Friday, May 29, 2009

911 Call From Mike Tyson's Daughter's Tragic Accident

Here's the dramatic transcript from the mother of Mike Tyson’s daughter to a 911 dispatcher. Exodus Tyson died tragically on Tuesday after she was found hanging from a treadmill by its power cable.

The transcript, obtained by TMZ, from the 911 call details the mother's - who is said to be 34-year-old Sol Xochitl (pictured) - frantic attempts to resuscitate Exodus by performing CPR, while the dispatcher sends help and tries to keep the mother talking and on the phone. The transcript ends as paramedics arrive at the scene and begin to help the little girl.

911: Phoenix, 911. Where is your emergency?
Mom: ... (
very excitedly)...Yes, my baby. She's choked and she has the thing from the..
911: Okay, Let me get you the Fire Department. Stay on the Phone.
Mom: ..(breathing very frantically/excitedly while she's waiting for Fire to get on the phone)...
Fire: Fire Department, What's the location of the emergency?
Mom: *** North **Th Avenue!
Fire: Is that a house of an apartment, M'am?
Mom: It's a house! Please!!!
Fire; What the phone number you're calling from?
Mom: (602) ***-****!
Fire: What is the emergency?
Mom: My baby choked from the treadmill thing!!! Please!!!
Fire: Okay.
Mom: Please hurry up!!!
Fire: .. How old's the baby?
Mom: ...(
very upset) .. She's 4!!!
Fire: Okay, and and what happened to her?
Mom: Excuse me?!!! (
Very upset/hard to comprehend what is being asked)
Fire: What happened to her?
Mom: She choked from the.. from the cord from the treadmill.
Fire: Got shocked?
Mom: Yes!!!
Fire: Okay, we have help on the way out there. Is he awake and talking to you?
Mom: Excuse me?!!!
Fire: Is she awake?
Mom: ... (
very frantic)... NO!!!
Fire: Is she breathing?
Mom: .. (
starting to cry)... I don't think so!!!

Fire: Okay, Listen. This is what I want you to do. I want you to get her in an open area. Lay her flat on her... on her back on the floor.
Mom: Okay!
Fire: Okay? And they're coming as fast as they can. What I want you to do, is I want you to tilt her head slightly back...
Mom: ... (
Breathing very heavy/excitedly/frantic)... Uh-huh!
Fire: One hand on her forehead, one hand underneath her chin. Tilt her head slightly back...
Mom: ... (
Breathing very heavy/excitedly/frantic)... Uh-huh!
Fire: And put your ear next to her mouth..
Mom: There's a lot of fluids in her mouth!!!
Fire: Fluids in her mouth?
Mom: Yes! Blood!!!
Fire: Can you turn her .. Can you turn her on her side?
Mom: Yes!!!
Fire: Okay, and try and get.. Try and get that blood to drain out, OK?
Mom: Should I throw her down like - like her back? On the back?
Fire: Just - Just turn her over. Turn her over till her...
Mom: Should I do CPR on her?!??? (
Rise in voice volume/Very frantic)...
Fire: Yeah, I'm gonna tell you how to do CPR.
Mom: I know to do it!!!
Fire: You know how to do it?
Mom: Yes!!!
Fire: OK, I want you to go ahead and get the blood outta there as best as you can and then you start CPR on her.
Mom: OK!!!
Fire: I'm gonna stay on the phone with you, OK? You let me know if you need any instruction.
Mom: ... (
Breathing very frantically while counting underneath her breath very excitedly)... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.. (Counts up to 25).
Fire: You're doing a good job, OK. Is there anyone else there with you?
Mom: ... (
No response/Just frantically performing CPR)... Counts from one up to six verbally and rhythmic breathing.
Fire: They're coming as fast as they can, OK. They're about a mile away.
Mom: ...(
No response/ just frantically performing CPR and beginning to cry)...
Fire: I want you to keep doing CPR until take over.
Mom: ... (
Fire: You're doing a good job.
Mom: ... (
frantic)... Oh, Please!!! Please!!! OPen the door, papi.
Fire: You still doing CPR, Mam?
Mom: Hello?
Fire: You're still doing CPR, right?
Mom: ... (
crying)... Yes!!!
Fire: Don't Stop. Keep doing it until they get there, OK?
Mom: ... (
stressed/frantic)... Oh, my God!!!
Fire: I need you to concentrate. Keep doing CPR.
Mom: ...(
very stressed/frantic/excited breathing)...
Fire: Do you need any instructions?
Mom: They're here!!!
Fire: ...(
Unintelligible)... Living Room.
Fire: Do not stop CPR, OK?
Mom: OK.
Fire: Keep doing it until they take over for you.
Police Arrival: What happened?
Mom: She just got the cord... On the cord.
Fire: Keep doing CPR!
Mom: ...(
talking to the paramedics at the house).. He said keep doing CPR!!! She tied herself with the cord.
Police Arrival: Where's the cord at?
Mom: Right here in the treadmill!!! Ohhh?!!!... (very upset/frantic)... Miguel, Put them right there. Oh my God!!!
Police Arrival: We're here. Find that cord.... (

From: TMZ
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Anonymous said...

Sad, so sad.

DB Pride

Attorneymom said...

Why?? Why did 911 officials release this to the public??? What is the point???

Anonymous said...

Really heartbreaking...

Rie Helm said...

This breaks my heart.

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