Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update: Tiffany Calls Back to Talk About Having Sex With Husband, Step-Father and Biological Father

Wendy is all over the drama that is Tiffany's -- the woman who is pregnant with either her husband, step-father or biological father's child -- life and we are too.

You might want to catch up:here's the original call and then yesterday's scandalous follow-up.

Today though, Tiffany called in to confirm the rumors and reveals what she intends on doing.

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Justize Freedom said...

OMG!!! The saga continues on... I am glad that she called back too. I am glad that she is being pro-choice and taking care of the seed b/c it would come into a world of issues being born out of incest. They are all sleeping around w/ the same family members. Nasty-Gutter butt- Trollops. This girl really needs to get her -ish together! She has to get on track. She needs to stop calling Wendy and get a real therapist! Even though it is really entertaining. At least she is looking at the situation for what it is. She needs to get rid of the lovechild w/ her father.

DonnyDiva said...

Wow, her story is very disturbing and her whole entire family sounds like they need therapy. The fact that the abuse keeps going around full circle in this crew and everyone is sleeping with everyone else is ridiculous. No one's family is perfect, but wow. I get she says she was abused as a kid, but now she's 25!! At 25 you know damn well sleeping with your stepdad and THEN your father is wrong, wrong, wrong. Nothing good can and did come from doing that.
But as Wendy said, I hope she does follow through with her plans to rid of her life of all of this dysfunctional drama and attempt to have a normal life and normal relationships.

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