Friday, August 21, 2009

Man Pretends to Be His Identical Twin Brother Then Rapes His Girlfriend

Are you a twin and secretly fantasized about sleeping with your twin brother's girlfriend?

Um, well, a Connecticut man did just that and now he's facing rape charges.

According to police, 25-year-old Jared Rohrig, pictured, posed as Joe Rohrig, his identical twin brother, to engage in a sexual encounter with his brother's girlfriend on July 19.

The woman has been dating Joe since March, and on July 19 she spoke on the phone with someone she believed was him and agreed to meet at his house, according to a search warrant.

When she arrived, she got into the hot tub with the Jared -- whom she believed was Joe -- began kissing him and agreed to go to an upstairs bedroom with him.

But as they were having sex she noticed something missing: the cowboy tattoo on Joe's left ass cheek was not there.

The woman "immediately began to cry and asked him where his tattoo went. The male replied that he had never had a tattoo and told her that she must have hooked up with his brother who had a tattoo. She realized at this point that this was not the person that she had previously had sexual relations with," said the warrant.

She told police that she got out of bed and tried to leave, but the Jared "grabbed her arms and threw her on the bed, where she continued to cry," and he continued to rape her, the warrant states.

Jared eventually drove the woman home, but could not find the way, even though Joe had previously visited there several times, she told police.

He told her Joe who had a steady girlfriend, did not want to meet her that day, but "he told me to go for it."

She told police she later received a text message from Joe's cell phone, the same one Jared had allegedly used to speak with her earlier, and the message read: "I want to apologize for what my brother did last night. I had no idea what was going on until this morning."

Jared surrendered to police Friday and posted $50,000 bond. He is to be arraigned on charges of first-degree sexual assault and criminal impersonation Sept. 8.

Oops, did we forget to mention: Jared is a police officer!

He has been on paid administrative leave from the force since July 23, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.


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Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute! It's not as though she wasn't aware the guy had a twin, or that the brother she had previously dated had a rather prominent tattoo on his ass. They were naked in a hot tub before they has sex, and even identical twins have subtle anatomical differences in most cases, much less a great big tushie tat! Hard to believe she didn't have her suspicions. Given that she knew that Joe had a new girlfriend I wouldn't be surprised if she was planning to alledge a rape all along, regardless of the brother. Moreover she did the initial pursuing. This was a booty call gone wrong, that's all. If intent was present it will be impossible to prove, and I'm betting she's as much to blame as him.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it could have been hot to me. He doesn't look like an ugly guy. I mean seriously....she was talking to him and such before hand....she knew it was not the same guy....please. She should have just got what she came there for and moved on. I am sure it was not all the way she has made it out to be! Please.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If she was dating him for that long she should have been able to tell them apart. I've been seeing a identical twin for 2 weeks now, and I can tell them apart. They may be identical twins but there's always something different.

Anonymous said...

Jared is not serious with her that's why he sent his brother to meet her instead. Hey lady, move on, you have learned the best lesson in your life.

I used to date a guy who has an identical twin brother. I can understand why this lady didn't know it was his twin. They must be a clone of each other, the guy I dated had the same face, same nose, same eyes, same hair, same voice, same height 6'1", walked the same, same teeth, same body structure, you name it. They never showed up together in front of me, when one was home the other had to leave if one brother expected a company. The funny thing is, they hated each other because they had no privacy, they stole each other's identity. When one was sick the other one was sick too even when one was in England and the other one was in US. I heard one time they showed up together at another brother's Birthday party, people freaked out and screamed because they never saw the other one. Only their siblings and parents saw them both at home together. One time I was at the tennis court, he was there unexpectedly (both of them played tennis). I played with someone else that day, after I was done playing, he walked me to the car and said "Drive carefully", at that point I immediately knew it was his twin brother, my guy only said "have a good night/day or see you later" and I later learned YES it was really his twin brother. omg, I was in shock driving home that evening, I couldn't believe my own eyes, I thought I saw his ghost. Sometimes I saw him from afar I yelled out his name and it happened to be him, he later said to me "wow, you were good", but in fact I couldn't tell if it was him or his brother, I thought it was him 50/50 I just guessed and my guess was correct haha. This is my experience with the twins I wanted to share with you. That was my puppy love, nothing serious. So, don't rush to the conclusion that this lady knew it was his twin brother, I say, NO she didn't know. She dated Joe for less than 4 months and might have not seen each other everyday. I give her credit for going to the authority, at least it will teach the twins, sleeping with your brother's girlfriend is ethically're not going to hear about this similar case in a long time. Amen

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