Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trainer Says Madonna Looks 'Unnatural', 'Outrageous', 'Unhealthy'

Madonna's weird looking arms have been the talk of the Internet. While we believe the photo has been distorted in some way7, either by the photographer or by their flash, some fitness experts are coming out saying Madonna's look is not the ideal and going so far as to call it "unhealthy" and "unnatural."

The singer is an avid gym rat. Under advice from her trainer, Madonna works out about 12 hours per week and has cut out processed foods, dairy and all spices, oil and sauces, alcohol and caffeine. All so she lose weight rapidly, according to reports.

“I know she is into pilates, but I just think it is her diet. She is super lean [and], eating is sixty-percent of any look. She’s definitely on some very strict eating,” Shawn Eisenbach, a personal training manager at New York Health & Racquet Club told Popeater. “People can do cardio four days a week and do weight training two days a week, [but] this is definitely too much. It doesn’t look good."

Personal trainer Kenville John is not so coy.

“This is not just a gym body. It is just unnatural. There is no way a person can get this body in a gym, he said. "Today people can look exactly how they want to look. It is mind boggling and very unhealthy. I just hope people don’t try to follow her and look like this. This is outrageous, crazy and unnatural. Plus, Madonna has a massive tour going on, so who knows what she might be taking to keep her going."

Look what the British press did to that same photo.


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