Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rihanna is Losing Her Mind

It's almost two weeks now since the beatdownation of Rihanna by her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Now, we learn, via Us Weekly, Rihanna is still suffering from "endless headaches."

Rihanna reportedly visited a doctor last Friday, "who was concerned about the contusions on the sides of her head."

"I mean, damn, her eye's black and the sides of her face are all f----d up,` the friend told Us. "But she keeps saying she still loves him."

The same friend is also suggesting that Rihanna is not her self: She has become withdrawn, sparking concerns that the injuries may be more serious. “She hums sometimes, but she’s more quiet than I’ve ever seen her” the friend says.

Is this friend suggesting that Rihanna is going crazy?

'Cause that'll be the only explanation to the rumors that she's consistently talking to Chris, is considering getting back together and isn't co-operating with police.

We don't buy it. But, if it's true, and she is planning to take back Chris, maybe the migraine headaches are making her lose her mind after all.

Don't do it to yourself, Rihanna.

Meanwhile, comedian Roseanne is lashing out at Chris.
"Chris Brown's lies and excuses make me want to beat the crap out of him...he uses the language of the perpetrator just like every sleazy bastard who ever smacked his wife, kid mother or girlfriend around uses. you dirty bastard, I hope you go to prison for ten years. IT'S YOUR FAULT, ASSHOLE! as for all the mealy mouthed Hollywood and music scene chicks that can't bring themselves to condemn a misogynistic bully, let me say this: your time as whores for propaganda is ending, bitches."
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