Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jonathan Plummer Wants to Do a Sex tape

Jonathan Plummer and his cute ass is still keeping those eyebrows perfectly arched and looking like a 20-year-old even after all the drama stemming from his messy divorce from author Terry McMillian after he told her he's gay, he's a homo, he likes guys.

We were wondering where the queen has been, too. Last time we saw Miss Jonathan, she was hugged up and kissing with some dude at a party.

So, yesterday Blackarazzi.com posted an interview they did with Jonathan and in which he was asked him which celebrity sex tape he most wanted to see. But, Jonathan, being the queen he is, suggesting he should make a sex tape with interior designer to the stars (and especially Oprah) Nate Berkus and/or Boris Kodjoe .

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jet said...

His behavior is an embarrassment to his parents and his ex-wife. He should crawl under a rock and hide.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan is a d-bag. His unemployed cousin Mark Plummer is a fat, balding sack of caca poo poo.

Anonymous said...

The break-up between J and his wife was very sad. But, I have to say that Jonathan is a cutey and quite charming.

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