Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NeNe Leakes Feels the Wrath of Wendy

We've been hyping the in-studio solo interview of NeNe, you know the bit we said that shes coming to throw her castmates under the bus. However, the "Desperate Real Housewives of Atlanta" diva didn't show up for her close-up on Tuesday, angering Wendy.

When Nicky (NeNe's publicist) called today to apologize and reschedule, Wendy was not happy and played hardball saying she'll wait for the next season of "Housewives" to talk to NeNe.

"I'm not an after-thought. I'm a fan," Wendy tells her. "She didn't even call me back and she has all my numbers."

According to Nicky, NeNe had a scheduled meeting over at People magazine.

So Nicky suggested NeNe come by or call in  Thursday.

"No. She'll learn," Wendy says. "I'm not talking to her tomorrow. No! She's gonna learn! My name is on the guest list, NeNe's isn't!... Tell NeNe we love her... Tell her thank-you and we'll see her second season."

Later, Wendy told a caller:
"OK, she stood me up. She's still got a missing tooth in the back of her mouth and at the end of the day, she's my favorite desperate housewife but I didn't say I want to be friends, either. I don't want to be friends with none of them. They just keep me entertained. I've been straight forward from the beginning so NeNe can come or not. I'll still be watching because it's still very entertaining. But really, it's only entertainment."

And later, to put the final nail in that coffin, Wendy said this:
Meanwhile, over at People magazine NeNe had this to say: 
 “Wendy Williams talks about me every single week. She sent messages to me. She said if she had to be any housewife it would be me. I’m not surprised. She has to change a few of her ways herself. We have a lot of celebrity people reaching out to us.”
Hugs all around.
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