Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wendy Bans Bow Wow From Show

Yesterday, Bow Wow was expected to make an appearance on The Experience, but five minutes beforehand he canceled -- only to pop up on a competing radio show.

Wendy is not having it! She spazzes out on Bow Wow (whom she likes), his management (Sony, Columbia), Jermaine Dupri (who can keep his mom nice and "nice") and of course, Angie Martinez (who wants to listen to another boring damn interview?)

Take a listen as Wendy unleahses her wrath.


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Justize Freedom said...

Damn you Bow Wow! He should have come on the show for sure, he's such a lame for that. I am glad Wendy read him on the air. They are all going to be rushing to be on her TV show when it is number one on the air. Wait and see haters. Wendy is going to have her time to shine. I will be right there supporting 100%. How You Doin'?!

Slim said...

What goes around comes around. Wendy had said/done her dirt and its inevitable for it to come back around. That's the cycle of life. Lil man skipped the interview to go to Angie...fine. Now you know where you stand and everyone can move on. The reality is, mentioning Angie's name just gives her credibility and press. It wouldve been better had Wendy checked her emotions, made a statement saying Bow Wow "played" himself and he can't come on the show anymore. Whining about it and badmouthing Angie Martinez comes off to the public as Wendy being salty because she had more to gain by him doing the interview, than he had to lose by not doing it.

Anonymous said...

I wold have been steaming also Wendy!!!! Bow-Wow is wack anyhow =)

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