Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kobe Bryant's Alleged Rape Victim Freestyles About Incident

Update: Several readers have told us that the woman "rapping" may not be Katelyn.

Katelyn Faber, the woman who accused Kobe Bryant of raping her from behind at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera hotel in Cordillera, Colorado where she worked, is now freestyling about the incident, asking "Kobe, tell me why my ass bled?"

To hear her tell it: she's taking back control of the incident, saying what Kobe did "ain't right".

Apparently he tore up her bowels.


A full background on the case, after the jump.

Kobe said he checked into Room 35 of the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera on June 28, 2003, and then the alleged victim gave him a tour of the hotel on July 1. After the tour he claims they went to his room and were kissing. He said Katelyn showed him a tattoo on her lower back that had music and instruments on it, and told him she wanted to be a singer. He said Katelyn then gave him oral sex for a few seconds before bending over a chair and pulling up her skirt. Bryant said he stopped having intercourse with her after he asked if he could "cum on her face", and she said no. When the investigator asked him if he always liked to ejaculate on his partner’s face, Kobe said, “That’s my thing, not always, I mean, so I stopped. Jesus Christ man.” He said Faber asked him to sign autographs and then left his room once the intercourse ended. He also told investigators that he didn’t ejaculate during the intercourse and instead masturbated in his room after she left.

Her side of the story is a little different. Katelyn said after giving Kobe a tour of the hotel she became “uncomfortable” because he was being flirtatious. She said she got up to leave and that Kobe asked her for a hug. Then she said he kissed her when she looked up at him. She later said both the hug and kiss were consensual, but she never wanted to have sex with Bryant.

Katelyn stated the kiss lasted 5 minutes, and then KObe pulled down his pants and started groping her. She claimed that she tried to pull away at that point, and said he put both of his hands around her neck to choke her. She said he pulled her over to the chair by her neck, where he "bent her over the chair and pulled down her panties". She said he then penetrated her from behind with one hand on her neck holding her down. She said both her hands were on the chair and that she said “no” repeatedly. She said she wasn’t resisting because she was afraid he would become “more physical.”

She told investigators that Kobe then asked whether she "liked it if a guy came on [her] face". She said she told him "no". And then she "got a little more aggressive with him and tried to release his hands from [her] neck". After "trying as hard as [she] could to get away" she said Kobe stopped having intercourse with her, and she was able to free herself. She said Kobe made her promise not to tell anyone, and then he forced her to wash her face before she could leave. She told investigators three times that she washed her face in his room before she left the room, but later claimed she never washed her face. She later explained to that Kobe made her kiss his penis after the intercourse by pulling her head down with both hands. She stated that there was nothing else that she could recall. A rape examination revealed "vaginal trauma" and that her g-string had a very small brown mark on the crotch that was identified as dried blood.

There days after the alleged rape Katelyn bragged about the incident to friends at a party. According to reports, Katelyn was taking an anti-psychotic drug for the treatment of schizophrenia at the time of the incident. In fact, she was hospitalized as a "danger to herself" four months before the alleged sexual assault. Lindsey McKinney, who lived with the accuser, said the woman twice tried to kill herself at school by overdosing on sleeping pills. Before the alleged incident, Katelyn, an aspiring singer, tried out for the television show "American Idol" with the song "Forgive" by Rebecca Lynn Howard, but failed to advance.

She filed a civil suit, which was settled.


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Anonymous said...

why we protect these animals and try to bash the young lady or make her look bad. All the while Kobe just buys his way out of it. The bastard POS should hang by a rope and if there was a true worrier out there they would send him to the ultimate judge. How do we let this pig do this to her and get away with it? Remember OJ and the bloody glove? Well anyone that has ever worked with leather gloves in a wet environment and the gloves get wet knows that they shrink, these gloves were soaked with blood then dried, it is stupid. I am real mad that with money comes a easy way out. Now that the prisons are full and they let people like this out daily. Get a rope and hang them high, the animals have taken over and those in charge just let them hurt all of us and maybe your child is next! quit saying not me for it is every where. America is done, they killed Norman Rockwell and the 1% gets all the money and abusive powers.

Anonymous said...

Kobe did not rape that girl. His only mistake is cheating on his wife and getting himself into this situation. It's common knowledge black men, especially well known black men, need to stay away from white women. It's known that they are known to demise an drag black men's name through the dirt. It's in movies, it's happened in life an yet black men STILL fall victim to their traps. Look at Emmett Till, killed for allegedly "whistling" at a white women. That movie White washed, a black man falsely accused of rapping a white women almost put on death row. Daddy's girls, black men sent to jail for a false rape of yet another white girl. Black men be smarter!

Anonymous said...

To the above poster saying he didnt rape her. Words can not describe how stupid you are, hell he even admitted after that she didnt want to have sex with him. Inferiority complex much? Get over yourself you racist hick

Anonymous said...

To everyone...we can not stand here and judge the situation ourselves...let's look beyond the color of skin and his financial status and rely on the hope that God will judge and render the verdict in the end. Vengeance is mine says the Lore I will repay, let's move forward praying that incidents such as this reference above, begin to decrease!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the girl had some issues already I'n her life.. looks to me like she was looking for fame and money. Plus her story changed... Kobe is a well known rich super star who could have almost any girl he wants why would he rape this girl???.. classic white girl cries rape over a black man. Because here in america black men are guilty until proven innocent. Especially when it comes to a white girl

Anonymous said...

Why consentually kiss someone for 5min if they made you feel uncomfortable? ???

Unknown said...

Yes, her story changed. Do you realize that a person's brain can protect them from traumatic memories by making you forget? Any other traumatic situation affects people that way. They forget random details and may or may not remember them later.

Second, the girl had vaginal trauma. Do you have any idea how much vaginas are designed to put up with? Baby birthing is a one part of it. It takes a LOT of aggression to cause vaginal trauma. She may have consented to the kissing part, because hell, who would turn down kisses from a famous rich guy? However, it's pretty obvious that the sex wasn't consensual if there was blood and bruises involved.

Third, yes Kobe could probably get any girl he wants. He's got a lot of money and a beautiful wife. So why would he go for some random white chick? Because he felt like it, and no one would believe her story.

Something this article fails to mention, traffic cameras showed that the girl was driving about 20 mph in a 45 mph zone on the way home from work that day. Reason? She was traumatized! She was also bruised badly around the neck. She made it up? Bullshit.

Why were the charges dropped? He offered her a fat stack of money, and she was receiving death threats and being stalked relentlessly. Some people really love basketball.
The most nauseating thing about this whole story is his confession. He very artfully crafted a statement: "I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter."

To anyone out there who thinks there's some grey area when it comes to consent, you're the reason rapist are rarely ever convicted. Think long and hard before you make that judgement call.

Anonymous said...

According to the Judges report the rape kit found semen from two different men and neither was from Kobe Bryant. The vaginal trauma might have been caused by one or both of them. Also in the Judges report the night auditor working at the hotel claimed that everything was fine with Miss Faber when she returned from Mr. Bryant's room that night. She wasn't traumatized as you suggest. The police also compromised evidence that would clear Kobe Bryant. Please read the Judges report before making stupid comments.

Anonymous said...

Basically, you can tell that she liked Kobe because I mean yyou're not finna kiss somebody for 5 minutes straight without liking them . Everything was going fine them he probably tried to do anal and she didn't want that .

Unknown said...

1 more game to go and then we never have to watch this sorry excuse for a human being and extremely overrated basketball player play again! I can't wait! Go play in traffic Kobe!

Stephen said...

i know the woman involved in the case....she made it all up.

Sarah above said, "the girl had vaginal trauma. Do you have any idea how much vaginas are designed to put up with? Baby birthing is a one part of it. It takes a LOT of aggression to cause vaginal trauma."

Obviously your man isn't giving it to you right in bed.

....In all seriousness, the chick is a whore. She probably got banged out by several men within that same day

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