Friday, May 22, 2009

Wendy: Trina is Sweet as Pie, But She's a Hoe

Trina is sweet as pie, but when Wendy read on MTO the rapper confessed to sleeping with (married) LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, that gave her the opportunity to let Trina, who is dating Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin, know how she really feels about her.

Caution: Grease ahead!

Trina's publicist fired off this statement refuting mediafakeout's claims that Trina slept with Kobe or had a fight with his wife Vanessa.

The statement read:
“Trina does not know NBA player Kobe Bryant in neither a personal or business manner,” her publicist Krystle Coleman told “Please note, the 2004 Trina song entitled ‘Heated’ was for ‘entertainment purposes’ ONLY! As [with] other rapper/raptresses in today’s society, Trina’s rap lyrics are a result of entertainment and a fabricated ‘image’ and not real life experiences or [subject] matters.”
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Anonymous said...

old habits die hard, I guess....

Anonymous said...

Wendy Williams aint shit Please tell me how Wendy know if Trina a hoe. Just caz she rap bout male rappers be rapping bout riding a lot a girl dat dont mean they did it. Wendy I used to like you but you just "mouth hoe" you act like dem little girls who be getting beat up for running dey mouth to much an dont have all da facts. "FONEY BITCHES GET DA FUCK WAY FROM ME". Dat's kenyon martins decision u look like you been hurled da fuck up. Talking bout drag up bitch please

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