Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WTF! Oprah Has Three Years to Live

Stop it, National Enquirer. You all stop it right now!

We don't believe one word of this, but...

According to "experts" hired by the Enqurier, Oprah has three years to live.

Why? They cite her ballooning weight due to her thyroid disease.

"Unless [she] undergoes lifesaving surgery to remove her thyroid, she'll eat her way into an early grave," the tabloid said. "Without the surgery, it's unlikely that Oprah will ever be able to control her weight, and she could suffer a fatal heart attack or stroke, those experts warn."

We tend to think Oprah will be OK, with Dr Oz and all that money on her side.

They say you can't buy good health, but having access to the best medical care and the money to pay for it, certainly makes your chances of survival exponentially greater.

Furthermore, we are no longer buying these "experts" predicting people's expiration date. If they were right, Michael Jackson would have been dead years ago.
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate the National Enquirer. They are stupid, and make up lies about celebrities that nobody believes! I think any magazines who make up stories about celebrities or say bad things about them are disgusting. Celebs still have children, parents, siblings, etc. who love them and have to read this bs. But I guess that's just their job. Oprah has three years to live, my ass!

Anonymous said...

Just came across this post and, for what it's worth, weight gain is caused by hypothyroidism which means your thyroid does not produce enough hormone. This is usually treated with a once daily hormone replacement pill. Removing the thyroid, as the enquirer states, would do nothing because it isn't producing enough hormone to begin with. You would think their "experts" would at least get the science right.

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