Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bobby Brown Confesses: Cocaine Was Plentiful, Would Lock Himself in Room For Days Just Getting High

Bobby Brown, who recently released an autobiography, confesses that he had a serious cocaine habit - often locking himself in a room for days just getting high.

“I had a desk like Scarface’s in my room, and I kept (cocaine) piled up on it. Every time I walked past my desk, I’d make a line of coke from one end to the other. I’d take a straw and snort a line the same way Scarface did it in the movie. You couldn’t tell me nothing. I felt like I was Tony Montana! The world was mine! I never had to look for coke; I kept it plentiful. There was times when I went on my binges and would lock myself up in a room for days at a time just getting high.”

This reminds us: Remember when Bobby hosted Wendy's Don and Divas Extravaganza a few years back? He was holed up in the hotel room for days getting high, blowing the $10,000+ he was paid to 'host' the event on drugs and not Christmas gifts for Whitney.

We hope he's got his act together now.

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