Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Aren't Gay, Just Flaming Bisexuals?

Jada Pinkett Smith gave an interview to National Public Radio (NPR) in which she talks about her career, Scientology school and attempts to dispel rumors that her marriage to Will Smith isn't quite what it seems.

I definitely respect and understand people's curiosity, but people, they have to trust me when I speak on my truth...If I say to you, 'I don't have an open marriage,' 'No, we're not gay,' and you don't trust that, well then there's nothing that I really have to say to anybody about anything, because at the end of the day, I'm living my life, and I'm happy."

Let's diasect, as Wendy would say.

"I definitely respect and understand people's curiosity" - Human beings are naturally curious, but this rumor that Jada and Will are gay is legendary and will never go away. Sadly.

"I don't have an open marriage" - Do alleged jumpoffs Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell say the same thing, too? And are you calling Will a liar? We remember Will telling Reveal magazine last year (clears throat): “Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people. And if it came down to it, then one would say to the other: ‘Look, I need to have sex with somebody. Now, I’m not going to if you don’t approve of it’. In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others’. We said ‘you will never hear I did something afterwards’. Because if that happens the relationship is destroyed. And lots of sex makes for a good marriage too!”

"No, we're not gay"
- So, you and Will are bisexual then. Fine. But, a former Madam who says she supplied male hookers to Will said: "[The first time I spoke with Smith], I had to reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion. Once I convinced him I could, he placed his order. It was for a man. You’d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars requested the services of the guys.”

"I really have to say to anybody about anything" - True, your sexuality is no one's business. Plus, you can probably beat their ass.

"I'm living my life, and I'm happy" - Happy as in gay? And living the same life T.I. is said to be living?

So many questions. So few answers.

source: blackvoices
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Anonymous said...

LOL she should've kept her mouth closed. Y'all went in on her.

How They Doin'

Anonymous said...

I know there is a lot of rumors on line about who is gay, bisexual, in the closet, and whatnot, ecspecially related to celebrities however this question about Will and Jada seems to be popping up from numerous sources and people who have had direct contact with them or know of people who had so it is quite obvious they are swingers, bisexual and having sexual encounters with Tisha Campbell, Duane Martin, and possibly others. People I know have also mentioned it to me. Do I care? No. Does it matter? No. It is just a sad thing for their children to have to grow up and deal with when they are of age to understand what it all means. I hope they think about that and put their selfish desires aside because in the end, it is their offspring who suffer the consequenses of their actions.

Anonymous said...

wow they went in on her.....they really did .... If their bi their bi....idk why they wont just cum out and say it....they must except theirselves for who they are bcuz if they did they wld jst say yes we are and no one has a heaven or a hell to put us yes they also wld have to think bout what their offspring wld go through bt if their offspring love their parents they wld except them like their parents wld except them if they were gay said...

that's just filthy!

SexyRod said...

Man I really hope that they are Bisexual and will come out about it because finally there would be a famous out and pride unique Black couple. Ugh so sick and damn tried of our Black community turning our backs to Gay and Bi people of color. Black,Gay and Bi isn't going anywhere and I really think that we should let go of all this mind destroying stupidity of ignorance and face the damn 100% truth!. :/

Anonymous said...

Will Smith is awesome. And his show Fresh Prince was really awesome on Nick at Night. :) Who cares about what he does with his ding dong? We all got some weird kinky thing about us. And the ones who don't have somethin kinky about them, they just don't enjoy sex much at all.

babygirl33 said...

I think if they are then they are its nobodys business. People think that jus cause theyre famous that theyre business is everybodys business and its not. Wkrry about whats goin on in your own life and not everybody elses.

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