Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eliot Spitzer Paid Hookers With Money Orders

As the government wraps up it's case against the prostitution ring former New York governor Eliot Spitzer famously patronized, details about the lengths he went through to keep his involvement a secret are now emerging.

Temeka Rachelle Lewis, who served as the ring's booker, was sentenced to one year probation, but the government also unsealed her notes which revealed how the governor paid for the services and how what frequency he was cheating on his wife with hookers.

Mr. Spitzer, according to the documents and the lawyer's comments, met regularly with Emperor's Club prostitutes, sometimes in cities outside of New York and Washington, over 18 months to 2 years, using a variety of aliases and paying with money orders from the United States Postal Service.

The records unsealed on Monday at the sentencing of the booker, Temeka Rachelle Lewis, 33, included the prosecution's letter detailing her "substantial assistance" to their investigation and her defense lawyer's sentencing memorandum.

In the memorandum, Ms. Lewis's lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, wrote that she "provided the government with the names of hotels, the approximate dates of meetings, the names of women the governor saw, different names the governor utilized and different ways the governor paid for these sessions."

The information, he wrote, also included the cities where the liaisons occurred, the period during which they occurred, the regularity with which they occurred and how he wanted the hotel rooms to be booked and reserved, "presumably to conceal his involvement."

He said that over 18 months to 2 years, the governor had arranged "several different liaisons" with women working for the Emperor's Club. The assignations, he said, took place in cities outside of New York and Washington, and the governor paid using postal money orders, a method he called "relatively unsophisticated" and an indication that Mr. Spitzer was spending his own money.

BTW: The prostitution ring leader, Kristin Davis, served time in jail and came to Wendy to dish.

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