Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wendy's Favorite News Anchor Quits! Yes, Quits!

We once enjoyed our midday news with WABC's Steve Bartelstein and his always-stumbling-her-words co-host Lori Stokes.

Anyhoo, Steve was fired from WABC for sleeping through assignments. Plus, he was sued by two men, in separate cases, who accused him of sexual harassment and stalking. The men said Steve was a druggie who used crystal meth and crack ‘every day’ spending up to $2,000 per week on the drugs which he used between broadcasts!

See, now you know why Wendy likes him.

After leaving WABC, Steve landed at WCBS - no one watches that channel. Really.

Soon after Steve announced he had testicular cancer and after surgery and intensive chemotherapy he returned to the air, looking not like his usual self.

Now fast forward to today (well, Tuesday night). Steve quits, handing in his resignation that evening telling WCBS bosses he's tired of being underappreciated.

"I'm tired of this place not appreciating me for what I do for them," he told the Daily News.

Bartelstein said the breaking point came last week when his paycheck was accidentally mailed to his home, instead of being at the station for him to pick up on Friday, as he usually did.

As of Wednesday, he said, he hadn't gotten the check, which he needs to pay medical bills and other expenses.

"My brother mailed me money today so I could pay my bills," Bartelstein said. "It puts me behind three days."

The station accepted his resignation.

Steve is unsure what he will do now, since work is hard to come by in the media business - especially during this recession, but he has his mind in the right place.

"Iwill always land on my feet doing something," he said. "It doesn't haveto be in television. I'll find a job at a coffee place, or a pizza place, I'll find work."

Good luck, Steve. And How You Doin.


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Anonymous said...

Gosh. So sad. I knew Steve many years ago when we were both in our 20's days were green and oh so mellow. We parted ways friends and I've not really kept in touch with him with the exception of the occasional Google search. It saddens me so to see how he has fallen.

When I knew him he was so proud of his career. He was very young and very accomplished and seemed to have the world by the tail. He would come home and then wake me up to watch the replay of the 11 o'clock news at two a.m. I was groggy but still thought it was sweet.

Rumors about about drug use, and I hope they are false. Either way, I hope he manages to pull his life together.

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