Friday, September 25, 2009

Which is Crazier? Muammar Kadafi or His Style?

Crazy Libyan dictator Muammar Kadafi (or is it "Qadhafi", "Gadhafi", "Gaddafi", or "Qaddafi"?) is in New York this week to address the United Nations, where he told world leaders he's jet-lagged and called for new investigations of the killings of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Martin Luther King Jr. Craz-zy! We're gonna let him finish, but first let's discuss his insane style. Since we don't want a hit placed on our heads, we'll let Cityfile discuss it with stylist Phillip Bloch.

Cityfile: You've styled everyone. Can I get your opinion on one person you've never laid your hands on?
Phillip: Who's that?

Moammar Khadafy!
Oh, good Lord. He's a pig.

And he's here in NYC right now.
In a tent, no less.

What's your very first reaction to these pictures?
Hot mess.

What style tips would you give him? Where does a guy like that even begin?
First of all, he needs to go on a diet. And get a haircut. Well, actually, I kind of like the rocker haircut. He's a little Mickey Rourke-ish with those glasses and that hat.

Maybe he could use something to loosen up his tight curls?
Oh, yes. He needs some Bumble & Bumble Curl Diffuser. That's a good one. He's wearing color, so I give him credit for that. But do you have to put all that color together. It's a bit like bad Pucci prints mixed up there.

Do you think any of these looks should be belted?
Not with that waistline, dear. Unless he wants to emphasize his over-expanded waist to match his over-expanded ego. He looks like he's gained weight, actually. Or maybe he's bloated. He needs a good trainer.

They could install an elliptical inside his tent, I guess.
I would send some poisonous spiders into his tent, actually.

That doesn't have anything to do with fashion!
He's just uncivil. He's a pig, really.

You're just not that into him.
I'm not into him, no. But I've supported many Middle Eastern designers over the years, like Elie Saab and Georges Chakra. I'm big in Lebanon. I've used a lot of Lebanese designers. Libya? I don't know much about their designers, but clearly neither does Khadafy!

Maybe we should get him to meet you.
He could call me, sure. But I'd probably set him up for a fall.


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