Monday, February 16, 2009

Jayson Williams Faked Suicide, Cancer, Tried to Murder His Wife and Has Erectile Dysfunction

Tanya Young Williams, wife of Jayson Williams, filed an explosive divorce suit alleging the former New Jersey Nets star physically and emotional abused her, abandoned his family, committed adultery, and has a substance abuse problem.

The blockbuster divorce includes allegations that Williams threatened to kill her, faked committing suicide, falsely said that he had stomach cancer and urinated in the kitchen sink. His wife also allegedly found cocaine and condoms in his drawer, sources familiar with the case said. She also says Williams repeatedly refilled prescriptions for Cialis, even though they rarely had sex.

Tanya Williams, who is black, also claims in the court papers that he cruelly bragged to her that he performed oral sex "on white girls."

"Here is a guy who has spent wildly and dissipated marital assets and has, of course, acted reckless and been just absent, violent and not a father, not a husband," said her lawyer, Malcolm Taub.

Source: NYP
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Anonymous said...

how you doin Jayson? we know all about your kind, awwrite!

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