Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lenny Kravitz Hasn't Had Sex in 4 Years

Singer Lenny Kravitz has been quite a ladies man, bedding the likes of Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and Nicole Kidman. But, he's sworn off casual relationships - which includes sex - until he find the woman he can marry. So, she's been looking and looking and looking and she hasn't come in four years. Yup, he's been celibate for four years and counting.

But, he's praying she comes soon because he's horny it's driving him mad.

“It’s very hard. For some periods of time it’s easy, and then it’s really hard. It goes back and forth. It’s not hard just walking through life, and you see women, and I admire them – I love being around women. But if you’re seeing someone, you’ve got to explain, ‘Well this is what I’m doing in life – so that’s not going to be a part of it’," he said. “Right now I’m just kind of sailing and watching and waiting and trying to be patient. There are times when I’m patient and there’s times when I’m, ‘Come on, Lord, bring this for me…’”

So, groupies, Lenny is looking for wifey.

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