Friday, July 31, 2009

Court: Sisqo Must Pay Child Support for Son He Had With 14-Year-Old Girl

Sisqo must pay child support for a nine-year-old boy he is believed to have fathered in 1999.

Although no DNA tests were performed, a Zurich district court has come to the opinion that Sisqo is the "presumed father," reports the Basler Zeitung newspaper.

According to the mother, who's black and lives in Switzerland, she and her friends met Sisqo while he was performing with Dru Hill at a concert in Zurich in 1999.

"After the concert Sisqo was [standing] with his band at the bar, we went over and talked to them," she said. "Then everything went very fast."

After their one night stand, she soon learn she was pregnant. She was 14; he was 20.

When the child was six, she contacted Sisqo via his Web site and e-mailed him a photo of the little boy. She said Sisqo remembered who she was, but didn't acknowledge the child.

Legal proceedings then began.

The newspaper reports that Sisqo ignored repeated requests to take a paternity test.

Now after six years in court, "without the [one] hundred percent security of a paternity test", Sisqo has been presumed the father of the 9-year-old boy and was ordered to pay support.

It may be difficult for the mother to collect, though. She told the newspaper what she really wants is for her son to have a relationship with his father.


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Anonymous said...

Is he even a star anymore? I think he should be ordered to take the paternity test because come on 14 yrs. old, he should be punished. That's just nasty and he should have to pay.

joanne brown said...

aw man he got to pay child support,why the 14yrs old or 25yrs old wait so long in 2009.i'm his fan i didn't get a chance to see sisqo at all. this is a shame.

Darius Sinclair™ said...

In that country, it's a much different situation with sex and all. I'm sure you caan be younger, but damn.

I'm still waiting for one of the Jonas' Bros to have a illigitimate child. Lol.

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