Friday, May 22, 2009

Male Escort Claims Prince Charles, David Beckham are Gay

We are clutching our pearls and grabbing our invisible shawls as we report this story.

A former London male prostitute named "Colin" revealed to blogger Ian Halperin how he plans to out Britain’s elite world of gay men who pretend to be straight in a tell-all book to be released in 2010.

The former prostitute who lives in London’s exclusive Maida Vale area and goes my the alias "Colin" said he intends to out the likes of Prince Charles, David Beckham and Margaret Thatcher’s late husband Sir Denis Thatcher.

“These blokes can’t even think straight,” he said. “I’ve seen them all at down low parties. Charles is notoriously gay. He’s the biggest Queen in Britain. That’s what destroyed his relationship with Diana. He paid her millions to keep quiet about his sexuality. In fact, I will prove that Prince Harry was not fathered by Charles. By the time Di got pregnant with Harry, Charles and Di had not had sex in more than two years. I know that for a fact. Camilla (Parker Bowles) came on the scene for convenience. It’s a perfect case scenario for Charles. Camilla is into women, that’s what destroyed her previous marriage. They are both using their marriage mainly to stay in the closet in order to avoid public scrutiny."

“Colin” said Sir Denis was a client of his for years.

“He’d make me tie him up, spank him and give him blow jobs. Then he’d want it up the arse for an hour. He had amazing stamina.”

As for David Beckham, “Colin” said he’d only reveal that the soccer star likes to swing.

“He’s definitely into men, but I must save some things for my book,” he said.

We are gagging!

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Anonymous said...

one word: DUH!

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard about defo true and for a very long tie..Mountbatten prob left his mark poor sod. Dennis from what i've read more than likely and Beckham wouldn't surprise me in the slightest ..

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