Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surprise! Yung Joc Doesn't Out Any DL Gay Rappers

Rapper Yung Joc hinted yesterday he would out someone either from Bad Boy or Block Entertainment - the latter he recently filed a lawsuit against for contractual discrepancies and unpaid royalties - as gay today, but the joke's on you all, because the whole thing was a publicity stunt, orchestrated by Mediatakeout, to make him more famous. Congratulations!

Sidebar: Was it really a PR stunt, as he would like us to believe, or did someone from Bad Boy or Block swoop down and told him to keep his mouth closed? Interesting.

Let's not forget about the craziness he tweeted about him getting bit by a dog while doing coke with DMX and Katt Williams. (The dog was allegedly also high.)

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Anonymous said...

What is it about rappers and other artists with these publicity stunts? Most people dont buy cds nowadays anyway. We download the music FREE, entire albums {before they even come out}. If a fan really likes an artist, u will know when u sell out shows.

Anonymous said...

The Brotherhood swooped down on that ass and got him together. LOL! He is very corny. I am sure he has sucked a few ones with those big lips.

Anonymous said...

If he snitched, his butt would have been found mugged or dead somewhere..he did not want to mess w/the d/l mafia


P. Shiddy being the ring leader, followed by LA

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