargo Returns Safely to Miami

Woman Fired For Being 'Hot' is a Plastic Surgery Fiend

Come Get Your Cousin!

Woman Calls 911 Looking For a Husband

Man Overpacks For Jail Stay

WATCH: Car Goes Flying at Dallas Airport

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Files For Divorce

Woman Gets Struck By Car, Sues Google

You're Gay, You're a Homo, You Like Guys!

Elderly Woman Beats Down Man Who Refused to Give Her His Seat on a Bus

Lesbians Attack Man Who Made a Pass at Them

Lawyer? Medicine? Medicine? Lawyer?

Man Holds His Mother Hostage at Gunpoint Because She Refused to Be His Maid

Man Beats Down Store Clerk Who Sold Him Small Condoms

Son and Mother Die, Get Eaten By Cats

Man with Third Eye Terrorizes Preschoolers

Minister Farrakhan: 'Jews Are Anti-Black'

Man Disciplines Wife For Throwing Away His Happy Pills

Not This Bitch Again

Woman Eats 60 Times a Day, Yet Only Weighs 56 Pounds

Cops Taze 86-year-old Bedridden Woman

Woman Flashes Breasts to Noisy 5-Year-Old Boy

After A Year, Michael Jackson is Still Dead*...But Not Forgotten

Lesbian Bashes Ex-Girlfriend in the Head With Beer Bottle After She Waved at Man Dressed as Snickers Bar

Man Stabs Roommate to Death, Drinks Victim's Blood

Young Buck Doesn't Pay Taxes, Home Gets Raided by Armed IRS Agents

Basil Marceaux: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

WATCH: The Peckham Terminator

WATCH: Super-sized Mac Attack

WATCH: The Cruelest Prank Ever

Disabled Man Eaten to Death by Maggots

Male Actor Admits: 'Of Course' I've Had Sex With Men

WATCH: President Obama Smokes a Cigarette, Destroys the World

Oh, What a Strong Middle Finger You Have

Is This the World's Oldest Dildo?

Grown-Ups Say the Darndest Things

The Most Enterprising Homeless Man Ever!

Queen Rapes Dog at English Castle

Arab Man Charged With Rape After Pretending to Be Jewish

Man Goes Cruising For Sex, Returns in a Body Bag

Cheating Couple Falls Out Window While Having Sex

WATCH: Man Argues with Goat

Woman Stabs Good Samaritan in Eye with Stiletto

Black Parents Give Birth to White Baby

FIGHT! Man Head-Butts Street Preacher

'Because I Back-Traced It'

The Dream Tried to Kill Himself

FIGHT! Pregnant Ladies Duke it Out in a Burger King Parking Lot

A Donkey Gonna Do What a Donkey Gonna Do

Former 'Tool Academy' Contestant Charged with Statutory Rape

Have You Ever Seen the Biggest Penis in the World?

WATCH: Bus Driver Finds Baby Sitting in the Middle of the Street...After Midnight!

Matt Lauer's Alleged Jumpoff Used to Be a Man

Queen Latifah, Girlfriend Buy Home Together

Report: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Was a High-Class Prostitute

Greg Leakes is Divorcing NeNe (Or So He Says)

Uh-Oh, It Looks Like Another Sports Star is Having an Affair and the Ish is About to Hit the Fan

WATCH: The Jesse James Nightline Interview In 20 Seconds

Siohvaughn Wade is Losing It

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, NO!

Tiger Woods' Soon-To-Be-Ex-Wife Wants $750M!!!

Falling Over Uneven Ground

Mom, Is That You on the Teevee?

Look at What You Can Pick Up at This Grocery Store

New Audio Tapes Show Michael Jackson Begging For 'Sunscreen' -- Any By 'Sunscreen' He Meant Money

The Most Awesomest Video of Car Crashes and Otherwise Bad Driving Ever!

Man Beats Down Transsexual Girlfriend Over 'Pride'

Tiger Woods' Bulging 'Di*k' Obstructs His Golf Game

WWE Flashback: Wendy Reveals Charlamagne's Secret

Lord Jesus Christ Struck by Car

Mans Beats Up Co-Worker Who Teased Him For Having a Small Penis

Another Right-Wing Homophobe Gets Dragged Out of the Closet

Oprah's Mom Debunks Paternity Claims

Woman Stabs Man Because He's a Dud in Bed

Ex: Kim Kardashian is a Lying, Plastic-Surgery-Loving Fame Whore

Woman Shoots, Kills Husband After Rough Sex

After Sex, Tiger Woods Eats Fruit Loops, Watches Cartoons

Apple Keeps 'Losing' The Not-Yet-Released iPhone 4Gs

DC Kids Want Magnums... So, Magnums They Get

Guess What's Killing These Fish? (OK, Don't Guess. It's Herpes!)

Four Cops, Taser Failed to Stop Man From Jumping From Brooklyn Bridge

The Sunshine State's DMV Relocates Woman to The Only Place Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

Man Goes Bat-Shit Crazy, Beats Down Girlfriend Then Tries to Rip Out Her C-Section Stitches!

Woman Dies After Doctors Failed to Notice Toilet Brush Lodged in Her Rectum

Woman Plasters Brooklyn With Details of How Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Did Her Wrong

Don't Tase Me, Ho

Tyler Perry Was Robbed of $28K By a Stunt Queen

Christina Aguilera is Into Girls, But 'Loves Dick, Can't Live Without It'

Man Overpacks For Jail Stay

Golddigger Found Guilty of Marrying Dying Man For His Money

WATCH: Car Goes Flying at Dallas Airport

Man Crashes Funerals Just for the Free Food

Woman Says She Was Fired From Bank Because She's Too Hot

'Poo Poo' Pastor Pushes Propaganda

Fried Chicken Makes This Boy Sing

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson: 'Acting is Kind of Gay'

WTF! Woman Stomps on Her Baby

Taking it to the Head, For Real

Quick! Someone Give This Woman Another Drink!

Head Toward The Light!

Is There a Plot to Eradicate the Black Race?

Orgy at Juvenile Detention Leaves Everyone Scratching ... Their Heads

Halloween Came Really Early This Year

FIGHT! Chairs, Boxes and Sticks, Oh My!

Madonna's Age-Defying Secret Has Been Bottled + NeNe's New Nose

Mark Your Calendars! A Celebrity is Planning to Come Out of the Closet on May 5!

How the Hell Did Richard Pryor's Penis Cause a Buildup of Cocaine Inside of Pam Grier's Vagina?

Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison For Forcing Boy to Touch Her Breasts

Don't Call This Woman Fat. She'll Eat You. Literally.

Grace Jones Doesn't Like Copycats (That Means You Lady Gaga)

Woman Finds Dead Rat in Can of Chef Boyardee

WATCH: Mo'Nique's Brother Admits to Molesting Her

Cruel and Unjust Punishment

This Man is Wired for Pleasure

Charges Dropped Against Man Accused of Killing AJ Jewell

Lady Gaga Asked Boy George to Sign Her Vagina

Study: Premature Ejaculation Problem is Genetic

TI's Surprise Visit to Atlanta-area Middle School Upsets Parents

White Man Robbed Banks Disguised as Black Man

Man Gets Arrested For Wiping His Ass With Parking Ticket

Olympic Champion Facing Suspension For Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

Obviously, This Man Didn't Take Oprah's Pledge

Britain Urged to Ban Spanking Because It Violates The Child’s Human Rights

Woman Dumps 30 Gallons of Dog Sh-t Onto Another Woman's Lawn

Possibly the Most Awesomely Offensive Song About the Pope Ever

Report: Elin Tells Tiger Woods 'I'm Divorcing You' After Learning He Slept With Neighbor's Daughter and 120 Others

Man is Dating, Having Baby With His Grandmother?

Woman Lives With Life-Sized Cardboard Cut-out of Dead Husband

Heeeyyy! Did Chyna Beat Up Her Girlfriend?

Michael Jackson's Gay Lover is on a Media Tour

Gay in Mississippi? You're a Nobody

This Song Could Be a Hit

Man Claims He Has Not Eaten or Drank Anything For 70 years!

Funeral Home Displays Corpse on Motorcycle For Wake

Alexander McQueen Took Pills, Cocaine Before Committing Suicide

Sandra Bullock is Divorcing Jesse James, Adopting a Baby

What's That Smell? This Man's Soiled Pants

Those Nude Photos You Took With Your iPhone Are Probably All Over the Internet

Michael Jackson Impersonator Arrested For Raping 11-year-old Boy

The Dog Said and Did What?

Stephen Baldwin: President Obama is a 'Gangster,' 'Liar'

Rufus Wainwright Knows 50 Cent is Gay

Put Jamie Foxx in a Male Shower With a Slice of Pizza, He'll Prove How 'Not Gay' He Is

Tiger Woods' Dirty Text Messages Released: Golden Showers, Third Input, Choking, Oh My!

WATCH: Footage Released of Priest Having Sex With Altar Boy!

Report: Jesse James is a Racist, Homophobe, With Almost a Dozen Jumpoffs

WATCH: Cat Porn (nsfw)

50 Cent Wants to Have Unprotected Sex With Beyoncè, Lady Gaga, Rihanna

Jamaica is The New Nigeria

Caller: Too Many Black People Calling in to C-SPAN

Man Sues Ex-Son-in-Law For Cheating on, Divorcing His Daughter -- And Oh, Yes, For Giving Her STDs!

Report: Mo'Nique Has Turned into a 'Monster' Since Winning Oscar

Man Stabs Racist Dog

Was Whitney Houston Really Caught Snorting Cocaine in Public?

Jesse James' Jumpoff: The Sex Was So Good, We Thought About Killing Each Other

United States Revokes Several Jamaican Dancehall Reggae Artists' Visas

Atheist Calls For Arrest of Pope Benedict XVI

The Library of Congress is Archiving Your Tweets. Yes, Every Single One!

Iman's Daughter Underwent Weight-Loss Surgery

Nicole Brown Simpson's Letter to OJ Cites Verbal, Physical Abuse: 'You Beat the Holy Hell Out of Me'

This Woman Almost Killed Her Boyfriend With Her Enormous Boobs

Garcelle Beauvais' Husband is Cheating on Her

Bounty Killer Arrested For Beating Down Girlfriend

Disabled Couple Banned From Having Sex

Don't Try That Tiger Woods Ish With a Black Woman, You Will Get Stabbed!

Jesse James' Jumpoff Says He's Packing

Man Fined For Assaulting Cop With His Penis

Smells Like Fish

Tiger and Elin Got Into Another Fight (And, Oh, He's Gonna Hit Balls in April)

WATCH: Golden Shower Girls

LISTEN: Woman Calls 911 From Jail To Say She's Trapped

George W Bush's Clean Getaway

Crackheads Are Outta Control! (Part 7)

Where to Find the Largest Penises in America? New Orleans!

Another of Tiger Woods' Jumpoffs Come Forward

Quick! Someone Tell Him the Rave is Over!

How About Some Voice Lessons?

Rosie O'Donnell Talk Show Returning to TV

What's That Smell?: This Post Is All About Farts

Just When We Thought We'd Seen It All

Malcolm X's Killer to Be Released

This No Snitchin' Code is Out of Control

Was The Light Green? No, Sweetie!

KC and the Sunshine Band Founder Arrested, Admitted He Had Sex With Boys

Ricky Martin is Gay and the Pope is Catholic

Teenager Raped His Grandmother

We Could Be Wrong, But...

Mindy McCready Says Oprah is Racist

This McDonald's Happy Meal is One Year Old

FIGHT! Battle Royale, The Old Way

Wendy Apologizes for 'No Homo' Comment< Man Begged Cops to Arrest Him Because He Has 'Woman Problems'

3-year-old Boy Caught on Tape Smoking Weed

Dwayne Wade Says Soon-to-be-Ex Wife Siohvaughn is Cuckoo Crazy, He Wants Sole Custody of Kids

Tiger Woods Paid $10M For Rachel Uchitel's Silence

Is This 'Niggardly' Sign Racist?

Girl Arrested For Selling 7-year-old Sister For Sex

NeNe's Son is Arrested...Again!

Howard Stern to Jamie Foxx: 'Don't Start It With Me, I've Got a Sh-tload of Stuff on You'

Woman Wanted to Rob a Bank Before She Die, So She Did

Jilted Teen Chopped Off His Penis, Threw It Away

NBA Baller Dorell Wright's Penis Makes Its Way Onto the Internet

FIGHT! Cheeseburger or Death

FIGHT! Women Attack Bus Driver

Report: Tiger Woods Had Unprotected Sex With Neighbor's Daughter

Tiki Barber Dumps Pregnant Wife For Young Blonde Intern

Woman Shoots, Kills Cousin Over 'Inappropriate' Easter Outfit

Bizarre Group Sex Story of the Week

WATCH: US Military Gun Down Unarmed Civilians, Reporters in Baghdad

Food Thief Won't Go to Jail Because He's Too Fat

Doctors Perform C-Section on Woman Who Wasn't Pregnant

Dr Conrad Murray Now Thinks Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Doctor Refuses to Treat Obama Supporters

Whitney Houston Kicks Off European Leg of Tour to Mixed Reviews

Woman Claims Steven Seagal Sexually Assaulted Her and Had Sex Slaves

Third-Grader Handed Out 80 Bags of Heroin to Classmates

And Herein Lies a Lesson on How to Truly Make it Rain On Them Hoes

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Quick! Someone Call DFCS!

Man Delivers Obituary to Newspaper, Then Hangs Self

Escaped Convict Tries to Bite Off Fingerprints While On the Run

Quick! Someone Call DFCS!

Pimp Forced Prostitute to Sleep in Dog Cage

Porn For The Blind

Blacks Told To Leave Yet Another Jersey Store

Dogs Chew Off Baby's Testicles

Woman Sends Adopted Son Back to Russia Alone With a Note Saying She No Longer Wants Him

Study: Mixed-Raced People Are The Most Attractive

Man Deliberately Vomits on Cop's Kid

This is Just Nasty!

NeNe's Son Arrested For Drug Possession -- But Guess What Serious Crime He Was Charged With in 2005!?!

This Woman Lost Her Virginity to a Dog

Attn Seismologists: We Found the Cause of the Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile

New Police Documents Reveal That Domestic Violence Was The Suspected Cause of Tiger Woods' Crash

Howard Stern Will Not Apologize For Saying Gabourey Sibide is 'Enormous As a Planet', He's Just Trying to Save Her Life

Howard Stern: Gabourey Sidibe is 'The Most Enormous, Fat Black Chick I’ve Ever Seen'

Winans Family Members Ran $11 Million Ponzi Scheme

WATCH: Boy Tries to Wrap His Brain Around Gay Marriage

NeNe Hates Entire Fox Network

Man Soaked Wife in Gasoline Then Set Her on Fire ... As Their Kids Watched

Woman Threw Another Woman's Baby Out Apartment Window, Killing Him

Group Gives Drug Addicts $300 To Stop Having Babies

Children As Young as 2 Are Being Raped Every Night in Haiti

Violent Brawl Breaks Out in Bridal Shop

Can You Guess Her Talent?

And the Negrodian Award Goes To...

Friends Fear For Allen Iverson's Life

Women Hospitalized After Fake Butt Implants

Female Cop Fired For Trying to Sleep With the Entire Police Department

D’Angelo Arrested For Soliciting Cop For Sex

Oscar Speech Gets Interrupted...No, Not By Kanye, But By Lady Kanye

Smells Like Fish

This Person Has No Gender

True Love Never Dies, But Kills Many

Jailer Ripped Grill Off Inmate's Teeth

Singer Says She Rather See Kids Die Than Be Adopted by Gays

Man Showed Up Drunk For DUI Hearing

OMG, It's An Effing Hearse!

In Two Years, This Obese Orca Could Become World's Fattest Woman

Wait, Is It Illegal to Beat Your Misbehaving Child With an Extension Cord?

Man Admits to Punching Kids For Fun

Get The Mother-Effing Pervert Off The Mother-Effing Plane!

WATCH: Lady Gaga, Beyoncè 'Telephone' Video

Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Pubic Hair!!!

Crime Does Pay, After All

WATCH: The Crack Dance

Report: Johnny Depp Smells Like (a Four-Letter Word That Begins With 'S')

Naomi Campbell Continues to Discipline The Help

Whitney Houston's Antics Prove The Enquirer Right

Woman Sues 50 Cent Over Sex Tape

WATCH: Women Sue Man Whose Sperm They Bought on Craigslist

WATCH: Woman Throws Baby on Sidewalk

Patti LaBelle: Some American Idol Judges Aren't Qualified

13-year-old Girl Raped at Don King's Estate

RIP Sasha Fierce (2008-2010)

Cop Charged With Sexually Assaulting Transgender Man

RuPaul's Drag Race Gets Spinoff

You Betta Werk, Miss Honey!

Mother Pimped Kids For Drugs

PR Stunt Fail: What's-Her-Face is Supposedly a Lesbian Now

Student Stabs Roommate to Death Because He Wouldn't Stop Snoring

FIGHT! Ka-Pow! Boom! Splat!

Father Says He Stabbed Daughter to Death Because She Begged Him To

Sounds a Tad Bit Pitchy, Dawg

Wyclef's Wife Goes Ballistic When She Finds a Nude Photo of Another Woman on Wyclef's Cell Phone

Man Undergoes Emergency Surgery After 3-Week Erection

Mo'Nique Has No Problem With Her Husband Sleeping Around With Other Women

Inmate Leaves Jail to Buy Cigarettes...Then Returns

Cops Throw Diddy's 'Wife' in Jail

Best New York Times Photo Caption Blunder of All Time. Of All Time!

Man Carved His Name Onto Girlfriend's Chest

Man Arrested for Performing Circumcisions on Adult Men in His Home Without License

Teachers Suspended for 'Mocking' Black History Month

Couple Starved Their Real Baby to Death, While Raising a Virtual Daughter Online

Parents Traded Sex With Daughter For Car Payments

Allen Iverson's Wife Files For Divorce

Gay Prostitution Ring Uncovered at the Vatican

Report: Tyra Takes Cheap To a Whole 'Nother Level

Crackhead Decapitated Disabled Woman So He Could Steal Her Earrings. WHAT?!?

Michael Jackson's Final Autopsy Report Released

Rev. Al Sharpton's Daughter Beatdown by Boyfriend

Charlamagne is What?!?!!!

The Wife of Fantasia Barrino's Boyfriend is Considering Suing Fantasia For Being a Homewrecker

Mz Berry's Ex Puts Her on Blast!

WATCH: Cop Slaps The Ish Out This Woman

Report: Oprah, Gayle To Adopt Baby

Joan Rivers: Victoria Beckham is Classless, Nasty and Should Go Back to London

Woman Says God Told Her to Shoot Neighbors

WATCH: Tiger Woods' Press Conference

The Winter Olympic Games Need This

Woman Suffered 18 Miscarriages

Elton John: Jesus Was Gay

FIGHT! Someone Gets Effed Up

Woman Claims Tiger Woods Got Her Pregnant ... Twice!

The Most Adorable Thing You'll See Today

Ric Flair's Wife Charged With Assaulting Him

We Don't Know What to Say

Woman Found Guilty of Killing Daughters in Freezer

Man Breaks Into Jail to Have Sex With Girlfriend

Crackheads Are Outta Control (Part 6)

WATCH: Epic Beard Man Speaks on Bus Beatdown

Killer Whale Kills Trainer at SeaWorld

Woman Knocked Back a 40, Then Went to Kid's School to Cut a Bitch With Her Sword

WATCH: Tiger Woods' Apology Remixed, Remastered, Repurposed

NYC Sportscaster Raped 14-year-old Prostitute, DA Says

New EMT Audio: Michael Jackson Was DOA

WATCH: Black Man Who Was Effed Up By Epic Beard Man Tells His Side of the Story

Family Guy Voiceover Actor Disses Sarah Palin For Real This Time

Woman Says Love Handles Saved Her Life

WATCH: Man Purposely Shoots Himself (Graphic)

French Teens Give Tobacco Industry a Professional

Woman Sold Kids for Bird, $175

Jeff Lewis Hates HSN

Tiger Woods Was a Douche While in Rehab

WATCH: Child Molesters Reveal Their Secrets To Oprah

Evander Holyfield's Wife Says He Beat Her

Sherri Shepherd's Ex Tells Her: Move On With Your Life, Keep My Name Out Your Mouth

Danielle Staub Says She's Way Hotter Than Other Jersey Housewives, She Wants Nothing To Do With Them

DO NOT Watch This Video if You Have a Weak Stomach ...Or Plan to Eat Again

AT&T Customers File Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Plans

Terrence Howard Owes IRS $1.1 million

Dr Conrad Murray Charged, Pleads Not Guilty to Manslaughter

André Leon Tally Brings a Dose of Fabulosity to America's Next Top Model

If The Condom In Your Wallet Was Made in China, You May Want to Trash It

Wyclef's Yèle Haiti Charity Comes Under Attack, Now There Are IRS Tax Liens Against Him?

John Edwards Flaunts His Big, ahem, Johnson All Over His Sex Tape

Anna Nicole Smith Was Bankrupt But Didn't Know Why -- Probably Because She Was High

Another Man Gets Knocked Up, Expecting Baby Boy

Fox Sports Reporter: Michelle Obama Looks Like Tinky Winky

Woman Told She's Too Stupid To Keep Her Baby

Elton John Helped Donatella Versace Kick Cocaine Habit

Teenager Sells Her Virginity For $32,190

Male Model Got Arrested, Offered To Give Cop Professional To Get Out of Jail

Tiger Woods Goes Crazy When Told He Has To Take Lie Detector Test

Everyone Wants To F*ck A Chicken

Lady Gaga Really Does Have a Vagina

'Danger' Under Investigation For Arson

Former NFLer Michael Irvin Sued For Rape

Turkish Father Buried Daughter Alive Because She Had Male Friends

Granny: Jersey Shore is 'Disgusting', Someone is Gonna Get AIDS

WTF is Dr Conrad Murray Doing at Michael Jackson's Grave?

9-year-old Girl Gives Birth to Baby Boy

OMFG! Jaywalker Run Over By Bus

Raise Your Hand If You Got Arrested For Choking Your Girlfriend Last Weekend

Raise Both Hands If You Were Arrested for Beating Up Your Girlfriend Last Weekend

WATCH: Whitney Houston's World Tour Begins in Seoul

Jesus Luz Dumped Madonna

Did Madonna Catch Jesus Luz Slaying Another Woman?

She's Only 13, But Needs a Face Lift

Danger: Ray J is Gay, He's Been In a Relationship With A Man For 'Years'

Reporter Grabs David Beckham's Balls

Will Michael Jackson's Body Be Exhumed?

Tiger Woods Phoning It In At Sex Rehab

Crackheads Are Outta Control (Part 2)

Police Tapes From Tiger Woods' Crash Investigation Released

Judge Who Presided Over The Battle For Anna Nicole's Body Is Writing A Book About ... Her Death!

'Whites Only' Basketball League is Not Racist, Says Founder

Woman Kills Boyfriend By Sitting On Him

FY-You: She's a Hustler, Not a Prostitute

83-year-old Man Beats Up 99-year-old

Tiger Woods Was Aware News of His Affairs Would Leak, Elin Conducted Sting Operation

Tiger Woods Paid British Jumpoff $500,000 In Hush Money

WATCH: A Happy Penis

Queen Latifah Wants Four Babies

Father Made Kids Beat Their Mom With Baseball Bat

Boy Kills Parents Because He Didn't Want To Take Out Trash

Misa Says Puffy Was Cheating On Her With Other 'Sister-Wives'

Pastor Arrested For Beatdown of Wife

Only in New York, Kids. Only in New York.

A Year Without Sex Could Lead To Divorce in Maryland

Will Smith Wants to Be President -- Of The United States?!

It's A Bird? A Plane? No, Just Rants From Obama Haters

'American Idol' Fight Ends In Someone Being Charged With Attempted Murder!

Tranny Sues NFL Player For Sodomy

Baptist Pastor Threatened To Shoot, Kill Son Because He Doesn't Go to Church. Whaaaat?!

As Far As We Know, Beyoncè Has Nothing to Do With Etta James' Hospitalisation

The Craziest Thing You'll See Today

Man Commits Suicide By Setting Himself on Fire Outside Fur Store

Crackheads Are Outta Control! (Part 4)

President Bush Flubs His Lines in Haiti PSA

Mary J Blige Stirs Up Drama at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party

Amy Winehouse: I'm Bisexual

The Library is Open, Bitches. RuPaul's Drag Race Returns Tonight! Let The Reading Commence

Woman Sues Ex Who Tried to Kill Her

Evacuate The Dance Floor

Man Admits to 3-Way Sex With Disabled Woman AND Her Mother

Mathew Knowles Confessed To Tina About Getting Jumpoff Pregnant

Anderson Cooper, Boyfriend Plan to Adopt Haitian Baby

Racist? Or Just Tasty?

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Big in Britain

Sex Offender Caught With 75 Bottles of Lotion Down His Pants

Crackheads Are Outta Control! (Part 5)

Hiyah! Flight Attendant Puts Unruly Passenger in Chokehold

WATCH: Sweatin' With Nancy Pelosi

WATCH: Horse Falls Out of Trailer, Gallops Down Highway

The Gayest Photo From the Super Bowl

You Can't Have A Room Full of Hoes and Skettels Without a Cocktail. You Can't!

Tiger Woods' Jumpoff Wants To Be Understood, Damnit!

70-Year-Old Man Accused of Stalking 16-Year-Old Girl

Man Bites Off Cop's Nipple

Get Off My Mommy!

Cop Bites Into Sandwich Filled With Maggots

Tiger Woods' Sex Tape Sounds Dirty, Hot

Hey! New Jersey is Now Truly The Garden State

Porn Star Who Claims To Have Infected 500 Men With HIV Is An Attention-Whore, Mentally Ill

Man With Five Appliances in Bathtub, Tries To Commit Suicide

They Got Away, Lady. They Got Away.

GHB Is The Devil

Man Saws Off Legs...And Now He's Dead

Man Dies After Watching 'Avatar'

Crackheads Are Outta Control!

Former MTV Reality Show Contestant Arrested For Breaking His Baby's Arms, Ribs, Leg

Aliens Land In Russia (Be Very Afraid)

Is Wyclef's Charity a Sham? IRS Records Reveal Questionable Practices

Scandale! Jumpoff Says She Saw Tiger Woods Have Sex With Other Men!

Mother of Boy Pleasure P is Alleged to Have Molested Says He Didn't Touch Her Child, He Was Charged With Touching Someone Else's Child

Which One of You Lenox Mall Queens Broke Into Usher's Car?

Michael Jackson's Official Death Certificate; Dr Murray May Not Face Charges

Fire Dept. Removes Man's Penis From Metal Pipe With Metal Grinder

Shaquille O'Neal's Ex-Jumpoff Sues Him For Harassment

Report: Morgan Freeman's Step-Granddaughter Wants To Have His Babies

OMFG! WTF! Choreographer Shane Sparks Was Arrested, Charged with 8 Counts of Child Molestation!!!

Report: Elin Knocked Out Tiger Woods' Teeth, Broke Jaw With Golf Club. (He Needed Emergency Plastic Surgery!)

WWE Flashback: The Donkey Song

Obama Effigy Found Hanging in Georgia

Man Threw Live Bombs at Girlfriend -- But That's Just the Half of It

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes, Spilling 2000 Pounds of Slut onto Interstate

'Hold On a Sec, Let Me Rob This Bank Real Quick'

Teen Boy Hired Classmate to Kill His Mother

Funeral Home Sent Granny's Brain to Family in Bag

Woman Stole $750,000 to Pay For Wedding

What?! Male School Principal Asked Four Male Students to Give Him a Professional!

FIGHT! Grandma Beats Up Grandpa

Dr Keith Ablow Attacked By Alleged Racist, Rapist, Murderer

Walrus Gives Itself a Professional (NSFW)

Woman Arrested in Dubai After Reporting She Was Raped

WWE Flashback: Woody, Bambi. Bambi, Woody.

The Question, Then, Is, Why Was She Laying in The Road At 2 in The Morning?

Man Claims He Doesn't Remember How He Spent $21,000 at Strip Club

WTF! Man Breaks Into Women's Homes, Cuddles With Them As They Sleep

Man Tries To Commit Suicide By Setting Himself on Fire

Houston Company Calls Would-Be Customer a 'F*cking N*gger'. What?!

Barry Bonds' Son Pleads Not Guilty to Fighting Mom

Carnival Cruise Lines Hates Cougars

More Than 100,000 People Feared Dead in Haiti After Earthquake

Even With a Prosthetic Leg, Bish Is Still Dancing at Strip Club

Woman Arrested For Cursing Out Daughter's Principal

Report: David Hasselhoff Was Fired From America's Got Talent

Cops Arrest Man Sneaking Out 14-year-old Girl's Bedroom Window at 4am

11-year-old Boy Driving Car Kills Three

Cops Arrest Man Sneaking Out 14-year-old Girl's Bedroom Window at 4am

Golden Girls' Rue McClanahan Suffers Stroke After Triple Bypass Surgery

Is Michael Jordan Trying to Steal His Friend Tiger Woods' Wife Elin?

Woman Trades Her 2-year-old Baby For Gun

Former NY1 Anchor Dominic Carter Sentenced to Month in Jail For Assaulting Wife

Chicago Pimp Arrested for Branding Women, Extortion

WTF! Sheep Gave Birth to Lamb With Human Face

Floor Collapses at Weight Watchers Meeting During Weigh-in

Congratulations, Atlanta! You're The Gayest City in America!

Woman Leaves Baby in Car While Turning Tricks

Ain't This Some Ish: Man is Killed After Taking Part In A Threesome

BeBe Clothing Store Hates Blacks, Hispanics! So Say Former Employees in Federal Lawsuit

Chinese People Are Racist? Who Knew?

Ashanti's Stalker is Crazy

Former KKK Leader is Now Minister at Black Church. Seriously.

Ron Artest Suffers Concussion, Cuts After Falling Down Flight of Stairs

Was Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe Cheated Out of An Award? The Ballots Say Yes!

Tiger Woods' Jumpoff Rachel Uchitel Finally Speaks To The Media About Affair ... Or Not

Report: Whitney is Probably, Certainly, Allegedly Riding The White Horse Named Cocaine Again

Is Barbara Walters Dating Whoopi's Ex?

Woman Drugs, Poisons Second Child in Four Years!

Jamie Foxx Begged Male Fan to Be His 'Gay Sex Toy'

Man Shoots Prostitute Because She Wouldn't Have Sex With Him

11-Year-Old Girl Sets Her Mom On Fire

Woman Went to Visit Sister's Grave, But Found Her Feet Sticking Out. WTF!

Man Arrested For Spanking Wife

20% of Marriages End in Divorce Because of ... [Drum Roll]...Facebook!

Whatever You Do, Please Don't Leave Your Baby With Crackheads

Charges Dismissed Against Accused Wife Beater BeBe Winans

It Was Only A Matter of Time Before 'Danger' Ended Up In A Psychiatric Hospital

Are Fake Boobs A Prerequisite to Star on The 'Real Housewives Of (insert city)'? Only 2 'Wives' Have Never Been Surgicalized

Madonna Reveals She's Having An Identity Crisis and Other Such Things in Her First Vlog

Ron Artest Has a Few Words For Sloppy Cheetah Tiger Woods

Oh, No He Didn't: Man Pinched Female Police Officer's Ass! While She Was in Uniform!

No, Ma'am!

Officer (Someone, Anyone) Please Tase This Bish!

Was Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods' $15,000-per-month Madam?

Woman Has Fingerprints Surgically Removed So She Can Enter Country Illegally

Cops: Man Stabbed Ex-Boyfriend to Death Because He Wouldn't Take Him Back

Report: 50% of Sexually Active Teen Girls Have an STD

HIV-Positive Man Injects Wife With His Blood

Lil Kev Learned That Wendy's Double Gs Are Fake From Watching Show

Girlfriends Gone Wild: One Beats Disabled Boyfriend in Face With Raw Meat, Another Pours Hot Grits on Her Man as He Slept

Man Arrested After Sexting Ashanti's Mom

Woman Held Pregnant Woman Hostage Then Tried to Cut the Baby From Her Body

Former Three 6 Mafia Member Arrested, Suspected of Robbing Discount Store

Don't Use Illegal Fireworks, You May End Up Like This A-Hole

Mother Assaults Daughter Because She Got a 'B' At School

Madam Says Tiger Woods Paid $60,000 For Threesomes With Hookers -- Her Hookers!

Man Gets TV Remote Stuck Up His Rectum

>Woman Tries to Commit a Caper, But She's Stripped Naked, Beaten and Set Afire!

Busted! Former Rapper Caught on Tape Stealing Cigarettes

President Obama and Billionaire Warren Buffett Are Cousins! (Maybe)

Bank Teller Asked -- Then Drove -- Stranger She Met on the Street to 'Rob' Her Bank

Global Warming Skeptic Suffers Heart Attack During a Live Televised Debate About, um, Global Warming

Man Stabs Son With 42 Needles As Revenge On His Wife

Man Who Threw Wife Off Cliff Because She Wanted an Annulment is Found Guilty of Murder

Man Cuts Off His Balls Because He Doesn't Want to Cheat on Wife Who Isn't Giving Him Sex. What?!

Drunk Man Steals Bus Because He Didn't Have Money to Pay Fare to Get Home< Woman Shoots, Kills Neighbor After Dispute -- Then She Shot Her Own Husband!

Tiger (Not Tiger Woods) Rips Off Man's Arm [Extremely Graphic Video]

Tina Files For Divorce From Mathew Knowles

Man Sues Attorney Who Bit Off His Nose Then Swallowed It

We Can't! But We Must...

Crazy U.S. Soldier Assaulted, Spat on AirTran Gate Agent

Woman Claims She Did Ecstasy With Tiger Woods

Bernie Madoff Got Beatdown in Prison!

Man With 5-inch Knife Stuck in His Chest Calmly Orders Coffee Then Calls 911

Philly Cop Charged With Raping Underage Girl for 8 Years

A Crazy Lady Was Arrested for Threatening to Kill Michelle Obama

Houston Cop Apologizes After Saying 'N*ggers Don't Know How to Act'

FBI Investigated Michael Jackson For Years

What?! HP Computers Are Racist?

Seriously, We Cannnnnnnnnn't!!!

Philly Grandma Found Dead With a TV on Her Head

'Put It In Me Now!'

WTF! Elementary School Students Are Beating Up Their Teachers -- Even The Pregnant Ones!

Quick! Someone Call Bob, Jillian, Dr Ian (and DFCS, Too)

Georgia County to Charge Car Crash Victims For Saving Their Lives

Pastor Shoots, Kills Son on Christmas

India's Governor Resigns After Sex Tape Airing

Man Dies While Visiting Mother's Grave

Texas Counties Post Names, Mugshots of Drunk Drivers on Twitter

It's a Wrap For The 'Tyra Show'

Charlie Sheen Will Cut a Bitch

Nigerian Men Weren't The Only Ones Hauled Off Airplanes Last Weekend

Woman Jumps Barriers, Attacks Pope At Christmas Mass

Man: 'I Just Couldn't Stop Stabbing My Wife'

Inmate Gave Lap Dance to Prison Guard Who Gave Him Nude Photos to Masturbate To. Sounds Like a Win-Win< Woman Found Bank Door Unlocked !!! Guess What She Did.

What's Jay-Z Feeding His Bodyguards?

That'll Learn Him

What?! Pleasure P Was Convicted of Molesting 4-year-old Niece and Nephew!

Tila Tequila vs Rihanna Round 2: Tila Says Rihanna Has Herpes!

Woman Arrested After Elaborate Plot To Kill Her Husband's Jumpoff's Unborn Child

BREAKING: Katt Williams Arrested In Georgia, Second Arrest This Week!

Tiger Woods' Voicemail, Text Messages to Jumpoff Released + Alleged Jumpoff Reveals How Tiger Seduced and 'Wore Her Out'

Tiger Woods' Wife Confronted Jumpoff; He Paid Wife 7 Figures Not To Leave Him

LISTEN: Man Tries to Have Phone Sex With 911 Operator

Report: Angelina Jolie 'Hates' Obama

WATCH: Beyoncè, Lady Gaga Take You Behind the Scenes of 'Video Phone'

Lord Gaga is Way More Gaga Than Lady Gaga

Peruvians Are Killing People For Their Fat! Whaaaat?!

Innocence Never Tasted So Sweet

Wannabe Musclehead Shows Off His Chest Implants

What?! Rihanna's 'Rated R' Album is On Sale for $3.99!

25 Years of Oprah Screaming Celebrities' Names. Oh, The Memories!

Tiger Woods' Alleged Jumpoff: 'I Don't Care About His Wife. We're In Love!'

It's Swine Flew Season, Ask Paula Deen Who Got Hit in The Face By a Ham

Man Gets Life in Prison for Scaring Woman to Death

Martha Stewart Ends Feud With Rachel Ray, Starts One With Sarah Palin

Devin Hester Loses Pants On National TV

Scientist Makes Vodka Pills. Heyyyyyyy!

Rihanna's 'Rated R' First Week Numbers Are In

Too Fat to Fly?

Tiger Woods' Alleged Jumpoff: 'I'm A Businesswoman. I Don't Have Sex With Celebrities'

Book: When Brad and Angelina Break Up in 18 Months, Here's How It Will Happen

Bouncers Beatdown Two Men Outside Jay-Z's Nightclub

Woman Makes Bomb Threat So Boss Won't Miss Flight

Ex-Beauty Queens Dies After Getting Butt Implants

Would-Be Robber Arrives Late to Rob Bank

Teens Film Themselves Knocking People Off Bicycles, Shoving Kids

Serena Williams Fined $82,500 For Threatening to Choke a Lineswoman With a Tennis Ball

Tiger Woods' Wife Swings a Mean Club

Jamie Foxx's Hotel Room Intruder Sentenced

OMG! She's Dead!

WATCH: Queen Impersonates Wendy

Yes, Yes, Yes! The Yes Dance

Web Site Publishes 570,000 Messages Sent Day of 9/11 Attacks

Google Refuses to Remove Racist Michelle Obama Picture

Man Arrested For Masturbating in Public Library

Quick! Someone Give This Guy a Record Deal

Tiger's Jumpoff: We Used Drugs Before Sex

LISTEN: Tiger Woods' New No. 1 Single: 'Take Your Name Off Your Phone'

Granny, I'm Not A Sex Affendah!

Cody, The Dog Working At A Florida Store, Has Been Fired

Driver Mows Down Two People on Sidewalk (Graphic Video)

Woman Gets 125-Year Prison Sentence For Molesting Kids on Videotape

Beyoncè Nominated For 10 Grammy Awards. Pleasure P, Three. Whitney, Mariah Zero

Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Winner Missing Since April

WATCH: NYC Councilman Goes In On Heckler He Calls A 'Sickening Racist'

WATCH: Man Gets Beat Up At His Wedding (By His Current Wife and Her Family)

Eco-Friendly Breast Implants

Wait, Why Isn't He Moving?

Miss Trinidad & Tobago and Miss Japan's Sex Tapes Leaked (NSFW)

Start Your Engines: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 Preview, Meet the Cast

AJ Jewell's Body to Be Exhumed For Second Autopsy

5-year-old Girl Being Prostituted By Her Mom Found Dead

Rihanna 'Rated R' Review: Raunchy, Racy, Risqué

Boy Admits to Molesting Sister, His Father Executes Him

Pageant Winner is Snatched Bald By Jealous Competitor

Former VH1 Reality Show Contestant Makes Date Rape Allegations

Mariah's Ridiculously Outrageous Diva-ish Demands Denied in London

Caster Semenya Can Keep Gold Medal

Ric Flair 'Attacks' Hulk Hogan Leaving Him a Bloody Mess

Sofia Vergara's Snafu on 'The View'

AJ Jewell's Death Ruled a Homicide

Sarah Palin Admits to Being a Quitter Who Loves Porn, Unprotected Sex

Get Into It! 'My Pumps'!

Oprah to End Talk Show in 2011 (Temporarily)

What?! Michael Jackson's Son Has Vitiligo

Cops: Teacher Tried to Take a Hit Out on a Student Because He's Gay

Now This is How You Crash a Wedding

Katt Williams Says He Was Evicted From the Four Seasons; Hotel Asks: Katt Who?

'Fag'-Tweeter, Accused Woman-Beater Larry Johnson is Not in Kansas Anymore

Sammy Sosa Admits He IS Bleaching His Skin!

Please Stand For the National Anthem

Woman Marries Boyfriend Who Died a Year Ago

Wendy's TV Show Renewed

Black Columbia University Professor Punched White Female Colleague in the Face!

Sex and The City 2 Script Leaked

WATCH: Beyoncè (Feat. Lady Gaga ) 'Video Phone' Video

Madonna, Brandy Wanted 'Precious', Sapphire Told Them No and No

'Wipeout' Contestant Dies

It's All About Drunk Train Lady Today

Producers Are Creating an All-Male Version of Atlanta 'Housewives' Series!

Crocker: Chris Brown's Fans Are 'Disgusting'

Woman Tells Court It's Her Human Right to Have Noisy Sex, Court Disagrees

Wait, Michelle Obama Has a White Cousin!

Shaq's Wife Files For Divorce

Big Changes at 'America's Next Top Model', It's Now OK To Watch Again

Miss J is a Father

'America's Next Top Model' Producers Wanted Miss J To Be Gayer

Omarosa Gets Her Own Dating Reality Show, Starring Donald Trump!

Liquid Marijuana Dealer Busted

Charlamagne Fired From Philly Radio Station

Egyptologist Calls Beyoncè 'Stupid' + Listen to 'Videophone' Remix Feat. Gaga, 'Telephone' Feat. Beyoncè

Woman Faked Having Breast Cancer So She Can Get Implants

Shereè Whitfield Has a Sex Tape. So Says Her Ex-Husband Who Threatened to Release It!

Watch: Rihanna's Interview on 20/20; Chris' New Video to Premiere on Wendy's TV Show!

What The Eff is Going on With Sammy Sosa's Skin?

First Photo of Michael Jackson's Tomb

Woman Gets Urine Thrown In Her Face, Mouth

Teddy Riley: Michael Jackson Told Me He Would Be Murdered

Woman Who Chopped Off Father's Penis Then Cooked It Now Taking Cooking Classes in Jail

Google is Watching (and Documenting) Your Every Move

This Woman Has TWO Vaginas!

Sharon Osbourne Disses Susan Boyle, Calling Her An Ugly, 'Hairy Arsehole'

Oprah Takes Alleged Wife Beater BeBe Winans Off Her Show

Watch Wendy, Win R Kelly Tickets. WHAT?!

Will Smith Says He 'Quit' His Marriage

Islamic Lawmakers Call Beyonce's Concert an 'Insolent Sex Party'

No One is Safe When Kathy Griffin Has a Microphone

Joe Jackson Challenges Michael's Will, He Wants His Dead Son to Pay Him Thousands Every Month!

What?! Did Joe Jackson Threaten to Kill a Man?

Taylor Swift Takes Digs at Kanye... In Her Monologue

Psychic 'Contacts' Michael Jackson on Live TV

Womans Steals $21,000 So Boyfriend Will Dump Her

Mariah Carey Talks About Being Abused

AJ Jewell's Parents Speak Out: AJ Was 'Beaten Helplessly', Murdered

11-Year-old Girl Gives Birth -- On Her Wedding Day!

Did Lady Gaga Scare a Photographer to Death?

FY-You! Tyson Beckford Says He's Not Gay, But If He Were...

Don't Steal or This Could Happen to You, Too

Michael Jackson Liked to Pee In Front Of Other People Because It Was Funny

This Is All Sorts of Crazy

Cheaters, The TV Show, Is Caught With Its Pants Down

Kids, Don't Disrespect A Tranny. She Will Cut Mace Your Ass!

HEY! Drunk Driver Calls 911 On Herself!

Leona Lewis, Dad Thrown Out of Store Because of The Color of Their Skin

This Personal Trainer Has a Baseball Bat and He's Not Afraid to Use It

Study: Abortion Can Make You Crazy

A-Rod Gets a Handful (Make That Two) of Derek Jeter's Ass

NeNe and What's-Her-Face's Epic Choke-ation Confrontation

Tracy Morgan on Why He Loves Anal Sex and Wants To Put 'Blanket' - Yup, Michael's Son - In a Movie

Kandi: 'When AJ Decided To Leave, I Didn't Stop Him, I Was Tired of Fighting For The Relationship'

Report: Stedman Has Walked Out on Oprah Because of Her Alcohol, Drug Abuse. She Offers Him $150M to Keep Quiet

15-Year-Old Girl is Beaten, Robbed, Gang-Raped as Dozens Cheer, Film the Crime

WTF! 112-Year-Old Man MARRIES 17-Year-Old Girl

Bad News: Guests Desert Wendy For Wanda Sykes, Mo'Nique. Good News: Wendy Is Returning to Radio (fingers crossed)

Woman Says Dennis Rodman Shoved His Hand Up Her Dress and Touched Her Special Spot

KFC Punks The United Nations! Heads Will Roll!

50 Cent Reveals Why He Became a Drug Dealer at Age 12

Watch! 'Beyoncè/Lady Gaga' 'VideoPhone' Collabo

Chaz Bono Talks About Transitioning From Female to Male

Secretary's Screw Up Could Cost Pepsi $1.26 Billion!

Wal-Mart Wants You Dead, So They Can Have Your Money

Anderson Cooper is Vacationing in India With Gay Bar Owner

Who Wants to Beat Up a Kardashian?

FIGHT! Two Women on a Bus Go At It!

The Musings of 'Precious' Director Lee Daniels

Hey, Andre! Gack is Wack!

Gov. Schwarzenegger to Calif. Lawmakers: 'F*ck You'

Lock Up Your Daughters (And Call The Cops), A Pedophile Comes Clean

NeNe Battles 'Housewives' Producers, She Claims They Edited Her to Be The Villian

Was The 'RHoA' Drama a Hoax?

Magic Johnson Accuses Isiah Thomas of Spreading Gay Rumors

Ow! My Eye!

TLC Held Clive Davis at Gunpoint When He Didn't Pay Up. What?!

OMG! She's a Man-Eater!

Report: Rosie O'Donnell, Wife Separate (Rosie Confirms)

Nas Owes IRS Millions in Unpaid Taxes

Dave Chappelle's Attempt at Setting Joke-Telling Record Goes Down The Drain

What's-Her-Face Wants You to Be Her For Halloween

Randy Jackson Suggests Michael's Signature On Will Was Forged

Manolo Blahnik Hates Celebrities and Doesn't Want Them Wearing His Shoes

Look Right, Then Left, Then Run!

Hampton U's First White Beauty Queen Complains to Obama

FIGHT! Balloon Boy's Neighbor is Pissed

Blood Disorder May Have Contributed to AJ Jewell's Death

Madonna Was About Alienate Her Entire Black Fan Base

Roxanne Shanté is a Liar

LaToya Fears Michael's 'Murderers' Will Kill Her Next

Wendy's TV Show Gets 'BLACK-lash,' Begs Omarosa to Return

New Morehouse College Dress Code Discriminates Against Thugs, Drag Queens

Anna Nicole Smith's Bodyguard Recall Drug Use, Drowning

Akon and Wyclef Drop Trou

Michael Jackson's Burnt Hair Goes on Sale

Mike Tyson Admits Drug Use, Infidelity, Physical Abuse to 'Oprah'

Michael Jackson's New Song, Not So New

Don't Have Sex in the School's Cafeteria! Your Creepy Principal May Be Watching

Report: Mackenzie Phillips Was Turning Tricks, Doing Drugs While Pregnant

Tori Spelling Doesn't Weigh 95lbs. She's Much Heavier

David Hasselhoff's 'Ear Infection' Now an International Problem

Lamar Odom Asked Taraji Henson to Marry Him Days Before Popping the Same Question to Khloe

Beyoncè: Kanye Was 'Standing Up For Art' When He Didn't Let Taylor Swift Finish

Jon Minus Kate Plus Nancy Grace Equals Fireworks!

What?! Anna Nicole Smith Was Plotting to Murder Her Husband's Son

Jim Jones Served Two Hours in Jail for Beating Up Ne-Yo's Friend

Mo'Nique Doesn't Care 'Bout No Stinkin' Oscar (Unless it's Oscar Mayer)

Method Man Arrested For Failure to Pay Taxes

15 Male Inmates Say They Had Sex With Judge In Exchange For Reduced Jail Time

Jermaine Jackson is Doing It For Michael, Not For His Own Bank Account

BREAKING NEWS! Atlanta 'Housewife' Kandi Burruss' Ex-Fiance AJ is DEAD!

Big, Hairy Baby Dancing to 'Single Ladies'

Friends, Experts Say Whitney Was Not Being Truthful to Oprah

Italy's PM Finds The Obamas' Skin Color Hilarious

Mashonda Airs Out Alicia Keys on Twitter

Warren G Is Not Buying Your Excuses. Pay The Man!

WTF! Man Sues Bank of America for 1,784 Billion, Trillion Dollars (No, That's Not a Typo)

WTF! Man Sues Bank of America for 1,784 Billion, Trillion Dollars (No, That's Not a Typo)

Teen at Center of Gay Exorcism Video Says He's Straight (and the Pope is Jewish)

Report: Whitney Tells Oprah 'You're A Liar!'

Jermaine Jackson's SCANDALOUS Book Proposal Exposing ALL of Michael's Secrets Surfaces

President Obama's Got The Smile Down Pat

Queen Latifah Uses Muscles She's Never (or Rarely) Used

Actress MacKenzie Phillips Had a Long-Term Incestuous Relationship With Her Father!

Golden Girls Bea Arthur Hated Betty White

Which is Crazier? Muammar Kadafi or His Style?

Ne-Yo is Torn Over Music He Wrote for Michael, Excited About Writing Jennifer Hudson's Next Album

Pastor Says He Wants President Obama and Gays Dead and They 'Deserve to Die'. -- YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS!!!

WTF! Video Footage Allegedly Shows Michael Jackson Alive, Exiting Coroner's Van

Oh, No! Roxanne Shanté's Story About Having Record Label Pay Her College Tuition or Being a Doctor May Be a Lie!

Queen Latifah in Male Drag Partying With Female Strippers

Kim Mathers: Eminem Has a Small Penis and He Can't Get it Up

Jayson Williams Cried When Judge Ordered Him to Pay Wife $200G

Cougar Vivica Fox Spotted Getting Amorous With Younger Men

Cops Suspended Over Leaked Rihanna Beatdown Photo

Gender Test Proves Caster Semenya is a Hermaphrodite

Report: Whitney Admits She Was a Crackhead

Whitney Tells Oprah About Drug Abuse, How Mom Cissy Saved Her Life

Hey, Girls. How Gay is Stephon Marbury?

WWE Flashback: Theresa Walked in On Her Man Getting a Professional

Michael Jackson's Secret Sister Shunned by Jackson Clan

Wait, Michael Jackson Knew the Cure for Herpes?

Hottie's 'Poker Face' Fail

'Project Runway' Contestant Sends Dress Drenched With Toilet Water Down Runway

HeReè, um, Shereè, Says Lisa's Designs Are Not Comparable to Hers

Mechad Brooks Won't Get Married Until Gay People Can

Ex-'ANTM' Contestant Bre Arrested

Taking a Shower Can Give You Pulmonary Disease

Suck On My Dog's Balls. Whaaat!

I'mma Let You Finish, But...

MLK is Turning in His Grave

Russell Simmons Had a Meltdown at Fashion Show

Bill Maher Throws Grease at a Famewhore

Obama Calls Kanye 'Jackass' - THE VIDEO

Black Woman Beaten Unconscious in Front of Daughter, Racial Bias Suspected

OMG! Look at Mario Lopez' Muscles

Tyra Goes There

'Beyoncè' Responds to Kanye's VMA Stunt

Report: Former President Bush is Livid, Suicidal After Laura Praised Obama

Man Tried to Get in a Car With Ryan Seacrest, Charged with Assault

Keep F*cking that Chicken - The Song

LaToya Hires Psychic To Communicate With Michael

WWE Flashback: Allison and 'The Chief'

OJ Simpson is Suicidal, Admitted to Prison's Psych Ward

Report: Jermaine Seen Getting 'Cozy' With a Woman Not Named Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Confirms! She's Single!

Survey Says! Kim is a Liar! Is She a Famewhore, Too?

Report: Mariah Carey to Adopt After Miscarriage Nightmare

What?! Ciara and 50 Cent are Engaged!?

WWE Flashback: Wendy Encourages Charlamagne to Fight Mike Tyson

Japan's New First Lady Might Be a Little Crazy. She's Been to Venus, After All.

Actress Maia Campbell is Strung Out on Crack. Whaat?!

We Can't Tell Why She's Single. Can You?

Is That a Microphone in Your Pants or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

WTF! Stranger Slaps Crying Child

Paula Abdul Wants Her Own Talk Show! Can Someone PLEASE Make it Happen?!

Whitney Turns 'Good Morning America' Out!

NYC Cop Pleads Guilty to Robbing Same Bank - Twice

Let Us Remind You Again Why We Don't Play Soccer

Mariah Regrets Apologizing for Subpar Performance at Michael's Funeral

Preacher: If Someone Kills Pres Obama, It Won't Be Murder! WTF!!!!!

Think Before Jumping Off

What the Hell is Going on Over There at Fox News?

She is Killing It, She's Shutting it Down

What The Bloody Hell?!

Joe Jackson is Mad and Someone is Gonna Pay

Woman Undergoes Risky Surgery to Turn Brown Eyes Blue. Now She's Almost Blind

Designer Thierry Mugler Sued Over Unpaid Bill for Beyoncè's Costumes

Dwight Eubanks Gets Eaten By a Tuna

Chris Crocker Defends Kim. He-Ree, er, Sheree, Not So Much

Wife Humiliates Cheating Sonuvabitch

Muslims Barred From Attending Black Eyed Peas Concert

Kandi and AJ Call Off Engagement

WWE Flashback: Crazy Toni and Her Superpowers

What! Wendy Doesn't Allow Drag Queens in Her Show's Audience? One Who Showed Up, Says No!

Man Pretends to Be His Identical Twin Brother Then Rapes His Girlfriend

Chris Brown Sentenced to 5 Years Probation, Hard Labor for Rihanna Beatdown

WTF! Pastor Says He Prays For President Obama to 'Die and Go to Hell'

Usher's Divorce From What's Her Face Finalized

Plaxico Burress Explains How He Shot Himself

Female Runner Must Prove She's Not a Dude

Whaaat! Sarah Palin is Dating Flavor Flav?

Beyoncè Stans Had Brooke Hogan Scared, Forced Her to Cancel Concert

Kim: 'I Don't Date Black Men'

Actor Who Sold Illegal Social Security Numbers Is Going to Prison

Source: LaToya Jackson Demanded Too Much Money to Appear on 'Dancing With the Stars', ABC Told Her to Beat It!

Michael Jackson in Drag! [photo]

You Shouldn't Laugh at Others' Misfortunes, But...

Oh, No, Dick Tracy

Muslim Woman to be Publicly Beaten for Drinking Beer

Would You Like Your Heart Attack With a Diet Coke?

Wendy on 106 & Park

Texting While Driving is Stupid

Kim Zolciak Releases First Single!

Rodney King Will Fight a Cop. Really.

OMFG! Woman is Pregnant with 12 Babies!

Hidden Camera Catches TV Star Snorting Cocaine!

17-year-old Girl Confessed to Murdering 30 Men!

NeNe and Kim are STILL Fighting! NeNe Tells Kim: 'I Am the Police When You Put Your Hands on Me!'

NeNe Was a Stripper

'SYTYCD' Choreographer Arrested for Rape - Again!

WTF! Dr Conrad Murray Releases Thank-You Video!!!

Whaaat! Michael Jackson Had a Secret Gay Lover?

Arrest Warrant Issued for Bobby Brown [Breaking]

Rebbie Jackson and Nanny Came to Blows on Jackson Compound!!!

OMFG! Jamie Foxx is Naked!

Perv's Defense to Masturbating on Train: 'My Private Parts Fell Out'

Has Anyone Checked in on Brooke Hogan Today? Is She Alive?

In The Pipeline: 'Gay Housewives of NYC'

Kanye Thrust into Lady Gaga's Gay World

NeNe Choked Kim Out of Self-Defense, Kim Says She Hit NeNe First

Doctor: Gay Sex, Masturbation Cause Swine Flu

NY Times: JC Penney is for Fat People

Protester Says Illegal Immigrants Should Be Shot and Killed

Did NeNe Make Kandi Quit 'RHoA'?

Darius: Superhead's a Liar, Child Abuser

Tracy Morgan Files For Divorce

Michael Jackson Was Given Depo Shots to Curb Sexual Urges for Young Boys

'RHoA' Lisa's Home Foreclosed, Sold

Rapper C-Murder is Found Guilty of Murder for the SECOND TIME THIS YEAR!

After 23 Years, Wendy Has Left Radio (for now)

FIGHT! NeNe and Kim Go AT IT!

FIGHT! NeNe and Kandi Are Going At It!

Sheree's Party Planner Justifies Bad Behavior, Says He's Not Gay

Man Blames Cat for Downloading Child Porn

Michael Jackson to be Buried in an Unmarked Grave?

Gay News Anchor Charles Perez Fired For Being, Well, a Gay News Anchor

Queen Latifah Spotted at Lesbian Club

Orly Taintz Has So Much Time, But Says So Little. OK! OK! OK!

African Militia is Gang-Raping Other Men

Stripper Found Not Guilty of Raping Man With Dildo

Report: Therapy to Turn Gay People Straight Doesn't Work

Tales From the Grave: Friend Releases Private Michael Jackson Phone Conversation

Method Man Might Shoot You if You Ask For His Autograph

Obama Receives 30 Death Threats Every Day

Kim Claims NeNe Tried to Strangle Her

Court: Sisqo Must Pay Child Support for Son He Had With 14-Year-Old Girl

MC Hammer's Cousin Arrested For Allegedly Raping Woman He Met on Twitter

Eminem Destroys Mariah on Diss Track

American Apparel CEO Plans to Fire Unattractive Employees?

OMFG! 'SYTYCD' Contestant Ade Obayomi is Naked! (NSFW)

Man is Caught Having Sex With Horse... Again!

Michael Jackson’s Fake Nose Is Missing

Did Nas Get Another Woman Pregnant?

Trainer Says Madonna Looks 'Unnatural', 'Outrageous', 'Unhealthy'

Wendy, The Voice Over Actress

Bank Manager is Back and Bumped up

Jeanine Wants to Tell Her Boyfriend She Has Three STDs!

Rosci Says She Was Anorexic and Addicted to Diet Pills, Exercise

Reports Claim Kim and Reggie Were Cheating (She with Kanye, He with Model)

Are Lil Wayne and Wendy Feuding?

Baby Born With Two Heads

Dionne Warwick Puts Radio One's Founder Cathy Hughes On Blast!

NeNe: 'I'm Not Friends With Any of Those Girls on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta''

N.O.R.E. Confirms There Are Gay Rappers, He's Worked With Several

Jeanine Wants to Tell Her Boyfriend She Has Three STDs!

Tameka Foster Speaks on Surgery, Divorce, Paternity Test Rumors

Wendy Tells Tyrone His Girlfriend is Sleeping With the Boss

Church of Scientology Threatening to Out John Travolta If He Leaves Religion?

Chris Brown and Rihanna in Secret Hotel Tryst

American Apparel CEO Plans to Fire Unattractive Employees?

Marilyn Manson Threatens to Murder the Press

Michael Jackson’s Fake Nose Is Missing

Girl Who Flipped Off Simon Cowell is Dead

Stephon Marbury Sheds 'Happy Tears'

Bethenny Frankel's Engagement a PR Stunt?

Jada Pinkett Smith Really Wants You to Know She Has Sex With Will

Subscriber Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Vibe Magazine, He Wants a Refund

Wendy Resigns From Radio Show Effective July 31!!!

Wendy's Resignation Speech

Gov. Schwarzenegger Will Cut You

Jay-Z 'Categorically' Denies Banning Chris Brown from BET Awards

Michael Jackson's Alleged Lovechild Sat in Front Row at Memorial - With the Family

Transsexual Robbery Suspect Tells Cops She Will Turn Herself In After Breast Implants Heal

Naked Cowboy Runs for Mayor of NYC

Another Political Sex Scandal is About to Hit the Fan

Fired 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Develops Her Own Reality Show

Chris Brown Apologizes for Beating Rihanna

Linda is Pregnant By Her Sister's Husband

Keke Palmer Ain't Scared of 'The Wendy'

N.O.R.E.: Perez Hilton is a "Faggot"

Michael Jackson Funeral [giant recap with videos & photos]

Wendy Kicks Pleasure P Out of the Studio

OMFG! Michael Jackson's Head is on Fire!

Worst Lip Augmentation. Ever!

Dave Chappelle Surfaces in Oregon to Tell Jokes. Well, He Tried To

LL Cool J Quarantined

Rihanna Lands Vogue Magazine Editorial

Last Known Magazine Cover Michael Jackson Posed For

OMFG! He's Naked (NSFW)

Two Men Tried to Rob Ne-Yo (sorta)

Vivienne Westwood's Fashion Tips: Wear Curtains. Not Real Clothes.

Debbie Rowe Has Sold Her Kids to the Jackson Family

Aw F*ck! Study Shows Cursing Reduces Pain

72-year-old Woman Desperately Tries to Get Pregnant

Nas is Not as Wealthy as Kelis Thinks He is

LaToya Jackson Says Michael Was Murdered for His Money

Twins Spend $97K on Plastic Surgery to Look The Same

Wendy Wants to Sell Wigs, Shoes

DC Councilman Marion Barry Throws Jumpoff Out of a Hotel Room Because She Wouldn't Give Him Oral Sex

Morgan Freeman Plans to Marry His Step-Granddaughter

Don't Talk Smack About Beyoncè to Sis Solange, Don't Do It

Ben Affleck Says Jennifer Lopez Ruined His Career

Gay Community Up in Arms With Wendy After Advice to Caller About HIV

Terrell Carter Outed by Ex-Boyfriend Who Also Claims He's HIV+

Holly Robinson Peete is Not Even Joking When it Comes to Steve McNair

Sherri Shepherd Survived a Lesbian Sex Attack, Almost Committed Armed Roberry

OMG! Did San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis Just Come Out of the Closet?

College Hill's Dorion Standberry EXXXposed (NSFW)

Is Britney About to Lose it, Again?

Hugh Hefner Gets Sued. By a Crazy Person! For $3 Billion!

Cute Alert! Watch These Babies Pop it, Lock It, Drop It

Woman Assaults Man Because He Didn't Like Her Cooking

Hindu Guru Claims Yoga Can Cure Homosexuality

Batman and Superman Fight NYC Cops in Times Square. Really.

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty, Won't Do Jail Time

Chris Brown & Rihanna Want to Get Rid of No-Contact Clause

The Real Story Behind Danielle Staub's Messy Criminal Past

Did Matthew and Tina Knowles Split?

Alfonso Ribeiro Says First Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, Was a Crazy

Weight-Loss Surgery Reduces Cancer Risk in Women, Not Men

Flavor Flav Turned Away At Jackson Home

Tameka Was 'Surprised' When Usher Filed For Divorce, She Still Loves Him

Mystery Virus Sickens T.I., Other Prisoners

Janet and Jermaine Have Broken Up?

Usher Wants Paternity Test Performed on 6-Month-Old Son

Michael Jackson's Autopsy Report

Michael Jackson's Doctor Has 6 Kids With 5 Baby's Mothers

Michael Jackson Fans Commit Suicide

Details of Michael Jackson's Will

RHoNJ Danielle Staub Considers Run for Congress

First HIV Vaccine Ready for Human Testing

Duke University Official Arrested for Raping, Pimping Black 5-Year-Old Son Online for Sex

Jeffrey is Straight, But Received a Professional From Another Man

Michael Jackson Tried to Buy Octomon's Kids

R Kelly Tries to Pick Up Girls in London For Sex

Sheree Whitfield at Center of Sexual Assault Claim

Morgan Freeman Is Having Affair With Step-Granddaughter

Former 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Star Claims Will Smith Sabotaged Her Career

David Carradine Murdered by Trannies?

Ginuwine Admits to Suicidal Thoughts, Drug Addiction

OJ's Ex Writes Tell-All Book About Abortions, Cocaine Use, Physical Abuse

Bus Driver Paid Students $20 To Stick Cucumbers in His Butt

Kelis is Broke, She Wants Nas to Pay Support and Buy Expensive Baby Strollers

Kelis Claims to Be Broke, But Makes $21,616 a Month

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Love to Have Sex in Other People's Homes

Usher Files for Divorce

Tameka Hired Private Investigator to Trail Usher

Lenny Kravitz Hasn't Had Sex in 4 Years

Ex Threatens to Release RHoNJ Danielle Staub Sex Tapes

Queen Latifah Says She Was Sexually Abused, Still Denies Being a Lesbian

Mel B Reveals the Truth Behind Rock Hard Body

Rihanna Sued by Neighbor

Charlamagne Interviews Cassie, Red Cafe

NY Governor David Paterson Talks Politics, Pop Culture

Remy Ma Sends Letter From Prison

Lindsay Lohan Wanted for Stealing $400K Worth of Jewels

NYC Clerk Mistakenly Marries Same-Sex Couple

Tony Rock Calls LisaRaye a Bitch, Blames Her for Show's Cancellation

Mike Tyson's New Wife is An Ex-Con

Cocktail Confirms Break Up with Ray J

Cubana Lust Sex Tape

Bret Michaels Could Die During Sex

HIV Outbreak Sweeps Through Porn Industry

Karl Lagerfeld Disses Seal and Heidi Klum

What Da Eff is Michelle Obama Wearing?

John Travolta Defies Scientology, Acknowledges Son Was Autistic

Chastity Bono Announces Sex Change

Prince Needs Hips Replaced, But His Religion Forbids It

Amber Rose Signed With Ford Models, Still Dating Kanye

Madonna's Trainer May Need to Ask for a Loan (or to borrow her accountant)

Starbucks Ripped Off One Million People

Murderer Phil Spector Without His Wig

Rosci Canoodling With LisaRaye's Ex-Husband

Wendy: Trina is Sweet as Pie, But She's a Ho

Rihanna Threatens to Burn Down Chris Brown's House!

Bethenny Frankel Loves Big Penises But Was the Worst Golddigger

Kelis is Fed Up With DL Gay Men

Doing This Will Break Your Penis! Seriously.

Cassie Talks Nude Photo Scandal

Wendy Sells 'Product' to Ireland, Loses a Tampon in the Process

Bret Michaels' Rock of Concussion

Juelz Santana Enjoys Getting His Salad Tossed Lovely

WTF! Rihanna Was Raped By a Rain Man?

NYC Turns Upscale Condo Building into Homeless Shelter

David Beckham Loves Bottoms

'Danger' Does a Sexy Photo Shoot

'Wendy Williams Show' to Air on BET

Brooke Hogan Admits to Fake Boobs, Being 'Strictly Dickly', Feud With Alleged Drug Addict Mom

Joan Rivers May Return to E!, Calls Carrie Prejean a 'Stupid B*tch'

Michael Jackson is on Hunger Strike

Wendy: Kendra Wilkinson, Fiance are the Dumbest People on TV! Ever!

FY-You. Wendy Doesn't Want to Talk About 'Spectacular'

Newspaper Publishes Obama Death Threat as Personal Ad

Anna Wintour Refuses to Put Rihanna on Cover of Vogue Because of Nude Photos

LeAnn Rimes is Stalking Eddie Cibrian

Cassidy Confirms He Slept With Kanye's Girl, Amber Rose

'RHoNJ' Danielle Staub Doesn't Explain 'The Book'

Kobe Bryant's Alleged Rape Victim Freestyles About Incident

How Can I Test If My Son is Gay?

Who's That Man With Beyoncè?

Eliot Spitzer Paid Hookers With Money Orders

Suri Cruise BANNED From Playing With Non-Scientologist Kids

Billy Bob's Daughter is a Baby Killer

Pink: Kanye is an Idiot!

911 Call From Mike Tyson's Daughter's Tragic Accident

Kara DioGuardi Outs Adam Lambert

Ex-'Charm School' Contestant 'So Hood' is 'So Effing Delusional'

Look at These Future Strippers Werk

Candy Spelling Blames Daughter Tori for Husband's Death

'Opposite Marriage' Nutjob DRAGGED From Air Force One Kicking & Screaming

All My Single Trannies, Put Your Hands Up!

Drunk Woman Calls Wendy (effing hilarious!)

Britney Ruins Designer Clothes With Period Stains (yuck!)

Is MTV Outing Diddy?

Wendy Goes to Bloomies and Shops Till She Drops

Alien Found Alive in Pakistan!

Tom Cruise Doesn't Have Sex with Katie

Wanna Contact T.I. While He's in Prison?

Nivea is Pregnant, Engaged to Lil Wayne

DMX Won't Be Going Back to Jail, Max B Is

Pete Doherty Arrested for Shooting Up in Plane's Bathroom

Ex-NFL Player Jamaal Anderson Talks About Drug Arrest

VH1's 'Best Week Ever' Canceled?

Jackie O's Half-Brother Being Investigated for Child Porn

Ryan Seacrest Before and After

Heidi and Spencer are Full of It

DJ Jazzy Jeff Kicked Off Stage For Playing Hip-Hop

Jamie Foxx's Alleged Gay Lifestyle Exposed

'New York' Wears a $12,000 Wig! Just So You Know.

Marlon and Shawn Wayans are Not Gay. Just So You Know.

Kanye Dumps Gaybot Amber Rose

Lesbian Gets Sex Change to Become a Gay Man

Male Escort Claims Prince Charles, David Beckham are Gay

LaLa: Mavericks Fans Called Son a 'Bastard', Fiance Carmelo Anthony a 'N**ger'

Book: Merv Griffin Slept With James Dean, Rock Hudson, Liberace, Marlon Brando

Chris Brown is Recording a Country Song !!!

Mike Tyson Hired Hit Man to Kill Brad Pitt

'Charm School' Loudmouth Claims VH1, Ricki Lake are Racists

Darryl Strawberry on Drugs, Steroids, Cheating, God

(Exclusive) Madam Kristin Davis Says She Provided Hookers to Russell Simmons

Wendy Has Held Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys' Secret All This Time

Woman Wants to Dump Boyfriend Because His Penis is Too Small

Bank Manager Caught Having Sex with Male Teller Was Rehired

Michael Jackson Had Cancerous Growths Removed

Pres Obama is Bowing to People Again

Gwyneth Paltrow Hates Scarlett Johansson's Guts

Tila Tequila Hits on Oprah, Asks Talk Show Host Out on a Date!!!

Method Man, Redman Name Who They'd Most Like to Smoke (Weed) With

Surprise! Yung Joc Doesn't Out Any DL Gay Rappers

Anna Wintour Told Oprah to Lose 20lbs!

Whitney Houston AND Bobby Brown are GAY

Star Jones Says Big Gay Al Cheated on Her!

Bank Manager Caught Having Gay Sex, Fired (follow-up)

Queen Latifah Better Pay Up or Her Gay Card Will be Pulled

Dwight Eubanks Says Usher, TI, Ludacris Are Gay + Spills the T on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Cast

Is Bow Wow a Top or Bottom?

Lil Kim Got a Butt Lift

National Enquirer Checks Brooke Shields' Mom Out of Nursing Home

Jermaine Dupri is Really in Love or Really Stupid

Flo Rida Hires Security to Hold His Pants Up

Couple Arrested for Having Sex in Car While Kids Watched From Back Seat!

Man Bites Off - Then Swallows - Friend's Penis

Wendy Passes the How You Doin' Memo on to April About Her Baby Daddy Tyson Beckford

Wendy: Christina Milian and The Dream are 'Two Losers'

Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Aren't Gay, Just Flaming Bisexuals

Teen Who Auctioned Off Virginity Says She Had Raw Sex With Winning Bidder

Publicist: Kim is a Racist Hooker, Sheree is Broke, NeNe and Gregg Have Split

Michael Phelps Loves Threesomes with STRIPPERS!

Eminem Peed on Mariah Carey

Sheree Brings the Satin to Her Fashion Show

Paulina Porizkova Fired From 'America's Next Top Model'

Rapper Commits Armed Robberies to Gain Street Cred

WTF! Spencer Pratt Says He's the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!

Michelle Obama Backstabs Oprah

Louis Vuitton Says Rick Ross' Sunglasses are Fake

LaLa Vazquez Escorted Out of Carmello's Game For (maybe) Punching Fan in Face

Rihanna Naked! Rihanna Naked! Rihanna Naked!!!

Work That Pole!

Quentin Tarantino Wears Women's Heels

Susan Boyle Tells Pres. Obama 'No!'

Coco T Bares it All

Madonna And Jesus Luz to Wed

Nick Cannon Calls Eminem a Racist Bigot

Beyoncè Was Fat! How Fat Was She?

The Clipse's Manager Busted for Running $10 Million Drug Ring

Darryl Strawberry Slept With More Than 1000 (but less than 5000) Women!

Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow Split Because She Wanted Kids

Farrah Fawcett is Bald, Bedridden, Near Death

Irv Gotti Drops Ashanti From The Inc.

Uh-oh. 'The Fashion Show' SUCKS!!!

Beverly Johnson's Ex Slaps Her with $5 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Octo-Mom Gets Uterus Removed (finally)

WTF! Fired Domino's Worker Complains That No Other Fast Food Place Will Hire Her

Baseball Player Settles AIDS Lawsuit Filed By Jumpoff

Linda Hogan is a Drug Addict? Daughter Brooke Says So

David Hasselhoff is Gay!?

James Frey Suggests He Knows Oprah's Big Secret

Atlanta Now Home to Mexican Drug Cartels

Did Michelle Obama Commit a Fashion No-No?

Rapper Alfamega's Days as a Gov't Informant Exposed

Paula Abdul is a Liar

Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Sexually Assaulting Band Member

Marie Osmond Loves Her Lesbian Daughter

Not Even Dead Gays Are Allowed in Senegal

What Da Hell is Courtney Love On?

New Orleans Saint Players Arrested for Playing With Their D*cks in Public

Baby: I'd Kiss Lil Wayne Again

Rick Ross' Baby Mama Says He's a Fake

Who Wore It Best: Michael Jackson or Rihanna?

Brad Pitt Divorced Jennifer Aniston Because She's a Lesbian!

John Legend Takes The Boys (and dog) For a Walk

Diddy is Looking For a Man

Mel Gibson's Former Jumpoff Will Testify Against Him in Divorce Court!

Rihanna is a Groupie, Andrew Bynum Feels Used

Charlamagne, Big Kev's Takeover Could Get Wendy Fired

Wendy Has Been Suspended. (Oops, We Meant, on 'Vacation')

Did Asafa Powell Try to Kill Usain Bolt?

Vote for Wendy!

Charlamagne Lands Morning Show Job in Philly

Author: 90% of Jamaican Men are Gay / Boycott Jamaica Campaign

WTF! Dwight Eubanks is Engaged/Married to This Woman

Bow Wow Hates Gay People. (Except His Lover, Omarion)

Superhead, Darius McCrary Have Married

Chris Brown and Rihanna Spend Night TOGETHER

Jumpoff Julie Chen Locks it Down By Having Les Moonves' Baby

What You May Not Know About 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Co-Star Kandi Burruss

Fonzworth Bentley Has a Lil Girl Talk with Wendy

Wendy Bans Bow Wow, Throws Grease at His Situation, Angie Martinez

Wendy: Bow Wow is Finished

Bow Wow Retires From Music Industry

Bow Wow's Tranny Lover Revealed?

Wendy Cancels Day 26's Interview; Group Banned From Show?

If You Think Wendy Outs Gay People, Look How They Do it in Uganda!

Lisa Rinna Does Playboy *NSFW Pics

Terrence Howard Promises to Maybe Not Spoil 'Iron Man 2' Ending

Salma Hayek's E-mail Hacked. She's Pretty Normal, After All

Cocktail Thinks She's Ray J's Girlfriend

Sorry, Fellas. He's Straight (*coughs)

Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson. Ever!

Wendy Sings Song For/About Montel Williams

This Is Why African-Americans are Dying of Heart Disease

Man Gets 60 Days in Jail for Drinking Boys' Urine

Detroit's First Openly Gay City Council Candidate is a Wendyista

'Danger' Insists She's Not Crazy, Says Ray J Didn't Deserve Her

Scandale! French First Lady Has a Sex Tape!

Did Jayson Williams Try to Fake Another Suicide or Was This Attempt For Real?

Jamie Foxx Begs Daughter to Write Letter to Miley Cyrus To Quell Feud

Scott Storch Snorted $30 Million in Coke

Rosie O'Donnell and Wife's Brawl Broadcast on Internet

Warrants Served Upon LAPD, TMZ Over Leaked Rihanna Beatdown Photo

Celebrities Can Barge into the White House Whenever They Please

Paula Abdul Says She's NEVER Been Drunk or Taken Pills

Lindsay Lohan is Dying

Rihanna is a Lesbian ?

Eminem's Dying Mother Wishes to End Feud With Son

Wendy Breaks into Angie Martinez' House

Tranny Admits to Five-Year Affair With Gwen Stefani's Husband!

Jamie Foxx Breaks Silence About Hotel Room Incident with Crazed Man

Keyshia Cole Dating Baller Daniel Gibson? Not When Maino is in the Picture!

Trey Songz on Chris Brown, Rihanna, Album, Rumors, Fame, Sexiness

Jamie Foxx Sued

Will Smith is Obsessed with Lady Gaga

Someone Slipped Jamie Foxx a Mickey

Whitney Houston's Comeback Single Confirmed

Iman Chats With Wendy About Beauty, Fashion, Plastic Surgery

Diana Ross Slept Her Way to the Top

Lady Gaga: 'I Do Have a Really Big Donkey Dick'

Beyoncè: Etta James is Hilarious

Hulk Hogan Says He 'Understands' Why OJ (allegedly) Killed His Wife, Lover

Lil Wayne Boasts About the Loads of Sex He's Had

Wendy Calls Nanny's Mother

President Obama's Brother Arrested for Sexual Assault Upon a Teen Girl

Lil Wayne Shot Himself at 12, Cop Who Saved His Life Surfaces

Artist Behind Rihanna Portrait Speaks

Someone Else Throws Puffy Under the Bus

Madonna Ignores Her Three Kids, Devotes No Time to Them

Pres Obama Gets $26,000 Tax Refund

Rupert Everett's New $25,000 Face

Two Domino’s Pizza Pranksters Arrested, One Raped 14-Year-Old Girl

'Ex-Gay' Pastor Donnie McClurkin Still Got Sugar in His Tank

Khia Throws Grease at LisaRaye, 50 Cent

Transgender Rapper Gang-Raped, Beaten by 18 Men!

T-Boz: Queeny Brian McKnight is an Asshole

Billy Joel's Wife Jumping Off With Not Gay Designer

Brooke Hogan's 'Reality' Show is Fake

Angelina Wants Her Brother's Baby

Angelina Jolie a Meth Addict?

Illinois Bar Bans Gays

White People, Do Y'all Know How to Catch a Beat?

Skinny Beauty Queen Fights Anorexic Rumors

Farrah Franklin is a Millionaires? Really? (news to us)

LA Lakers Star Derek Fisher Gets Restraining Order Against a CRAZY, DELUSIONAL Nutcase

World's Smallest Penis. (please don't click this. don't you dare. lol)

Steve Urkel Has Grown Up

This Is What Oprah Looks Like in the Mornings

Brothel Offers Rod Blagojevich Internship. Seriously.

Damn, Craig David. Damn.

WTF! Oprah Has Three Years to Live

Parents Accuse Obamas of Being Cheap

Dean McDermott Shaves Tori Spelling's Pubic Hair (yes, the hair down there)

Former 'American Idol' Busted for Stalking Britney Spears

Xzibit Owes $500,000 in Unpaid Taxes, IRS Files Liens

What Da F is that on Ali Lohan's Lip? HERPES!

That Wig. That Wig. That Mudda-Effing Wig...

Jamie Foxx: Miley Should Do a Sex Tape, Heroin and Grow Up

Martina Navratilova Break-up Drama Getting Messier By the Day

Suri Cruise Goes to Alien School

Study: Weed Cures Cancer

Turkish News Reporter Wears Black Face to Report on Obama's Visit

Billy Bob Thorton Spazzes Out on Interviewer

Halle Berry Talks Sex, Diet, Marriage, Babies and Why She Doesn't Wear Plaid

E-Z Pass is a Rip-Off!

Who Wants to Buy a 'Slumdog' Child?

50 Cent is Leading Ciara to Slaughter

Shawn Johnson's Dance Partner and His Huge Hard-On

Chris Brown Should Get His Ass Kicked, The Song

Star Jones AND Rosie O'Donnell Team Up for Lunch Date

Sarah Palin Says Daughter's Baby Daddy Is a Fame-Hungry Liar

Teri Hatcher's Bitchy Attitude is Pissing People Off

Brad and Angelina are Over!?

Tila Tequila Rips Into Rihanna

Chilli's Man Gets Probation for Assaulting Two Women

Five Members of Madonna's Staff Quits

Candy Spelling: 'I Don't See Tori and Dean Anymore'

Lance Bass Plants Pictures of Him With Brazilian Hunk

Kanye Doesn't Think Gay Men are Real Men

NY Pastor Stole $84,000 From Church For Plastic Surgery

Samantha Ronson Seeks Restraining Order Against Lindsay Lohan

Kanye is Ready to Trade in Gaybot Amber Rose for Another?

Jim Jones Arrested, Tweets Behind Bars

LisaRaye Talks About Ex-Husband Michael Misick

TI Addresses Gay Rumors. He Doesn't Deny It, But Wants You to Provide Facts

Wendy is Being Extorted

Pop Star Arrested for Passing HIV on to Partner

Book: Whitney Houston Paid $400K Ransom for Bobby Brown

T-Pain Replaces Lost Teeth with 'Rich N**ga Teeth'

Ciara Kissed Justin and Liked It

Students Caught in Lesbian Sex Scandal at Oprah's School for Girls

Two 'Straight' Boys Make the Gayest YouTube Video. Ever.

Rihanna and Katy Perry: New BFFs or More?

Ashley Biden's Cocaine-Snorting Tape Was a Set-Up, Fake

Ad Exec: Chris Brown Will Get His Endorsement Deals Back

Rachel Roy Files For Divorce From Dame Dash

T.I. is Going to Jail for 366 Days

Juelz Santana Says Bloggers Who Hate on Him Aren't Gay, They're Bitches

Dame Dash Blames Jim Jones for His Financial Demise

ShamWow Pitchman Arrested for Putting Beatdown on Hooker

Isis King Returns to 'Tyra' After Sex-Change Surgery, She's Engaged (to a man)

Rihanna's Battered Face Inspires Art

Paging Sasha Fierce! Ciara Has an Alter Ego, Too

Method Man Forgot to Pay Taxes Because He Was High, Stupid

Source: Akon Owes Suge Knight Money. That's What Armed Men Were Looking to Recoup

Marc Ecko On Brink of Bankruptcy

Simon Cowell: Bobby Brown is the Rudest Person I've Ever Met

Kim Kardashian Doesn't Understand the Fuss About Her Airbrushed Photo

Rihanna's Two Deadly New Tattoos

Mother is Trying to Get Her 21-year-old Son Laid

Maid Sues Vanessa and Kobe Bryant For Abuse and Forcing Her to Touch Dog Feces

16-Year-Old Boy Confesses to Killing WABC Newsman After Meeting for Kinky Sex Online

Anna Nicole's Doctor Caught Snorting Cocaine

Jonathan Plummer Wants to Do a Sex Tape

TLC is Going Back on Tour

Update: Tiffany Calls Back to Talk About Having Sex With Husband, Step-Father and Biological Father

BeBe Winans Arrested for Putting the Beatdown on Ex-Wife!

Exact, Blow-by-Blow Details of Rihanna's Beat-Down

Wendy to Sheree: You're Hard, Mean and Not Nice

Queen Latifah: Sex with Men is 'Nasty', 'Gross'

LeAnn Rimes Caught Cheating on Husband

Mystery Sender of Chris Brown Text Identified? (and no, it's not tina davis)

Rick Ross Says He Knows 50 Cent is Gay

NFLer Jamal Anderson Wasn't Just Snorting Coke, He Was Sucking a Dick in Bar's Restroom the Night of His Arrest

Jamal Anderson Gay Rumors, Part Deux

Jayson Williams Faked Suicide, Cancer, Tried to Murder His Wife and Has Erectile Dysfunction

Riot at NYC 'Top Model' Casting Call

If You're Gay, Here's Another Reason Not to Go to Africa

Lady GaGa was a Stripper, Drug Addict

'Obama Fingers': Racially Insensitive or Simply Delicious?

Epidemic! 3% of People in DC Have HIV/AIDS

Russell Simmons Shows Off His Ass Cheeks in Miami

50 Cent Releases Graphic Sex Tape of Rick Ross' Baby Mama

Tyson Beckford Says He's Dating a Woman Which Doesn't Make Him Gay, Thank You

Brooke's Phone Hacked. Want Hulk's Number?

Obama: 'Sorry Ass Motherfucker. You Ain't My Bitch, Nigga.'

EXCLUSIVE - Gravy's Wife and Her Ex-Husband's Sister Get Into It, Flinging Insults, Accusations. Oh, The Drama! [audio]

Some Real Gay Rappers Are Having Beef

Lil Kim Says Naturi is a Dreadful, Tasteless, Talentless Back-up Singer Who Can't Act!

The Nanny Sleeping With Her Boss

Wendy Has Three Words for Bishop Jordan; The First is 'How', The Last is 'Doin' [audio]

Preacher Sings Beyoncè's 'Single Ladies' in Church at Pulpit!

Ivana Trump's Marriage Was Fake (?)

Eminem's Life-Changing Moment. Why He Left Hip-Hop and Why He's Coming Back

Etta James 'Can't Stand Beyoncè', Threatens to Whoop Her Ass, Disses Obama

RuPaul Talks About Near Violent Encounter with LL Cool J, She and Wendy Call Him Gay

Wendy: Every Other Sports Player is Gay, Eddy Curry. Almost Everyone in Music is Gay, Puffy [audio]

Pastor TD Jakes' Son Arrested For Gay Sex Act in Park

Wendy Applauds Singer Mya, Music Industry Whore, For 'Best Career Coup'- Getting Knocked Up By a Billionaire

She's 14, Pregnant and Has Herpes

Chris Brown Told Usher to Apologize or There Will Be a Problem

Taiwan's President Caught Up in Gay Sex Scandal With Gay American DJ with Syphilis

Aubrey O'Day Says Diddy is Painting Her to be a Streetwalker + See Her Playboy Pics

Diddy Takes Xzibit to a Gay Club!

Ted Haggard and Wife to Appear on 'Divorce Court'

Actor Plans to Fuck in Public to Prove He's Not Gay

Wendy to Nicole Spence: When You Accuse Someone of Sexual Harassment, Don't Be Beige

Nicole Will Give You Some, But You Can't Spend the Night or Make Strange Noises

Ray J Talks about Pregnant 'Danger', Jumpoffs Whitney and Lil Kim + Is Kanye Gay?

'Danger' Isn't Pregnant or Dating, But She Wants Your Money, Sympathy

Lisa Wu Hartwell Files for Custody of Two Sons Fathered by Keith Sweat

The Globe: Obama Has Gay Lover, Michelle Heartbroken

Michael Strahan LoJacked Nicole Murphy's Truck

Regis' Daughter-in-Law Threatened to Beat and Murder His Son, If He Didn't Give Her Money for Drugs!

Book: President Abraham Lincoln Was Gay!

(another) Pregnant Man Expecting Twins

Madam Says She Provided A-Rod With Hookers, And They Dated

Pharrell to Fan: 'Move. Get Out of the Fucking Way!'

Xzibit Avoids Talking About the Night Diddy Took Him to a Gay Club. Again.

Radio Anchor Murdered by Gay Jumpoff?

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Orlandoblkman said...

Where is the Charlie Wilson Cancer story?