Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey, Girls. How Gay is Stephon Marbury?

Apparently there are rumors being hurled around that former basketball player Stephon Marbury may be a little - or a lot - How You Doin'.

In an effort to put the rumors to rest, he decided to make a video, as people tend to do nowadays. In it, he challenges any man who thinks he's gay to ask their girlfriend how gay he is. We're not entirely sure how he thinks their girlfriends would know his sexual orientation, but we'll play along. Perhaps, their girlfriends were the ones who painted his toenails white and glued on the rhinestones? Perhaps.

He says he has love for gay people and he's not "insecure", which are probably true. However, Stephon, you may not be aware of this fact, but gay men have sex with women all the time. Shoot, there are books written about it and we believe there is a term for such people, too. They're called men on the "downlow."

Just saying.

Oh, now we get where the rumors are stemming from. This is a teeny bit suspect, if not for the song choice alone.

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