Friday, July 10, 2009

Hugh Hefner Gets Sued. By a Crazy Person! For $3 Billion!

Sheri Allred, a woman who says she’s possessed by “the most beautifulest angel lusefer” who also claims she’s the reincarnation of “Venus Aphrodite Demilo” is suing Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for a whopping $3 billion, according to TMZ.

So what does Sheri have against Hugh?

In her lawsuit, she says Hugh’s a member of a pedophile organization in L.A., and that he hid under her bed when she was 5 and held her hand. Since then, she says he’s made her life “a mess.”

In the lengthy and incoherent statement Sheri alleges: (Note:we've left all the spelling errors in tact).

"Yes, sir I am asking for 3 billion dollars from Mr. Hefner. He's been after me since I was a baby.

"Along with a pedifile organization in L.A. When I was about 5 yrs. Old He mysteriously was underneath my bed and he grabbed my arm and said that he and forsay the beatles and he mentioned the names of them.

"I asked like in my head, since I'm a hat everone in the world heres my thought's, a good way to establish peace. So I thought and said you'd better let go of my hand (sic)."

Sheri - who later insists she was "born the biggest hat in the world" - claims Hugh has ruined her life and the lives of her adopted parents.

She adds: "He's always mayed my life my adopted families lives a mess you realize he's suppose to be be the centaur of the greek gods.

"And since I'm really a reincarnation, I really am Venus Aphrodite Demilo the goddess. Along with roger dawson he's odyeseuos and everyone I know knows this (sic)."

This should make for a good laugh around the Playboy mansion. Sheri should be imprisoned - or at the least be sent to a "medical facility" - for filing ridiculous lawsuits.

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