Thursday, March 19, 2009

Actor Plans to F*ck in Public to Prove He's Not Gay

Ed Westwick may "have sex in public" to prove he isn't gay.

The 'Gossip Girl' star - who is believed to be dating his co-star Jessica Szohr - doesn't understand the constant speculation about his sexuality and believes he has done virtually everything possible to quash rumors.

Ed - who was spotted kissing actress Drew Barrymore at a Kings of Leon concert last autumn - said: "I made out with a girl in public. Maybe I need to have sex in public with a woman.

"That one's still on the list. Still haven't ticked that one off. Well, I have, but they haven't seen me. Not George Michael public."

The 21-year-old British actor also branded speculation he is having an affair with co-star and flatmate Chace Crawford "fucking ridiculous".

"It's funny because I love this fucking dude dearly," he tells Rolling Stone. "I would die for this fucking dude. He's my brother. But, by God, we are so into our women it's ridiculous. But what are you going to do about it? Get pissed off and stay home and cry about it?"

These are photos of the not-gay Ed at a Knicks basketball game snuggled up with another man.

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Justize Freedom said...

This dudes is soooo gay! I don't care what he says. I know race should have nothing to do with it but. When white celebs are called gay I always believe it b/c with white people they don't care if people are gay the way minorites do. He makes money on that show so why have a roomate at all. The NY Post wanted to out him and Chance aka "Man-bangs" but they could not b/b they would get sued. He's at the game w/ a man all hugged up. Chance was w/ JC (NSYNC) at dinner. Hello! CASE CLOSED.
"Come all the way out the closet" btw "How You Doin'?"

Anonymous said...

this dude is british, that doesnt mean he's gay

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