Friday, March 6, 2009

Ivana Trump's Marriage Was Fake (?)

Ivana Trump's short-lived marriage to Italian stallion Rossano Rubicondi wasn't the real deal, insiders say.

"Ivana wanted to be back in the spotlight, and Rossano's career needed a jump-start, so the two agreed - via a contract - to the nuptials," an insider reveals.

While it doesn't appear any money changed hands as a result of the odd couple's agreement, there apparently was a time line for when the split would occur: right after the 36-year-old Rubicondi found fame in his own right. Sure enough, the former model's chance in the spotlight came shortly after last April's wedding.

"After he married Ivana, Rossano was asked to be on an Italian reality show called 'L'isola dei Famosi,'" a source close to Rubicondi says. "All he's ever wanted to be is famous and sleep with a ton of women, and he got all that from the reality show. He's huge in Italy right now. He's bragging to anyone who'll listen about all the hot girls that want him. He hasn't spent a night alone in ages."

But apparently, Rubicondi was already having a little too much fun while filming the reality show in Honduras. One outlet even said he'd bedded a much younger woman there, and reports of marriage troubles with Trump spread like wildfire.

Ivana, 60, then attempted some damage control, as per their agreement. "Everything's good! [Rossano] actually lost 20 pounds while down there, so he's looking hot. Heeeello!" she told us in November.

But less than a month later, Ivana formally 'fessed up that the marriage - her fourth - was over. "She waited as long as she could," says a friend. "She didn't want to ruin his chance at stardom in Italy. She really does care about him."

A pal of Rubicondi's - whose page in movie site IMDB credits him as the "stepfather of Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump" - counters with: "He had been sleeping with girls, and she knew it. She just likes to have young arm candy."

No one can dispute that. Shortly after the split, Trump was spotted with 22-year-old French model John-David Dery at an event at the Hotel Bristol in Paris, and more recently has been seen yacht-hopping in St. Barth's with a slew of younger suitors.

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