Friday, June 12, 2009

Sheree Whitfield at Center of Sexual Assault Claim

After Sheree Whitfield's presentation of hideous fashions at her fashion show last month in Atlanta, a male guest was propositioned for sex by one of the hosts of the show, reports Freddy O.

Of course! The host is also male. This happened in How You Doin' central - Atlanta, after all.

Freddy O overheard the alleged victim relaying the details of the incident to another guest.

"This nigga just tried me, he came to me and asked if I wanted a drink, I was like cool then after 3 drinks said 'I will pay you $10,000, if you come up stairs wit me.' I was like hell no, he then said 10 could turn into 20, 20 could turn into 50, it all depends on you."

Now get this! Dude is reportedly threatening to sue the male host and Sheree because he felt disrespected.

"Yes, I am aware of the incident, but cannot speak on the issues until the matter is resolved. I was told about the man and and his proposition and has had the opportunity to speak with him but I did not take part and was completely unaware of the proposition until after it had happen. It’s funny how people will do anything to get money. I really think this will just blow over," Sheree said.

Can you really sue someone for making sexual advances at you in a social setting? Who turns down $50,000 for a little anonymous gay sex? What a donkey! And how are you gonna feel disrespected when you're at a darn fashion show in darn Atlanta.

N, please!

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