Friday, April 24, 2009

Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson. Ever!

An emergency medical technician who claims Michael Jackson's Cadillac Escalade crashed into his ambulance yesterday is considering a lawsuit, reports RadarOnline.

Jamin Mauro told KNBC, Los Angeles' network affiliate, that the incident took place while the EMT and his partner were idling outside Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He claims that as Jackson's vehicle pulled to the curb, it sideswiped the ambulance and knocked off the vehicle's mirror.

Jackson's driver jumped out, umbrella in hand, to meet the singer, who was exiting the hospital. But, Mauro says, the duo fled the scene with nary a word about the smash.

Now Mauro is hoping his pictures will do the speaking for him, as the quick-thinking EMT snapped photos of the black Escalade for insurance purposes.

"We were hit by the Escalade, and I was taking pictures for my company insurance," he said. "About 30 seconds later, Jackson walked out of a medical building. He jumped into the Escalade and they sped off. I don't know if Jackson told him to leave or not. But they should have stayed."

The Beverly Hills Police Department confirms that an accident took place, "causing moderate damage" to the ambulance, and noted that the offending vehicle was "being followed by a group of paparazzi at the time of the collision," but did not confirm whether it was Jackson's car that did the damage.

Meanwhile, looking forward to possible litigation, Mauro and his partner told TMZ that they're planning on visiting a doctor later today, complaining that they got banged up in the fender-bending incident.

They got banged up by? RMFAO! It looks like the ambulance chasers drive ambulances.

Jamin needs to look the hell down! For real!


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