Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etta James: 'I Can't Stand Beyoncè' + She Threatens to Whoop Her Ass, Disses President Obama

So, Etta James is pissed off at Beyoncè for singing her song "At Last" at President Barack Obama's inaugural ball last month. And clearly she's not a fan or supporter of Obama, anyway.

Why? We have no clue. Maybe Etta forgot her meds.

Beyoncè played the role of Etta in the film "Cadillac Records" and from all accounts, Etta was happy with the film and her portrayal.

But, her rant at a recent concert proved different: She goes off on the president and, more so, Beyoncè by threatening to "whoop" her ass and wonders what gives her the right to sing "At Last" at the ball.

You know, your President, the one with the big ears -- he ain’t my President -- had that woman singing for him at his Inauguration. She’s going to get her ass whooped... 'How dare Beyoncè sing my song that I been singing forever. Now I’m going to sing it for y’all….”

This is clearly Etta feeling left out -- She wasn't invited to the historic inauguration and Beyoncè was. Beyoncè was asked to sing - twice! - at said historic inauguration and Etta wasn't.

Listen to the tirade:

Sit down, old woman!
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

in a way i am on etta james side i feel she should at least have been told or asked if it was ok if beyonce could have song that song. we all know what blacks had to go through during the time that song was made so it only fair to be angry when someone sings your song at such an important and historical event no matter what race they are

Anonymous said...

I could see why she was pissed, but how you gonna dis our president, that shit is wrong in too many ways especially as a black woman, you know some red neck was excited as hell when he heard that...anyway, how you gonna get mad at beyonce because she was selected to do the song...lady, sit down.

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