Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Janet Jackson Confirms! She's Single!

In an exclusive interview in the October 2009 edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine, Janet Jackson confirms her break-up from Jermaine Durpi, who just last week we reported was seen getting really close to a model.

Reports Harper's:
Janet is also now single, recently breaking off her seven-year relationship with music producer Jermaine Dupri. Does she still believe in marriage? "For [some] people, sure! I don't know if I'll get married again. [She's been married twice, as a teen to James DeBarge and to choreographer René Elizondo.] I'll put it like this: If God wants me to, then I will." Dating? "Yeah, I've had people ask me out. I haven't entertained any offers thus far, but I'm locking myself in my work right now." Some might say boys smell anyway. "Yeah, they stink," she chuckles, "and they're dirty."
Jermaine was suspected to have been getting real dirty down there in Atlanta. And, PS, what will become of this dumb idea?

Janet also spoke glowingly about brother Michael, whom she genenuinly adored. She said the last time she saw him alive was May 14.
There are other things Janet would like the world to know about Michael. "He loved to laugh. The last time we were together, he'd laugh so hard, he would just start crying. Sometimes his humor would be corny, sometimes dry. He loved the Three Stooges, he loved slapstick, he loved Eddie Murphy in his silly comedies. He loved to have fun. He loved to play." If Janet had one more day with her brother (whose nickname for her, incidentally, was Dunk), she would "relive that moment we had when we were kids, do our little run: We'd wake up, feed the animals, spend the entire day together." ... Mike was very simple. When I was 14 years old, I would shop for him. [Michael was then 21 and a megastar.] I washed his clothes, cleaned his room. When Mother would go out of town, she'd say, 'I'm leaving you in charge. Take care of Mike.' I would head home from school, see what he needed, then go straight to the stores." She giggles a little and says, "You know something else? He loved to wear his shoes all the way down. His penny loafers would have huge holes in the bottom."
BTW: Janet will perform a Michael tribute at this weekend MTV Video Music Awards. That should be something spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel just like Janet. I figure I might as well be childless and single for life.

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