Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Douglas' Son's Girlfriend is a Donkey

Kelly Sott, the girlfriend of actor Michael Douglas' son, Cameron, was arrested after she tried to pass him 19 bags of heroin -- hidden in an electric toothbrush -- at the home he's serving out his house arrest which stems from being busted last month for trafficking crystal-meth. (Several other sources are saying Kelly smuggled the toothbrush containing the heroin into a federal courthouse where Cameron was attending a hearing about his case. If this is the case, then Kelly is even more idiotic!)

Anyway, the guards assigned to watch over Cameron overheard jim on the phone with a woman asking her to bring over some personal items, especially an electric toothbrush.

According to the court documents, Cameron "appeared to be very concerned about when the tooth brush would be delivered."

Kelly dropped off a black bag at the apartment and the suspicious guards opened up the brush and found it contained about 19 glassine bags.

DEA agents were called in, and they tested the bags and found that they contained heroin.

She was arrested, but maintained to investigators that she didn't know about the drugs. However, when the agents brought her to the Gansevoort Hotel room where she was staying, they found dozens of empty bags resembling those in the toothbrush, as well as varying amounts of heroin, marijuana and crystal meth.

Cameron was arrested last month at the same hotel on charges of dealing crystal meth between New York and Los Angeles. The complaints says he delivered the drug in person or via Fed Ex from a California hotel

New court documents revealed Monday that the feds have video evidence that Kelly mailed a "gift basket" from California to New York containing the suspected crystal meth.


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