Thursday, September 3, 2009

Actress Maia Campbell is Strung Out on Crack. Whaat?!

Please, someone help her.

This video purportedly of former actress Maia Campbell, who's best known for her role on LL Cool J’s 1990's sitcom "In the House", is something.

She has a host of problems: she's battling the demons of illegal drugs (in her case, people say it's crack), suffering from bipolar disorder (which she's reported to have) and working the streets as a prostitute (which she is rumored to be doing to support said crack habit).

The good folks over at Martini and Scotch have unearthed her rap sheet, which shows she's, in fact, a troubled woman.

In April 2001 she was charged for driving without a license and damaging property.
In August 2001 she was charged for driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.
In December 2004 she was charged AGAIN for driving with a suspended license and marijuana was found in the vehicle.
In August 2006 she was charged for driving without the vehicle owners consent and driving with suspended license.
In December 2008 she was charged for burglary; purchasing known stole property.
In April 2009 she was charge for petty theft.
In August 2009 she was charged with Prositution [sic].

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Anonymous said...

Whoa did he just say he about to take her around the corner and fuck her up? And then she admits he's gonna beat her up for talking shit to his peoples? Wow I don't usually comment but that just turned my stomach sour. I hate to see her like that espically since she was once so beautiful and talented. No one deserves to live like this. And the fools that are parading her around thinking they look cool cause they got a strung out, washed up actress sucking their dick are even more pathetic than she is. She's been a lil mental for a long time now and its a open secret in Black Hollywood that this girl been needing help ever since the show was cancelled. I hope some people that really care for her can find her and give her the help she needs. This aint funny, it is so so sad.

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