Monday, August 31, 2009

Woman Undergoes Risky Surgery to Turn Brown Eyes Blue. Now She's Almost Blind

A British woman traveled to Panama with the hopes of turning her brown eyes light blue, but the surgery had to be reversed and now she may lose her sight.

"It was the biggest mistake I have ever made," Shenise Farrell, pictured above pre- and post-surgery, told the Daily Mail. "To think I could have never been able to see my children again. It was totally reckless of me.’

Despite being told by doctors and loved ones not to undergo the surgery that's not FDA approved (or approved in the UK) Shenise took all of her life savings handed over the $3,000 deposit and hightailed to Panama last June to a clinic run by Dr Delary Alberto Kahn, who invented the procedure called NewColorIris. (She told her family she was going on vacation.)

A silicon disk is introduced in the eye over the iris to obtain whatever eye color you wish. The colored silicon disk is implanted into the eye through microsurgery under topical anesthesia. The entire surgery costs about $8,000, plus travel expenses.

"The procedure was unpleasant and painful. I screamed out at one point. But it was over within ten minutes and I was taken back to my hotel with just some eye drops and told to buy my own painkillers," Shenise said.

Her vision remained blurry for eight days and, because she couldn't see, had to be helped through the airport terminal when arriving back in London. After four days of agony, she was in surgery to remove the implants.

Doctors say she may develop cataracts, glaucoma and may lose her sight completely in the future.

Here's Javis, who underwent the procedure.

We guess those videos were made after his NewColorIris infomercial.


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Steph said...

Its kinda hard to have sympathy for the stupid. If she was meant to have light blue eyes, she would've been born with them. *smh*

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these people. If they wanted lighter color eyes why didn't they get those colored contacts.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Hans from Germany. All the things sais that could happen when you do an eye surgery by Dr, Kahn's happens to me. To go short: I am now waiting for an cornea transplantation due to all the complications. It's living hell!!! Don't do it. Although theoretical it the procedure can be done. But in real live it cannot!!
Take in mind that this message was written by a friend, not by myself. I am blind!
Changing color of your eyes with this procedure is an illusion. Cope with this!!!

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