Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'Ex-Gay' Pastor Donnie McClurkin Still Has Sugar in His Tank

Donnie McClurkin, the Grammy-winning preacher and gospel singer, who famously said he overcame "the curse of homosexuality," gave an interview to Carrington Lei recently in which he compares homosexuality to diabetes.

Now, a part of the reason so many people take issue with you is because you believe that homosexuality is a choice and can be, I’m not sure how to phrase this – is "cured" the right word?
Cured is what they have said in order to make it more villainous or controversial. Most of the things you read that I’ve said, I have not said. There’s always a spin on it, it’s all according to whose telling the story – it’s not good print if it’s not controversial.

I never said that I was cured from anything, I said that I was delivered, and that’s what God does - He delivers.

So, when you say delivered, does that mean that you were delivered from homosexuality – or the ability to act on a same-sex attraction, because there’s a difference.
Is there a difference?

I absolutely believe that there is a difference. You considered yourself gay at one point and now you say that you’re delivered. To me, the term delivered can be pretty ambiguous, depending on how you use it. The difference in saying, “I’m attracted to the same sex, but I’m choosing not to act on my attraction” and not having an attraction at all is vastly different.
Not at all. The bottom line is that it’s all the same. It’s by not choosing to act that the attraction and the appetite starts to abate and wane.

I’m a diabetic now and I don’t eat sugar, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want sugar. The more I don’t eat the sugar, the more I lose the taste for sugar and the more my diet starts to change permanently – I can’t stand a regular soda now because it’s too much sugar. So, the more I don’t intake the sugar, the more it leaves out of my desire.

I never really thought of it that way, but it makes sense. So, how do gay people who disagree with your position, approach you? Are they angry with you?
There has only been one instance were I had an angry outburst. Seven people came to our church and one young man came up to the alter call and he wanted to become verbal and aggressive while people were up there crying for God. Well, I’m not the traditional guy and my thing was, “If you don’t want God, go back to your seat and sit down and don’t you ever walk up here again with this! Do you think you can stop this? You can’t stop these people from receiving Jesus, so you go and sit down and don’t you open your mouth again until we finish this service!”

Then they wanted to leave and I told them to hold the door and don’t let them go nowhere. You came in here, you’re gonna stay until we finish the service.

Wow, how did that end?
In the ministry that I pastor, God has given me the control there and I’m not gonna let anybody come in and upset what God has done. If you want to talk to me, wait until I finish and say, “Can I have a word with you because I don’t agree with you.” those words alone will peak my interest and I’ll say, "Come on sit down - let’s discuss."

For the record, the ex-gay movement is a scam. Reports show it doesn't work and men and women who undergo these therapy sessions only find themselves back with gay partners.

How You Doin, Donnie.



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Me, Myself and I said...

Now you can be gay forever because you have someone to condone it. If nobody condones it, you can't be gay.

How you doin "Ms. I need other people to validate me because I don't like myself Groupie Wendy"

Anonymous said...

still gay.. can't change your sexuality

Anonymous said...

Get A grip! If u get GOD like the BIBLE Says You can be DELIVERED!It is not a sickness that needs to be healed it is a spirit that needs to be cast out. God said "Let every MAN have his own WIFE" "In the beginning God created MALE and FEMALE" God don't make "OOPS" You go Pastor Donnie! Im Praying for you! Tell the Truth and shame the devil.

CRAIG SAID said...

Craig said that all yall that said something why didnt you put your name down on what you said...first off if someone drinks or smokes or steals its a choice to do these things so it is with homosexuality. God has giving us grace and he can change anyone that wants to be change only thing is people who change there lives make others look bad because truth is you dont know how to change...and to know God is to know he can do anything, so get to know him, yall still playing church you havent seen his power i know a man who was dying with aids HIV and God healed him and he has 5 kids now and they have no trace of HIV. pastor Donnie is anointed you better be careful how you put your mouth on a true man or woman of God!!! You will have curses over your life...all yall thats in your mess need to repent and get saved 4real. i once dealt with homosexuality and i told God to help me change my life and he did that! I am married now and will soon be a father. If God did it 4 me surely he will do it 4 you. i pray if you are reading this you will ask God 4 help! Jesus Christ the living God is on his way back...he said BEHOLD, I AM COMING QUICKLY will you be ready...

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is neither a choice nor something that can be changed. Either you are or your not, it occurs eberywhere in every species in every century and time. So...how you doin' Craig and Donnie???

That's what DT said

Elton said...

He felt like an outsider thats why he denied his sexuality to gain celebrity status in the church

Anonymous said...

When will you all stop being so blind to the devil in thinking you "DONT" have a choice who you want to have sex with? Any time you have sex; you make a choice. You chose your partner, nobody makes you have sex with who you have sex with!!! Thats something you desire!!! You have a choice to drink beer or water, same thing with Homosexual. If you get addicted to it, you have to come to wanting to change, and the Best help is Jesus!!! Yes God loves homosexuals, but NOT THE SIN!!! Elton if Pastor Donnie had stay gay he would have had more celebrity status with all yall and the gay groups would have supported him. He chooses to follow Holiness! You probably don't even no what Holiness is. Im praying for you.

Anonymous said...

The only reports that show that ex-gay movements don't work are the ones run by people that don't want it to work. IT WORKS and God can do great things if we let him and surrender to His will. Donnie's identity isn't in his desires or what's left of it. His identity is in his desire to be like Jesus. It IS our actions that define us. Every straight man has the natural desire to have sex with a beautiful woman. Does that make us all sex'd crazed animals? No. Cuz we CAN control our behavior. I know this cuz I LOVE women especially BEAUTIFUL women. But I chose to NOT have sex with anyone until I got married and now even though I still find women attractive, I choose not to have sex with anyone other than my wife. People define me as a faith man and not some sex crazed horn dog. Why? Cuz I can control it! I acknowledge the weakness and I control it! The same way I used to be angry all the time. After taking a lot of tai chi and praying, I am considered one of the nicest and most peaceful guys by everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Donnie, I love you and your music - I listen to your music on youtube before I started workng ( to say before my boss comes in the office). Yor explanation makes sense to me - what ever anyone thinks about you that's their opion and I' sure you will NEVERRRRR let it becomes your reality. People accuses me of doing stuffs that I find myself impossible to do - that does not make me what they think about me. I love you and hope the Lord will direct you to my church in the UK one of this blessed day. May God continue to bless and keep you always. Laqueta-UK

Anthony said...

I'd like to comment to this
"The only reports that show that ex-gay movements don't work are the ones run by people that don't want it to work."
Look up Jeremy Marks. He wanted it to work so badly that he started an ex-gay ministry himself for ten years and nobody got "delivered.

My issue with all of this is when did all the straight people decide to chose to be straight and why does being homosexual automatically always mean sex!!!??? That frustrates me to no end. If some-one is heterosexual it has nothing to do with sex!!! What a double standard. Why doesn't everyone take the log out of their own eyes before they start digging in other peoples eyes??? That's what Jesus said about it.

Alicia said...

You have a choice to have sex, yes. We teach our teenagers this every day.

However, the WANT, the DESIRE to have sex is not a choice, it's a feeling you can't control. You can DENY the feelings, sure...but that doesn't mean you don't have them.

Further, gay & lesbian relationships are not all about sex. Emotional, spiritual, mental connections between two people are powerful.

Think about your husband or wife. Did you CHOOSE to fall in love with that person? You may have chosen to act in love, and marry them, but the FEELINGS OF LOVE are present, and you could do nothing about them.

Or maybe you denied yourself love... and CHOSE not to marry the person you love in order to be with someone else who you thought was "right" (people do this all the time, for one reason or another). Do you find yourself still thinking of the person you left behind? Still feeling in love with them?

Feelings of love, commitment, devotion, adoration.... these are not choices. They do not go away. It is what allows a couple to spend their lives together in happiness.

(living together in misery is a whole other story. People also CHOOSE to stay in an unhealthy relationship).

Not being true to yourself and who you are can lead to a miserable existence, depression or worse. No one should have to lie to themselves or anyone else about what or who makes them happy.

(And again I'm speaking about HEALTHY happy... not drug addiction, hallucination "happy", or burying pain, sorrow & brokenness instead of facing it and dealing with it "happy").

I'm talking about that, "I can't help but smile when I see your face, I am so blessed to know you, I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together" true love happiness.

The happiness that a parent feels when they look into the eyes of the child they love so dearly and spent years trying to conceive.

These feelings of love... they are not choices.

Alicia said...

I'd like to add that Donnie McClurkin's "Blood Song" is one of my favorites. Because it's about how we are all the same, and can not judge each other. It is not our place. Everyone has opinions, but when one group of people is denied basic protections for their families under the law, or fired from a job, or harassed & beat up at school because of those "opinions"... it is not right.

Some excerpts from "Blood Song":

"We may be different, but the God we serve's the same. Yet every Sunday we separate, and bring the Father pain."

In other words, on Sunday are "holy," and then as soon as we leave church, start fighting and gossiping about each other. Spreading negativity, not love.

"Some say You're black, You're white, they question if You're real. We treat you like we treat ourselves.
I wonder how You feel, to see Your children fight, in spite the tears for us You shed.
Doesn't matter what color you are, as long as Your blood was red"

Anonymous said...

I found myself attractd 2 guyz..YES! I fondled @ a very tender age with a cousin...buh then i didnt realize how terribl it was. I jst satisfied my desires. Now, i am a xtain and i'v stl got dat feeln..i like girls buh d attraction 2 guy'z masculine bodies from chest to butts and thighs stl are stil there.. I DONT WANT ANYMORE...I NEED HELP. I dont want 2 decide 2 deny d feelins. I jst dont want em again.

Fruitful said...

You will need to fight the good fight of Faith. God is able to deliver you. I used to steal when I was much younger but now I have totally been delivered and I cannot even stand to have another person's item in my possesion. I faced it in Christ Jesus and His blood has delivered me. You need to know the truth, What God has said about homosexuality and their end and these truth will set you free because the Word that God speak is powerful and active.

I know God has you in His plan and HE has heard your cry and HE will deliver you - Amen!

Fruitful said...

I will further like to add that the homosexuality like other sin and curses they ae spirit that needs a body to operate. We as Christians do not war after the flesh, our weapon of warfare are not carnal... it starts in the thought. I am a normal person, but I don not want to have sex before marriage, when I see things or feel feelings that will not lead me in the right direction, I immediately start to speak in tongues, I commune with God in the Spirit and I tell you that I receive ready help from the Holy Spirit. It's time we begin to address spiritual matters with Spiritual solutions.... I pray strongly and hard in the Holy Ghost until the thoughts of foolishness and damnation loose it's grip and power over me.

I am sure you can apply this principles too and in no time, you will walk in the true freedom you desire.

God is here to help you, Holy Ghost and the Jesus the Prince of Peace is here to give you all the support. He died that you may have life and have it abundantly.

L said...

Praying for Deliverance
Amen to what Craig said... I'm praying that God deliver me from this spirit, cause that's what it is a spirit of lust that makes you choose a lifestyle that's not of God. And if you love God an give your whole life to Him, there's nothing He won't do for you... So I'm trusting my Father, WILL deliver me cause He can, for our God greater an higher than any other...

Anonymous said...

You can't be preaching & thinking that because you up in church praising God, mean he accepts Homosexualility. God made Woman for man. He giving people a chance to change there lives around. So if you think he going to accept you Lesbian, Gay the devil is a liar. It's not normal it's nothing but temptation, God know what he is doing never did he make anyone Lesbian or Gay! Don't make him out be a liar.Because you wasn't born. that way.

Anonymous said...

It's a spirit of perversion. One of the first spirits the devil unleashed upon mankind. He spread curses over the seed of man. Made man believe that the curse of homosexuality was normal. I speak in tongues. The devil cursed me with homosexuality. I was lost. I decided since 1999 that I would never give myself to another man. I kept that promise. I was saved in 2004 with the gift of tongues and have never looked back. I am attacked all the time but I say devil go ahead and do your thing. I receive the holy spirit and I'll be delivered to fight another day. It is a spirit that we must take warfare against in the spiritual realms. This is definitely spiritual warfare. The ones who believe homosexuality is normal have given up and are not strong. Once a spirit believes he has you he will attack you forever. You can expell a demon and he will come back with seven more more hideous than the prior. That is the nature of Satan. We must be strong and let the love of Jesus christ protect us in the blood. God is good. Be blessed

Anonymous said...

y is it one person always has to play the part of a male or female in same sex relationships. Cant you see that God inteded for man and woman to be together not man and man and female to female. WAKE UP MAN

Victor Steven said...

Pastor Donny McClurkin is one of the greatest worship leaders. Stay away from speaking evil about him. It will do you GOOD.

shenequiwa smith said...

i belive that if you belive and confess jesus as your lord ans savior that all things are possible all of us had a god we worshiped in the world it could have been drugs,alhcohol, homosexuality ect but when you get tired and summit to jesus cjrist he changes you from the inside out so its like it never happened. if you have faith then all things are possible. and when you become a child of god the bible says you are a new creature. old things are cast away behold all things become new. so no need to judge him we accept him for we are all brothers and sisters in christ. if you are still judging him then you are no child of god you are not serving the lord and your not saved. i would watch your mouths because life n death are in the toung and the lord said do not touch my aointed and do my prophet no harm and that includes words. thats all i have to say about that god bless

rchelleblessed said...

Why do gay people always insist that a person can't turn from being gay, but yet we see it happen all of the time in real life. People really do want to leave that lifestyle and live for GOD, but the gays are mad. The ex-gay movement is not a scam, gay people just can't stand the fact that people are leaving the homosexual lifestyle. I know people who have come out..so what we are supposed to believe ya'll over them, when we see them living life as hetero-sexuals. I guess that blows the whole "born this way" theory out the window...but then again, so does a lot of other thin gs as well. Don't be bitter, don't be mad. Just like Donnie said, they could not stop Jesus in the church that day, and can't nobody stop Him now.

Anonymous said...

Donnie McClurkin was a victim- as most homosexuals are- of what Dr. Ernest Jackson has termed LTPCDP[ late term positional coitus during pregnancy]. The theory here is that homosexuals are actually born that way as a resultant of late term sexual intercourse.
During sexual intercourse in the last trimester of pregnancy, the position of the fetus plays an integral role in the latent development of homosexual tendencies. Any fetal position in the womb that would place the anus of the fetus or the mouth of the fetus in a direct vector to an inserted penis cause a reoccurring stimulation to those areas- one that is instantly mapped by the baby's brain as pleasurable. Hence, by the time the child is five years old, his or her brain already has been programmed to find oral and rectal gratification as pleasurable, even though the child may not be actively aware of it. Some fetuses even "know" when the birth mother is about to have sex and will start "kicking and turning in the womb" to achieve a head first or breech position inline with the vaginal canal, so that the pulsating pressure waves from repeated penile thrust will stimulate those areas. This is why pregnant women in the last trimester should only receive oral stimulation from their male partner, especially if he is large- or use masturbation as an alternative release. Because pregnant White women have for decades made prodigious use of enormous vibrators of all types and pulsations, it is easy to see now why homosexuality among Caucasians has more than quadrupled exponentially since 1980. Donnie McClurkin may have simply been a victim of his mothers or fathers sexual appetite...no different from James Cleveland and others. So potential mothers: watch what and how you do it during the last trimester...unless, of course you are looking to make a "Mr. Wrong".

Anonymous said...

Trying to live a commitment is hard, and doesn't always turn out the way you want. In my case, when I got into my 40s, I increasingly became aware of my frustrated desire. We are all individuals. God bless you Donny!

Anonymous said...

I clearly understand what Donnie is saying. He spelled it out for us so why do people continue to call him gay. If people can be delivered from drugs etc. then why cant they be delivered from same sex attraction etc. Actually as Donnie well put it someone MOLESTED him basically stating he was not born that way. The same happens for a man molesting a young child they also have to overcome that! And they do if they work on it!

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