Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wendy Kicks Pleasure P Out of the Studio

One quarter of some group we've never heard of, Pleasure P stopped by The Experience to promote his debut album - which we can assume no one will buy.

But the real reason Wendy invited him on to the show was to dish about the absurdity which allegedly went down at his album release party in Miami. Apparently Kim Whitley slapped Tamala Jones. Yada. Yada. Yada. (We're sure you've read about it elsewhere. Frankly, we don't care about two grown ass women throwing down like that.)

Pleasure P talks about his former bandmate's Gayest Youtube Video ever performances. He says his former bandmate isn't gay, though. But this proves otherwise. He also admits that he hasn't talked to the three other members of that group in two years.

Damn, what was their name? LOL.

When he wasn't forthcoming with the answers to the questions she was asking - and couldn't hold a note - Wendy kicked his ass out of the studio.

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Anonymous said...

Pleasure P = how you doin (anybody affiliated w/ that pedo Chris Stokes is suspect)

Anonymous said...

^lol. wendy made me die @ "manteka"!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, his voice was soo annoying. He sounded like he didnt brush his teeth for the day and like just woke up or something. I mean was that supposed ta be sexy?? NOT cool.

Unknown said...

Wendy Williams didn't even know the name of his song (Boyfriend #2).....so why would she put him on the show.....you just wasting his time....and that was a lame interview anyway.....what the hell was she thinking!!!! Pleasure P is one of the best R&B Artist out right now. And me personally thinks he's better than Trey Songz.

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