Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cassidy Confirms He Slept With Kanye's Girl, Amber Rose

Ed. Note: This post contains graphic language.

As we can all surmise, Amber Rose and Kanye have split. Why? According to our report, she was creeping with rapper Cassidy. As a result, Kanye dumped her ass.

Amber has since denied knowing Cassidy. But - and however - Cassidy is not only admitting to knowing Amber, he raps on a remix to Beyoncè's "Ego" about having sex with the "model" and throws some a lot of jabs at her ex, Kanye, in the process.


“I f*cked ya girl on D-low, cause I’m that nigga and I got a bigger ego. For free yo, I let her climb on the tree yo. Now she with me yo, so adios amigo. No you ain’t big as me yo. So when I hit , she said my d*ck too big, fat, wide, and thick. What I was born with is enormous, when I try to fit, she holler like ‘you got a big ego, AGH SHIT!’ And that’s why she on my d*ck, cause I got a huge ego, I’m a hero. I save the day, it’s L-O-V-E yo, she never felt that way ’till she started fucking with me yo. I took her from you like D-bo, ’cause your ass always had her going to bed mad like Ne-Yo.”

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Anonymous said...

That is so funny who would want to rap about taking a female from Kanye.. They did him a favor. LMAO

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