Friday, June 19, 2009

OJ Simpson's Ex-Girlfriend Writes Tell-All Book About Abortions, Cocaine Use, Physical Abuse

While the ex-footballer OJ Simpson is locked away in prison — doing nine to 33 years for armed robbery — his ex-girlfriend plans to tell all about their life together in a proposed memoir.

The New York Post reports that Christine Prody — who met OJ as a 20-year-old tourist from Minnesota when she stopped to gawk at his infamous Brentwood, Calif. mansion — has a book in the works — to be called Spellbound: My Life With OJ Simpson — about her turbulent relationship with the acquitted murderer, including 13 years of cocaine, pregnancy, abuse, jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation and rage.

"She says after he wore her down and made her have an abortion, he 'refused' to accompany her to the hospital," reports the Post. "He abandoned her, left her at the curb, made her go alone and then left for a game of golf, and she had to get one of his associates to fetch her. Page 9 of her book proposal refers to that as one of two abortions OJ made her have."

Christine — a former waitress who moved with OJ to Miami and helped care for his children Sydney and Justin — says her famous ex-boyfriend often spoke about Nicole Brown Simpson, his ex-wife whom he was acquitted of murdering — along with her friend Ron Goldman — in 1995.

"He'd continually refer to Nicole," reports the Post. "He'd compare their bodies and say Nicole's was better. And Nicole was smarter. He suggested cosmetic surgery so Christine could look more like Nicole. A night Christine wore black he said, 'Nicole wore black the night of her murder.' He said often that Nicole was an awful mother. He convinced Christine it was he who'd been the victim."

A trail of police reports can also document OJ's rocky relationship with Christine. Among them is a 1999 call Simpson made to 911 in which he said, “She's been doing drugs for two days ... I'm trying to get her to leave her house to go into rehab right now.” One year later, police were called to a Miami hotel for a disturbance involving the couple. OJ said she kicked him and slapped but declined to press charges. Then a year after that, she accused him of breaking into her home, but that time she didn’t press charges.


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Anonymous said...

Its really over! OJ was a drug head. Did anyone question who supplied all the cocaine and drugs that him and Nicole was supplying for all the parties they were throwing? And did they owe any bad powerful people?! It happens! I believe It's his fault she dead! He should have paid the piper in time! Mark firmament lied under oath! Why? Who was he working for! ? He claim he did not know what a
columbian neck tie
was! And planted a glove to small idiot! And who is Ron Goldman? A friend Yeah right! I believe he was there to make sure
OJ pays his cocaine bill!

Anonymous said...

He's an arrogant windbag. Most of the women he dated or had a relationship with said he was a Jekyll-Hyde abusive womanizer. Nicole detailed how he belittled her in a letter she wrote to him.
Poor girl. She met him when she was only 17, hoping to have a fairy tale life. Little did she know that he would end up reducing her self-esteem and practically decapitating her. She never had a chance to sow her wild oats while being married to him. He committed adultery while they were married, yet expected her to be celibate during their marriage AND apparently after the divorce. He's like any other psychopath in that he could do as he pleased with no remorse. He lost his soul, his money and his reputation.

Unknown said...

All I have to say is karma! what goes around eventually comes back around to bite you in the ASS. This is our legal system how pathetic that we couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt. I bet new technologies will advance enough to shed light on the truth one day.

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