Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beyoncè Stans Had Brooke Hogan Scared, Forced Her to Cancel Concert

Well, we don't entirely know if that headline is true, but from what we witnessed last week, if we were Brooke, we would be pretty terrified, too.

According to Poptarts, Brooke was scheduled to perform in New York last Saturday but pulled out at the "last minute after suffering anxiety attacks, along with some other medical ailments."

Medical ailments?

Papa Hulk Hogan, who was scheduled to host the event, also canceled and rushed to Brooke's side. (A little extra security never hurts, right?)

“Brooke is incredibly sensitive,” a friend said. “She really cares about everyone around her and takes on a lot.”

We hope she learned her lesson: Keep Beyonce's name out of her mouth or risk another "Stan-pede." The stans are vicious!

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jjj said...

Haha dumb bitch ! keep Beyonce out yur fucking mouth and there would have been no damn problem.. Brooke better not come to damn philly cus the B fan's here will boo her ass & we can put that on youtube since the bitch want's so much attention...

Anonymous said...

As a Beyonce fan myself, I love her so much, but I'm not in stan mode and I was one of the very few on Brooke's side, I feel bad for her, sometimes Beyonce stans can go too far.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshite screw both of them who cares wt brooke hogan thinks - no1 - so y give her attention

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would tell me what she said.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord. Beyonce fans are so cute. Every think she might have some real life pressures? Brooke isn't phased by the hate - all part of the game!

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