Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who's That Man With Beyoncè?

Someone dropped this photo in our inbox of Beyoncè posing with some people after her London show last week.

Which brings us to the question: Who is that man she's standing with? No, not the one wearing the hat.

We kid. We kid.

The person in the yellow top is a facsimile of Rihanna and goes by the name Shontelle. (She's a singer. Sounds like Rihanna. Looks like Rihanna. And she's from Barbados, too.)
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Anonymous said...

Since when did Shontelle get a Jay Leno chin?

Anonymous said...

lol Oh please! You're such a Wendy-lover. It's really not cool that you would post this (thanks at least for the "We kid, We kid" hope that's true) when ppl have been trying to also label Wendy in this same way for years. Wendy is fabulous and so is Shontelle! Anyways big fan of you regardless, but leave the girl alone. She is beautiful inside and out. Go check out some more of her pics. This simply seems to be a bad one. You should check out some of her interviews as well. She seems like such a wonderful girl. She's also VERY different from Rihanna (who also rocks by the way). She does have a Leno chin tho LOL!

How u doin????

annie_ said...

oh great... another one. she must be just as untalented as rihanna too.
but i love Beyoncé!

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